1. Jjgrow420

    I hate trimming thread!

    Just throwing it out there... I HATE TRIMMING!!!! Was up till 5:15am last night, up at 6:30am for work. Zombie mode. Got through about half of one tent. Still got the rest and a 3x3 to go. Round 2 tonight, plan is to conquer the rest this go. I'll take some action shots. This thread is for...
  2. Jimmy Dickskin

    How much longer till harvest

    This is my first grow. How close am I till harvest? I flipped them 4/20 so just about 6 weeks. Doesn't looks like the trichs are turning yet.
  3. strainguy

    3rd round with NOKOTECH leds 1000W (photos of the last harvest)

    Hey, just wanted to drop some updates. Some time ago upgraded to 1000W leds from Nokotech (fx pro 1000). The results are top level. This round was with RS-11 strain. Very good lookin buds, what nice smell and good tasted. Will do next round with it again. Check some photos
  4. tandem

    Best Harvest Prcedure for Fresh Frozen

    I plan on turning hopefully around 500-1000g fresh material here at harvest in a few weeks into bubble hash and then press it into live rosin. What is best process for harvesting? I'll be harvesting 3-4 plants and then I need to take them around 1.5 hours away. My plan was to maybe buy some dry...
  5. O

    Do you process leaves that have yellowed due to age? (Hash)

    I have quite a few large bud leaves that have yellowed from senescence. Should I wet trim, or dry trim and turn them into hash? Not sure if I should avoid this for yellowed leaves. There are trichomes. What would you do?
  6. F

    Ready for harvest? First grow

    Hi, I was wondering if I should harvest now or wait a few days
  7. meangreengrowinmachine

    Eclipse Harvest?

    so my latest grow will be ten weeks into flower on the 10th.... I think I need to harvest on the 8th just to say i have eclipse bud... I mean when will I have this opportunity again?
  8. O

    Drying after harvest in the same tent - do you uninstall your lights?

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for what to do with my lights after harvest. I'm hoping that I can keep the lights off and raised at the top, and hang the plants right under. My plants are getting very tall, though; my grow space will be maximized. I am about 2 months from harvest. For any...
  9. gooshpoo

    Opinions please

    What do you guys think 2 more weeks? this is end of week 7 from 12/12 this is granddaddy purple fast version from herbies.
  10. R

    Are my plants ready for harvest?

    Hello, are my plants ready to chop? ppm of plant no 1 = 279 ppm of plant no 2 = 285
  11. R

    Are my plants ready for harvest?

    Please help me know harvest time if I'm aiming for 15-25% amber trichomes max. Plants where early flushed 2 times and given 500ppm of nutes last feed. help me know the harvest time please
  12. dimitridontas

    Should i harvest

    Should I harvest or should I waited a bit longer what do you guys
  13. K

    Ready to harvest?

    Hello All, I’ve been flowering these girls for about 63 days and would like some second opinions on if you think they are ready to harvest based off my pictures.
  14. O


    Good evening, fellow cultivators! How are you? I'm in the eighth week of flowering with these two plants, a Harlequin CBD and a Northern Lights CBD. I want to harvest them to achieve higher CBD levels and more sedative effects. I'm considering extending the cultivation period by one or two more...
  15. L

    Ready to Chop? - OUTDOORS

    Couldn't really get a good pic with a loupe so had to do with magnifying glass. I think I'm seeing around 10% clear 80% cloudy 10% amber. Bud rot is starting to take effect now that it's cold and wet outside and don't want to lose a ton of buds. Should I chop?
  16. C

    First time growing. ( Strain: GDP) Should I chop?

    This is my first time growing and I’m having a hard time deciding when to the trigger to chop. No rain for the next 4 days then 3 days straight of rain, but, the humidity is over %80 in the morning and I have already spotted a small spot of bud rot. I still see some white pistols and have no...
  17. djmalicious

    Ready yet?

    I have to pull them all at once since they will be using that room to dry in. Should I pull them ot wait a bit?
  18. djmalicious

    Are these ladies ready?

    I have a few different strains with about the same time to flower. They are on day 60 and very dense with quite a few cloudy trichomes and some amber. There are also both white and amber curled in pistols. I'm not getting very much yellowing of leaves. Will you typically see a lot or can they be...
  19. Winston22

    Am I close?

    Hey :D I’m just wondering how long you guys think I have left on this auto? I want to switch a photo plant real soon so want this to be done to free up some space. I’m not sure what breed she is but I’ve grown her organically, feeding her mainly bananas! She could have been better tbh but it is...
  20. K

    Should I harvest

    Hello fellow growers. I have attached some pictures of my plants to get some advice on if you think I should harvest. I had some deficiencies a few weeks back so I think I’ve corrected them but there is still some clear foliage damage so I’m wondering if it’s worth it to go on any longer. I also...