GR's 17'/18' Winter/Spring Stacked 315W 5 Plant Vertical with Screens, Barneys Farm LSD

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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Day 45 since sprout

    Just got home this morning from a weekend away, to find some fairly droopy plants.
    20171113_112754 (2).jpg

    Yep very lite pots. Main irrigation went down, judging by the amount of solution in the rez's and the amount of solution they had been consuming, it went down between the 2 PM and 8 PM watering’s on Saturday. So that means they missed between 7 and 13 one minute watering’s, from Saturday evening to this morning when I arrived home. The touch of Cal/Mag deficiency I experienced a few weeks back really expressed itself when they dried out.

    And I hope the roots have not suffered much. I have done 2 - 1 minute watering’s 5 minutes apart to rehydrate the root system and the water started running through the smart pots before the second minute finished. That is how dry the coco is. Going to let the set for a few hours then do a good hand watering drench with the high rate of White Shark in the regular pH’ed solution. Have been adding it weekly, but if the roots are that dry I do not expect there to be much microbial activity at this point.

    Is this the right thing to do? I would think that it will not hurt.

    Another thing I believe helped reduce the damage is I am running the lower lamp on a 12/12 cycle, need the light there but still trying to get as much stretch as possible before I go into flower.

    This plant was topped last Wed morning and today every branch was reposition and re-tied to the screen. Have the branches where I want them now, at close to 90 degrees to the main stem, some of the plants more than others. Remove most of the damaged leaves along with removing some of the large fans from the back of the screen, but the upper fans get left in place till that branch can support itself.
    20171113_113210 (2).jpg

    If the roots are a damaged as I believe they are, I may go back to manual operation of the Irrigation system till the roots rebound.

    These are for sure indica pheno's, short plants

    As Rozanna Zanna Zanna’s daddy used to say, “It’s always something”

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    pinner420 Well-Known Member

    This is exactly why im looking at octopots....
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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    hey GR,

    don't you have to worry about really high levels of K ( i think) if the coco does totally dry up?
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    I am not sure, but have not watered since yesterday and they are still fairly heavy. Going to give them a good flush with regular nutrient solutions later tonight or tomorrow morning.
    I think they are going to be fine, maybe set back a little, I have time.

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    pinner420 Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't hit to bad. Thankfully you weren't in flower....

    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Day 48 since sprout

    Does not seem to be as much damage as expected. They are starting to drink again.

    Today the plants were removed from the tent, pruned and retied back to the screens. Did a fair amount of leaf removal.

    20171116_080804 (2).jpg
    20171116_083305 (2).jpg

    This plant received Supercropping at the same point on each branch, a few inched from the ends of the branch. The were tied in position to get them into the desired shape.
    20171116_093620 (2).jpg
    20171116_102145 (3).jpg

    This was the only one I did not top and after defo and retie of the others this was way taller than the other plants. Untied all branches and pulled the main stem to the left, tied it off and used pliers to Supercropped the main stem about 14" from the base leaving 10" above the break. Although it was not needed i taped the break point, then tied the upper mainstem to position.
    20171116_102409 (2).jpg
    20171116_110607 (2).jpg

    No before pic
    20171116_080603 (3).jpg 20171116_093315 (2).jpg
    20171116_110829 (3).jpg

    Have a tank of nute solution made up and gave them each one minute auto, let it sit for about 30 minutes and gave them a second minute. Felt the weight and it was not yet saturated to runoff. I waited another 30 minutes, removed a gallon of solution, added Great White and some Mammoth P. Each plant received 3 cups and started getting runoff about half way into the third cup for each plant, I am liking it.
    So back in the tent all ready to start recovery and get ready for flower which will start in a week to 10 days.
    Only got four plants in this shot.
    20171116_115226 (2).jpg
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    verticalgrow Well-Known Member

    @gr865 thats some mighty fine plant training :clap:

    Do u give them calmag every time they are watered:confused:
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Thanks VG, I will still be moving branches around till the third or forth week into flower.

