how many vero29 se for my aimed yield

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    Aeztik New Member

    Hello everyone!
    I was looking to buy led to replace my 400w hps so i could get healthier leaves and, i don't really need to be able to pull 200g on average
    I was wondering, how many led do i need to get at least 5 oz or a tad lower( 120-150 grams)
    But all i have read was related to space instead of yield and i'm confused
    my space is a bit more then 3x3 and 6 feet tall, if i'm able to grow 2 different strains at the same time and be able to produce that much with a 1 month scrog without spending more then neccesary i'm really happy,
    Is 2 vero se 62 watt3500k 80cri with heastink of 140mm good enough?, i'm able to spend 250$ but less is better
    Thanks for reading and sorry if i misspelled or made no sense somwhere
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    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    Space is the limiting factor in yield, assuming everything else is optimal. In any space you could do a bunch of little plants or just a couple big plants and you'll end up with about the same yield. So that's why people talk about lighting in relation to space.

    If you have an optimal amount of light for your 3x3 space you should be able to yield pretty close to a pound if you know what youre doing.

    So choose your light according to that. I would think about 250-300w of cob led would be about right.

    If you don't need to harvest as much then you could get away with less light. But i would think 150w of cob would be a minimum.

    Aeztik New Member

    Hello and thanks for you answer
    I really don't need a pound o i only vape at night and i end up using about 3-5 grams each month
    That's why i'm wondering how much light i need to get about 4-6 oz, if that covers 1.5x1.5 or 2.5x2.5 it's fine ^^, i like to have space to move in my tent anyway, so if 1 led at 50-80 watt is enough for one plant and give me 2 oz i'll just buy two
    if i guess correcly, 300w for a pound, and i only need one third of that, 100 watt of cob will match my aim of two plant 2 oz each?
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    eyderbuddy Well-Known Member

    Are you dead set on the vero 29? And which vero 29 SE are you talking about? there's 29B, C and D and they all perform very differently, so you need to be a little more specific

    In my case, rather than veros, i'd go for Samsung or Bridgelux led strips because they're are cheaper to build and perform a little better.

    But regardless, with these kind high performance leds people usually go for 30-35 watts per square foot, and you can expect anywhere from 0.5 to 2.0 grams per watt depending on your skill level. So around 180 watts for a 6sqft space and expect 3 to 10 ounces of bud

    Aeztik New Member

    I thought the vero were better, what i'm looking for is being able to pull 4-5 oz without paying too much, thanks for the tips about 30-35 watts square foot,
    i thought using the c version, and like having 2 of them at 50 watt or 80 watt if needed,
    but if i use them at 60 watt then it's enough for 2 square foot?
    i'll check the bridgelux and see budget wise and all, thanks !

    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    No problem. But...
    I am trying to get get you away from thinking of how much light you need for ounces. Think of your light in relation to space.
    One plant can get you 5 to 6 oz if you veg it long enough and it is healthy throughout veg and flower and it's the right strain. And you can do one big plant in a 2 x 2 area...or say 4 small oned. So 2 50w cobb would do i suppose.

    Hairiest_Stamen Well-Known Member

    I've got a 400w citizen cob setup in a 2.5 x 4 and I'll probably end up with 5 to 6 oz... 4 decent plants in 5 gals... 2 crap plants in like 2 gal containers. Wished I tossed the two losers and went with just the four 5 gal. And filled the scrog with thoae... Just harvested the small plants and got bout an ounce. First grow.. made many mistakes.

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    eyderbuddy Well-Known Member

    Just some calculations for your viewing pleasure:
    Assuming those Veros have an efficacy of about 2.3 pf/w then

    Vero SE 29C = 1.1 Amps * 69 Volts = 75 Watts * 2 = 150 Watts

    in a space of 6.25 ft^2 or 0.58 m^2.

    Daily Light Integral (DLI) with 12 hours of light per day @ 1ft from canopy = 26 mol.
    Totaling at 24 Watts/ft^2.
    Total Power consumption = 150.0 Watts. Monthly power consumption = 55 kwh.
    AVG PPFD @ 1.0ft = 607 μmol



    So with 2 vero 29C SE running those specs (75W per cob) you could be running in the high performance range.
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    Aeztik New Member

    Actually seing a post on rollitup makes me wonder about these led strips, i have found two interesting things like you said, samsung lm561c and the bridgelux eb series,
    for some reason i thought it would be harder than the cob to make but, well, it's seems to be the opposite,
    which one do you think is better and, do you know if their spectrum are good?
    I'll probably pick the 3500k version
    Thanks a lot for that, easier and cheaper exacly what i'm looking for ^^

    eyderbuddy Well-Known Member

    I've never worked with the Samsung strips, but they're very good, just a little pricier than the Bridgelux, which are actually my go to strips! The spectrums are pretty much the same you would get from a high quality cob.

    All the best for your grow brother, pay a visit the LED forum if you need any help with your build =]

    Aeztik New Member

    Thank you
    there's not much info from what i can see but i guess if i really don't find what i'm looking for i will create a post,
    Thanks again it's exacly what i was looking for

    roosterfish Well-Known Member

    Ive just purchased from kingbrite 10 veros29 10 heatsinks lenses and 2x mw 320h c1400b for $690 round £500 which after looking about and frying my head i thought wasnt a bad price so i just took the plunge now need look into couple boards to got with them but havnt got a clue myself was useful stumbling on this post .....sum simple pointers on boards would be great just not to much head frying well ok with sum 10 enough for a 4x4?

    eyderbuddy Well-Known Member

    Read your post 3 times and i'm still trying to make sense of it.... You need help with quantum boards for a 4x4? is this it? Or is it something else?
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    Hairiest_Stamen Well-Known Member

    You and me both... confused...
    Looks like he's got every thing he needs.

    Bookush34 Active Member

    I just put 400watts of vero29s in my 3x3 + 1 more 100watt cob.

    plants are loving it.

    I went with timber grow lights
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    eyderbuddy Well-Known Member

    400 watts of veros is already too much for 9 SQF, with 400 + 100 Watts you're at photo-inhibition levels (too much light) unless you're pumping mad CO2

    Bookush34 Active Member

    Well my plants love it.

    Have them cranked and 14-16” from the canopy.

    But the fixture has only been in for 1 week. So far so good.

    eyderbuddy Well-Known Member

    Really???? If so, then that's really,Interesting. Please make sure you keep us posted, i'd love to see how your plants turn out at those lighting levels.

    No CO2, right?

    Bookush34 Active Member

    no Co2
    i am in flower now. running 4 autos 3 different strains
    running 20-4
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    naiveCon Well-Known Member

    I pulled 9 ounces from 1 plant in a two by two and a half foot tent, using two 100 watt vero 29, 3000k from timbergrowlights....

    @Bookush34 , not that you need it, but if you unplug the dimmer you will get even more light.

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