How a Police IR helicopter functions?


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sablezen - thank you very much for explaining that, i am also a first time grower and was worried about the copters seeing my grow with the ir or ti but after reading you're post i now fully understand the way these things work. A major weight has been lifted off my shoulders :d

thanks again.

Happy growing.

so if your worried like so many people if your grow house will be picked up by the police ir camera, you can do one of two things..

Go to a rental stores that rents tools for renovations and rent your own ir system. All lot of contracters use them now to find mould in homes instead of ripping out walls looking for it. Then at night with lights on for few hours go outside and look at your place. Just rememeber the camera your using and the one there using is between a ferrai and a civic,

go buy a ir tempature gun for $40 to 100, then when your lights have been on for 3-4 hours go outside and read all the temps of your houses walls, if the walls where your grow room is located are warmer then the rest, you can be dam sure the cops ir system will see that, and depending on the heat difference they will or wont know you have a setup.

Here in ontario they can use ir systems on everysingle house and dont need a warrant but yet we only get 30 day house arrest for a million dollar set up !!! Wow the people running are country are mentally challanged

its a easy and cheap way to know if your grow house will be detected on the cops ir cameras.