    I use RO or rainwater, both very low ppm under 20. I start by adding one to two teaspoons of Epsom salts, brings me to 50 to 70 ppm, then I add two to three ml of Cal/Magic. This brings the total ppm before adding nutes to around 120 ppm. My tap water is bad, 775 to 850 ppm so I spoke with the folks at Canna they wanted me to add tap water to bring it up but since I run the A&B solution on the lean side I decided to add the Epsom/Cal/Magic to get to the 120 ppm point and give me the added Ca and Mag I need.
    I did figure out what I did, looking back at my mixing notes at week four I ran a flush using my full nute regime. What I did not find was that I pH'ed that mix, so if it the pH was like all my other tank mixes prior to pH'ing it was somewhere in the low 7's. Flushed with that mix and it was days before they needed water again. So pH damage done, saw it, but when the plant dried out this last weekend it really showed. I have everything back in order now, hell I hope so.
    I no longer will make my mix up in the morning right after my first heavy dose of Cannabis Oil. You sort of lose order. :idea: bongsmilie

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    predd Well-Known Member

    My octopot is kicking my waterfarm's butt!
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Got pics of plants grown in octopots?

    predd Well-Known Member

    Yeah I have a side by organic supersoil in the octopot(day 43) and one in the waterfarm that is one week behind the octopot.....lights just went off, but I can post tomorrow, the size difference is shocking.
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Cool beans!

    predd Well-Known Member

    day 44 I think... topped twice in veg, tied to screens in flower and slight defoliation, I also have an airstone in my see my mini homemade 1 gallon sips lol.. IMAG0280.jpg IMAG0270.jpg IMAG0281.jpg .....too ez mix soil and add water.....I love it!
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    I liked seeing the H2O distribution ring on top of the fan. Smart addition.

    Take care,

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    predd Well-Known Member

    What does that do?

    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Thanks JD, the only problem I can possibly see would be a leak at one of the emitter lines, the fan is on low but it could possibly splash solution on the light, but I don't see it happening. I work at such a low pressure.

    This is what dist. solution to the plant.

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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Just an update to show regrowth after defo. Looking forward to getting into flower later this week.
    20171119_094218.jpg 20171119_094404.jpg 20171119_094437.jpg 20171119_094458.jpg 20171119_094313.jpg

    Don't have a pic of #1 but it is nice.


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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    It adds using the fan to cool the watering line to using it to just hit the plants.
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Happy Turkey Day Y'all!

    Flipped yesterday, raised the upper lamp about 4 inches setting them up for stretch. Hoping to get at least a 75% stretch, but it will be what it will be! I am overall happy with this strain, did not get as big as I expected, just a low grower. It takes nutes well, feeding at 5 ml A&B, 1 mil Cal/Magic, 1 gram epsom, the rest of the Canna line is at it's recommended rate per gallon. Overall 651 ppm/1.3 EC, 5.82 pH at last watering. I really like running A&B at around two to 300 ppm in veg and 350 to 425 ppm in flower. No lush growth, great even plant color, no glossy leaves.
    These pics were taken just before watering, love the droopy leaves and then they reaching for the light after watering, think the roots are making a come back from the missed irrigation cycles two weekends ago, was very concerned there for a bit.
    20171122_071854 (2).jpg 20171122_071843 (2).jpg

    Short plants, but hoping they develope big fat cola's like the last indica dom strain I grew.

    To you and your families, I wish a very stress free holiday season.

    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Day 2 12/12

    Last nights watering was done by hand, wanted to add some Great White, so got a gallon on solution from the rez add the GW and gave each plant three cups. Did not get any runoff but felt the base of the pots and they were wet. Loving the plant color, very even plant to plant, not overly green/lush growth and as of lately no burnt leaf tips, so all is good.
    I make sure to wear the UV glasses, that damn light is bright, Try and not even look at them as much as possible.
    20171123_213403 (2).jpg

    So put back in place surrounding the lamps and ready for their day, my night.
    20171123_211858 (2).jpg

    So this morning at light off, got a couple of shots.
    Love the way the plant is reaching for the lamps, I have a feeling that I am going to need the nets holding up the cola's this grow, at least I damn hope so. The main stem and branches are strong but the stems coming off the branches are not that strong looking. But man there are a shit load of bud sites. :clap:
    20171124_090033 (2).jpg

    Here are a couple of the plants showing the regrowth following defo.
    20171117_110337 (2).jpg 11/24
    20171124_090110 (2).jpg
    20171116_115311 (2).jpg
    20171124_090047 (2).jpg
    Lights off temps 69 - 71F, lights on temps 80 - 82F
    Sunday or Monday they will be due another defo, them ladies may not have grown very tall but there are many bud sites and a shit load of leaves that are going to keep me busy. I love it, in our nightly phone calls my GF ask me what did I do that day? But adds besides working on our plants:leaf: It is a great hobby that provides me the medicines I need for pain management, stress relief and allows me to get much needed relaxation without meds or alcohol.

    C y'all,

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