GR's 17'/18' Winter/Spring Stacked 315W 5 Plant Vertical with Screens, Barneys Farm LSD

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    Good to be back for another round. Please consider this my grow journal but I do encourage you to post some positive or negative comments, just no fights here.
    This one will run like the last one, stacked 315 W's, 5 plants on frames with wire screen to attach the branches, I do not run vert scrog but tack the branches back to the screens, will be running 2 gallon Smart Pots, did this my last G13 Haze grow and pulled 24.5 smokable zips off 4 plants (1.2 G/W).

    I will be starting my Cannabis Oil treatments in a few weeks. I am working already to build my tolerance levels, as I want to be at 1 to 1.5 grams within 4 weeks. Wish me luck, both in this grow and my treatment.
    This will be the first of two grows over the next 8 plus months. Growing to produce more Cannabis Oil.

    What strain is it? LSD
    Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? 70% Indica, 30% Sativa
    If in Veg... For how long? Just started seeds, will veg for 4 to 6 weeks, growth dependent
    If in Flower stage... For how long? Plan on flowering for 60 to 70 days
    Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
    Soil or Hydro? Pure Coco
    If soil... what is in your mix?
    If soil... What size pot? 2 gallon Smart Pots
    Size of light? Two 315W CMH 3100K
    Is it air-cooled? Fan below the lights blowing upward to the filters.
    Temp of Room/cab? In veg, 75 to 85, flower, 70 to 80 degrees, can take it lower as needed
    RH of Room/cab? 55 to 60% Lights on and 70 plus % lights off
    PH of media or res? 5.7 to 6, 5.8 preferred
    Any Pests? Just me fucking with them all the time, :)
    How often are you watering? At high veg, 2 to 3 cycles/day, at high flower 3 to 5/day
    Type and strength of ferts used? Canna line, A&B 200 to 250 ppm in veg, 400 to 450 ppm in flower, rest of the line follows Canna’s suggested rates, except I use GH KoolBloom liquid instead of their P/K. I switched to the A&B ratios I am using due to lush overgrowth of the plants using their higher recommendation. Get great growth with no lush growth now with my ratios.

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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    watching! have you said how you make your oil? is it the green dragon stuff that you ingest?
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    It is FECO, full plant extract cannabis oil.
    Not sure what green dragon is, but will look it up.
    Glad your along for the ride my friend!
    My buddy who did the oil for his bladder cancer, which returned three times even after two times using chemo and radiation, has been in remission for the past 4 yrs now. Anyway he told me that it will be a challenge to do this grow under the influence of the high doses of oil, but said if anyone could do it, that would be me. LOL, not so sure about that but I will be trying by best. Fuck what can go wrong, anything I grow is a gift, whether large or small grow it is a gift.
    This is a gift from nature that has no equal to date. I have lost so many family and friends to that fucking disease, and the treatments supposedly use to cure it, I am tired of it. If in my lifetime, hell I am 70, I can grow and make enough oil to share, I will do it for free.
    This is going to be so cool, I am already checking the ladies regularly to see how they are growing.

    After I complete the protocol, 60+ grams in 90 days we are planning on a trip to Colorado, and this time we will not be rushed, so we will be able to stop by for a visit, if the invitation still stands.

    Thanks for your support my friend.

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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    whisky tango foxtrot?

    i'm doing mine in ethanol a small bit at a's way too thick for a vape pen. colorado outlawed butane and a bunch of other exrtact forms
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    That is a much better method, both safety wise and health wise. Butane is both dangerous and toxic. I use 190 proof alcohol, but you are right can't do in a vape pin, the shit is like very thick axel grease.
    My buddy does a 1 to 20 oil daily maintenance dose, but during the day he uses a vape pin
    with the THC cartridge, says very high THC. Funny thing is he says he has to smoke a joint at night before bed, nothing else works, LOL. Love that man, bongsmilie

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    pinner420 Well-Known Member

    I was just hitting up the google machine for more 315's and it looks like there are dual ballasts out now for about 180. I'm gonna try stacking a couple myself. If you get a moment would you post up how your stacking the bulbs. I've tried I bolts tapped into the moguls and it works; however, sketchy. Was Barney's easy to get your gear from?
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    I run two ballast, one per lamp.
    I use chain and cloths pins to raise/lower the lamps and am able to slide the chains along the upper rails to center each lamp. Hope this explains your question.
    20170703_215812.jpg 20170630_191138.jpg 20170928_103004[1].jpg

