I think I’m screwed

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    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    @Metasynth did you jackoff the tranny yet? You all know I'm a mechanic, why the fuck are you guys mechanic-ing without me?

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    We wuz just keeping the seat warm and polishing tools til' you showed up

    Singlemalt Well-Known Member

    Don't use your VPN while using Paypal or it won't go through

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Super refreshing to see this help .... @tyler.durden way to look out for yours homie .....mad respect

    Where is OP from ....I suck with computers ...lol

    757growin Well-Known Member

    And a great starter. I think my wife's starter is a couple years old. Makes great bread
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    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I’m blown away, y’all have been freakin amazing! I think I said earlier that it’s embarasaing and humbling for me, but to see the community coming together is inspiring, and I’m honored to be a part of this big dysfunctional family!

    To answer your question, I’m in Cali. The Los Angeles area, near the San Fernando valley.

    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    Nice! My friend has a sourdough starter originally from San Francisco that’s like over 100 years old or something crazy like that.
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    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    IF this is all that’s wrong with the car, I might be able to do this with minor assistance from someone who knows a little bit more than me about cars.

    I KNOW there is more wrong with the car, the amount of transmission fluid which leaked out in only 20 hours is alarming. I may try to have the car diagnosed at a mechanic or try to put out feelers and see if I know someone. IF the CV axel is the only thing keeping me off the road...I dunno, we shall see.

    I dunno

    420God Well-Known Member

    I can help with car questions. Plenty of us work on our own here that can help. @mr sunshine even has a mechanics thread.

    Singlemalt Well-Known Member

    We know the CV is fucked, now the tranny leak needs to be addressed. Get under the car and wipe down/clean the tran housing and environs real well, add more tranny fluid and get back under and find where it's leaking from. If the housing is cracked, part the bitch out

    neosapien Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty damn handy but was always afraid to work on my vehicles. "It's not just my life on the line". Was my thinking too. Then my buddy who is far smarter and handier than I said, "neo, have you ever talked to a mechanic? Some of them are the dumbest rednecks you will ever meet and I don't trust them with a banana let alone my vehicles, I would trust you to work on my stuff over some of them anyday". Which got me thinking about some of the greaser kids I went to high school with. Now obviously there are some very intelligent mechanics that just love cars and are doing what they love or its the family biz etc. But for a lot of them, turning a wrench counterclockwise is about all they understand. Moral of the story is…. Don't think someone can do it safer or better than meta just cause meta never done it. Or its that I'm a bias elitist fuck who just pigeonholed a whole industry.

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    a lot of being a good tech is common sense in how things work and go together and as Voltaire said:

    Common sense is not so common
    Dictionnaire philosophique portatif - 764

    and I've seen more than a few book smart people who are dumb as fuck, jus' sayin'

    ANC Well-Known Member

    If you want to get that shit clean, use a serious degreaser in a paraffin gun on your compressor, let it stand for a few minutes then hit it with the power washer.
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    charface Well-Known Member

    I think as people who grew up rednecks we take it for granted that at some point someone showed us how to safely place a jack and stands.
    How to torque shit without breaking it.
    What to do if you break the head off a bolt etc...
    It is a long process.

    If i wasn't sure someone had at least a base foundation I wouldn't trust them to jack up and crawl under a car.

    I was raised in autobody shops, went on to work on heavy equipment.
    So I have seen shit go wrong for even seasoned people.

    You don't have to be smart
    But you have to be taught
    I don!t trust people on youtube with my hardwood floor.

    neosapien Well-Known Member

    That is so true too. I've met plenty of doctors who drop 80k on a pool and can't figure out how to hook up their garden hose.

    Jimmyjonestoo Well-Known Member

    Wish I could help man. We just dropped a ton of money on a new trailer, fixing up the older ones and some new appliances so I'm pretty tapped til this first snow billing starts rolling in.

    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    I havent read this thread. Has someone set up a paypal thing I could donate for Meta?
    Post a link, thanks.
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    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    ha the dude on the end was settin his beer down on the bumper. 'hold on...'
    Blue Wizard

    Blue Wizard Well-Known Member

    I do the same thing except I buy mine used online. I've got most of mine from ThriftBooks on ebay ( I think that's their name) I bought a Chiltons and a Haynes for my Ford Tempo, used, for under $5 shipped each. They are a little beat up and the pages are starting to yellow but for $3.99 shipped it's a steal and I don't feel bad about writing in it or getting oil on it like a new one.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    That's why you get a manual for the car and a torque wrench. The manual will list the torque specs for important bolts.

    You do it long enough you get a calibrated elbow. I can torque a bolt pretty damn close to what a precise wrench can.
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