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  • i only have 2 nesting boxes, and i started out with 5 hens. now i have 8, and they all find their place, although i should put in at least 1, if not 2 more. don't forget to include a nice heating lamp in there for the winter. you're gonna want a nice ceramic heat lamp that just gives off heat and no light, they cost about $50 for a decent one. we've tried using the ones that give off a little dark light and our chickens couldn't sleep, they are very light sensitive creatures.
    i'll try to post some pics today. the main thing you want with a chicken coop is to elevate it off the ground, a nice fenced in run for them helps too. 3'x3' or 4'x4' should be good for 10 chickens, they just need some roosting boxes and perches and whatnot.

    oh, and make sure there is a vent coming out of their sleeping house because they will poop in there and you don't want methane build up.
    They are cool no doubt, found them while surfing the other day, here's a link....hope you get one!
    I've also become a roomie :) LOL i like my roomies friends, awesome bunch of ladies, but the one roomie is kinda dirty lol, meh i'll pick my battles, she is preggo. I was invited to the beach yesterday with the ladies but i bailed thinking i might get some nuky, damn it he bailed when his sewer lines backed up :( lol but it was an acceptable excuse. I need to party damn it, i need release !!!
    LOL sweet timing Jimmy, i actualy just walked out of the kitchen, i made brownies the other night, angel food cake topped with whipped cream cheese icing, a variety of dipped pretzels (my fav are the chocolate drizzled with pb mmmm ) also dipped my gummies in milk chocolate lol mmm sitting down about to pack a bowl of home grown :) What have u been up to?
    Hi hi <3 I might be online on the phone in a while, but I need to smoke and get into bed... it's 5 AM 0_0

    You're welcome, cheesecake, and thankyou <3
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