    I buy my seeds from Seedsman, they carry B'sF seeds. I have been buying from them for years and just this last year had a problem of them not showing. The wait period was long 28 days after shipment you can get replacement, then you have to wait another few weeks to get the shipment. I ordered in Oct, reordered in late Oct did not get the reorder till Dec and by then I had already started the winter grow. They shipped them stealth the first time in the breeders packaging the reship was taken out of the breeders pack and put into a package of ping pong balls.
    Then in Feb of this year I got a package from Seedsman, my original order showed up 4 months late, don't know where it sit for all that time but I ended up to twice my order.
    I was reading reviews of LSD from Barney's and a couple of reviewers said they had poor germ rates, that is why I germed all 11 of the LSD seed I have. So far 9 of the 11 have popped the surface of the coco. So all in all I like doing biz with Seedsman.


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    pinner420 Well-Known Member

    Sweet looking sharp....

    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Rocky, you can buy there in CO. vials that fit into a vape pen, for around $50 a gram. Most CO plugs pens. I know my bud gets them shipped to him, like very high THC.
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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    oh i know but i'm a cheap skate. i actually found that the stuff i make with everclear if you keep it in the freezer hardens up nice and you can put it on top of a bowl. and it does work in my vape pen but like you said it's just like axle grease. i probably just need to get some of those small silicone dab tools that make it easier to handle/work with.

    my next try is going to be to try to put the extract in empty gel pill containers/capsules. pop em like vitamins!
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    That is what I do, I mix a small amount with some cannabis buds, let it dry and smoke it in a bowl. Buddy just loaned me an old Volcano vaporizer and I am using it for the first time, jury's still out, because I sure love smoking joints. [​IMG]

    For my protocol I will start with 00 veg caps at a 1/10, CO/coconut oil. Start popping them and increase as rapidly as I can. I know I will start with two to three caps per day and add a cap or two every 4 days, so should be to the magic number in 12 to 16 days. As I want to be up to 0.750 mg oral during the day and at night do a 0.750 mg suppository. Will micro dose during the day. That will be 0.750 mg divided by 3 caps during the day will be 0.250/cap, morning, around lunch and around 5 PM. Then do the 0.750 suppository around 9 PM. I will also be rubbing an ointment of coco butter and CO on my skin in the location of my problem, anything I can do to get it into my bloodstream close to my prostrate.

    Some folks like my friend, after he built up tolerance, did a gram in the morning and a gram at night. His condition warranted that protocol. My condition is nowhere near what he was facing. He does a maintenance dose daily of 0.20 mg/day. I too, after I complete my protocol, will be on a 0.20 mg/day maintenance program.

    I was speaking to my CO Guru and she said she does not see why people do not do a maintenance dose daily, say 0.150 to 2 mg/day. It would aid in preventing problems and give us a much better outlook on life. :hump:


    Not too bad 10 out of the 11 have sprouted and the 11th one has just popped the surface.
    20170929_100951 (2).jpg

    The two to the lower right are just breaking the surface, so it could be 100% germination. :clap:
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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    what's her opinion on what strains to use for best results? high THC/low CBD, med THC/med CBD or low THC/high CBD.

    that Charlotte's Web strain (all CBD) was started by some folks that actually live pretty close to me (at least my neighbor told me that)
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    For general wellness it would be high THC, I do not worry about CBD as I am taking 0.3 ml two times a day, for back pain. It is very hard to find reliable source for CBD, so many scams.

    If you have a reputable source up in your area let me know in a private message.


    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Just a little update, final count, 11 of 11 sprouted in tissue, were planted in straight coco but only broke the surface. So now will veg them for a few weeks to decide which of the 10 will be the main attraction for this grow. The other 5 will going to two folks that I help to set up there grows.
    These pics are from this morning just before I feed them, they went almost three days between waterings, must be putting on some serious roots, as I only have the cup filled about a third of the way full of coco. Will be adding additional coco as the ladies begin to extend their little main stem.
    So here we are 5.5 days since sprout.

