I smoked a sativa but felt sleepy??

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Scaccia450, Oct 30, 2018.


    Scaccia450 Active Member

    I guys yesterday I got a new sativa dominant strain called great shark, I was so excited and happy because I'm tired always felling sleepy when I smoke weed. Finally I go yea sativa should energize you. Anyways I tried it after 20m I felt so sleepy I couldn't open my eyes they were small open. I smoked 0.30g joint in total, how is it possible I feel sleepy to a sativa? Could it be it has nothing to do with indica hybird or sativa how the high effects you? I heard terpense are what responsible of the affect of weed give you. My weed had myrcyne terpense, wich this terpense makes you verry sleepy. I finally found a strain with no myrcyne headband wich has limonene terpense wich is the terpense that give you energy bost. I'm not sure im confuse let me know what you guys think?

    Ford20 Member

    It doesn’t sound like your a very experienced smoker so most weed is going make you feel a bit heavy. Also I don’t think that strain is a good representation of a sativa stain.
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    Scaccia450 Active Member

    So your saying what I smoked was not a sativa?

    NightOwl2018 Member

    maybe this will help you...


    look at the first Review comment towards the bottom of the page...LOL

    This is what it says...
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    Scaccia450 Active Member

    Than what strain makes you energize uplifted and motivated?

    fragileassassin Well-Known Member

    Different stains effect everyone different.. got some shit called whitebread thats a sativa dom and is generally supposed to be uplifting. Next time i went in they asked how i liked it and they were really surprised when I told them it made me tired and heavy which i loved.
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    Scaccia450 Active Member

    What I felt the same way like you just described? What strain make you uplifting or energize? motivated

    ColoradoHighGrower Well-Known Member

    I'd say my blue dream strain ways pretty energizing- that's pretty sativa dominant
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    Subu Well-Known Member

    It may be worthwhile explaining to the bud tender (assuming you're in a medical/legal state of America) that you want an energetic high as they will know what to suggest.
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    Scaccia450 Active Member

    Should I buy this next and try it?

    Ford20 Member

    Idk but it doesn’t sound like it to me from the information you provided. I am a indica guy, I like rocks with extremely high thc content. Maybe I’ve never had a good sativa idk but nobody around here wants to or can grow sativas properly. 14-16 weeks is too long for flowering so turnaround takes for ever and you can’t get as many cycles in per year, shit is more susceptible to mold, bugs and shit. Most sativas are bread with Indicas to make them more manageable for growing indoors so for that reason they carry some indica traits too.
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    Scaccia450 Active Member

    What strain make you energize uplifted and motivated?

    Scaccia450 Active Member

    I'm a indica guy to but during the day smoking a indica won't do good il just stay stuck on the sofa all day watch tv eat a lot and take naps. If I'm out with my friend and we smoke i wont talk much ill be so sleepy and un motivated to do anything.

    fragileassassin Well-Known Member

    To be honest I try to stay away from those. Most sativas mess with my anxiety, I prefer the really heavy sedative / mind emptying feeling so I tend to go with mostly indicas, that was just something different I wanted to try because the tender has pretty similar tastes as I do and talked me into it.

    Scaccia450 Active Member

    That's true one time I smoked train wreck a sativa dominant but this one did not make me sedative it was uplifting than it made me paranoid I was tripping out. I did have good sativa, strawberry cough I grow it my self a sativa dominant though it was so hard to grow. I managed somehow, it felt so uplifting energetic than nice calm mallow high and I was so motivated, and I did not feel sleepy at all :bigjoint: and I did not feel paranoid or tripping out. Lately has been so hard to find this strain seeds here. I know a good amount people have finished growing there sativa but not sure if those strain will make me sleepy or paranoid or the good sativa im looking for.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Maybe only try like one hit next time... I mainly smoke sativas, and it has no problem putting you to bed once you had enough.

    Scaccia450 Active Member

    So if I do less I should feel energize?
    jimmy 2 step

    jimmy 2 step Member

    I've tried blue dream aswell was a good uplifting alert type high.
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    gwheels Well-Known Member

    jack herer
    train wreck
    panama red
    any haze (lemon/silver etc).

    These are more uplifiting smokes. Some of the hybrids start off sativa and then the indica kicks in and makes you sleepy and relaxed. Look for more sativa in your sativa.
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    Scaccia450 Active Member

    Hey guys I got a new strain called headband it's a sativa im so excisted to try it. Im hoping the high is more uplifting, one of my friend told me it's a must only day time.

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