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    The photos are from my 1st grow which was harvested at 8 weeks. I just completed my 2nd grow of hwfp a couple of weeks ago which was flowered for 11 weeks. The 1st yield from 2 plants, grown from seeds totalled ~150-160g. The 2nd yield totalled ~60g from 3 plants. Was disappointed with the second yield but they were grown a bit differently:

    Grow 1 vs 2:
    Seeds vs clones. • Vegged for 2 months vs 1 month. • Zero transplanting vs transplanting up twice. • Supercropped 2 main stems vs no SC. • Some nute burn in early veg during the 2nd grow. Grow 2 was cloned from the shorter phenotype.
    Used 400w Hps + 3 x 85w CFLs for both grows. Both topped once and LSTd.

    I've decided to not transplant and use only 1 pot for the entire next grow. It seems to me that transplanting stunts growth (in my experience so far anyway).

    Strain review:
    The 11 week flower made a noticeable difference in potency vs the 8 week harvest. Great tasting strain. I give it an 8/10 overall.

    heavyweight fruit punch hwfp yield harvest 3 - Copy.jpg
    heavyweight fruit punch hwfp yield harvest 5 - Copy.jpg 20170729_000330.jpg week 6.1.jpg 20170820_123253.jpg
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