    20171005_081526 (2).jpg

    The lower right cup has been pulled from the tent. The leaves are looking more sativa looking, I have sort of picked out that 5 for my grow, but will not make that decision till transplanting in a few weeks.
    Nute mix at this point, rain water, ppm 6, 1.5 ml Cal/Magic, 2.5 ml Canna A&B, 8 ml Rhizotonic, .25 ml Roots and .25 tsp Great White per gallon, final ppm 0.90. pH 5.78.

    Wow, the tent seems so empty, oh well it will fill up here shortly.


    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Time for a little update, 13 days since sprout, all's well and grow nicely.

    20171012_110409 (2).jpg

    The plants at 12, 6 (?),9 and 11 o'clock are Indica dominate based on tighter node spacing and leaf shape, 6 o'clock is questionable, the remainder are sativa dom based on node spacing and leaf shape. Had one of the 11 not emerge from the coco, but 10 out of 11 ain't too shabby. Still feeding baby rates till I transplant, will then begin increasing the rates.
    They are rooting well and should be transplanting as soon as this weekend. Replaced the T5 four bulb with one of the Nanolux 315W CMH and have lowered the height over the past 4 days to 20" from the hood to the plants.

    20170929_100830 (2).jpg 9/29

    20171003_172150.jpg 10/3

    20171005_081526 (2).jpg 10/5

    20171012_110409 (2).jpg 10/12

    They have grow more in the past 4 days, Houston we have root's, added a few spoons of coco to each cup as they extend their trunks upward. After transplant I will continue to hand water until the root growth fills the two gallon Smart Pots then hook up the water system.

    That's all folks!

    GR bongsmilie

    Lights just went out so wanted to add.

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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    these guys are not too far from me. they do CBD stuff but not sure what is legal/illegal anymore with it.

    give them a ring and see what's up
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Weekly update, transplanted from the Solo's into the 2 gallon Smart Pots on the 17th.
    20171014_133611 (2).jpg

    10/17 Just transplanted have not watered yet


    When in the 6 hrs of darkness the plants really droop, but once the lights are turned on it only takes a matter of minutes and they are reaching for the light.

    Everything is fine, now issues.
    Not going to transplant the other four as I don't know what mix the folks I am giving the too want to use, so will deliver in the solos.
    Running Coco A&B at 300 ppm, will adjust as needed. Setting up the drip system early next week if not before and working on the screens now getting them ready.


    cindysid Well-Known Member

    They are looking GR8! Hubby started his THC oil therapy 6 years ago. Prostate cancer stage 4. He had the conventional therapy plus the oil, and he does a daily maintenance dosage of .25 grams. He is going strong and feeling good. He never even gets a cold. Will be following and cheering you on my friend!
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Cindy, thanks for the encouragement but health and grow wise. I am up to 2 grams a day and still got a good function on, LOL I am doing from morning to night 2/3rds g, 1/3rd, 1/3rd, and 2/3rds gram a day. The morning one takes me about an hour after I start feeling the effects before I can function well enough to be in public, :clap::hump: after that all is good, on my 18th day.

    Day 24 18/6
    On 10/17 we transplanted 6 of the 10 solos into 2 gallon coco Smart Pots and are getting great growth, have some roots already poking through the sides of the Smart Pots. We are running at 1.0 EC and 5.79 pH. Waiting until the pots are very light before watering and it takes about 40 hrs to take in around 6 cups of solution with around a 20% runoff, so they are drinking around 5 cups between waterings. That is good, I like that and each pot is accepting the same amount of solution and giving off the same amount of runoff, which means I got the coco in the pots at the same density. Good shit. I have in the past over packed the coco into the 2 gal pots and it really slowed growth, especially in the early stages.
    The other 4 solos and 1 of the 2 gal will be given away this week to a group of vets, I give clones, seedlings and excess cannabis or oil if I have it to these guys and they really need and appreciate it.
    Sorry the lights were on in this pic this morning, Wanted to show the color, doing light feedings and really liking the color. This pic was just prior to watering. Still hand water but will be setting up my drip system next week.
    I will be keeping the 5 that appear to be the same phenotypes as far as growth behavior is concerned. So it looks like I will keep all the 2 gal except for the one in the center back, it is showing very sativa rapid like growth.

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    InTheSystem Well-Known Member

    All looking great man. CMH ftw!

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