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    Yes, right! And you can see in the picture a new drilled hole, and an old one, where I already had put a screw in. So just slightly smaller.

    And as far as I know the clamps don‘t break the stranded wires. It was a problem with the screws in these terminal blocks, no? Atleast from experience, I haven‘t seen any broken wires. This silicone wire is just soo flexible, I like it, but I think solid core wire is even easier to put into the connectors.
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    Hi Serva!
    Actually, it's pretty easy. You just need a T5HO reptile tube (I like the Arcadia tubes), a matching driver, 2 matching G5 sockets (screwed or with tube holders) and a reflector. I've used 1mm elox. aluminum sheet because aluminum does not absorb UV light.
    Here are some screenshots for you! On the right side you can see the "article number", enter it in the E3ay search bar!
    I picked 24w because 2ft. tubes fit better in your room. You can get the 2ft. tubes also in 14w or 1ft. tubes with 15w. The driver is the same, but 14w/15w tubes are harder to find.

    Screenshot_20180304-094756.png Screenshot_20180304-094821.png Screenshot_20180304-094912.png Screenshot_20180304-095033.png Screenshot_20180304-100809.png

    You cut and bend the reflector by yourself. Simply place the sheet between 2 boards, clamp it into the vise and bend each side by about 35°.
    You can adjust the angle to your needs, but you should not choose it too narrow, as this can create a UV hotspot.

    I recommend also a minimum distance of 12"/30cm. Start with 30mins at noon than increase slowly until you see first signs of UV-stress(burned tips and leaf margins). You can get good success with only 1-3h/day, we are talking about 3-5% more thc which is a 20-30% increase of active ingredients.
    Hope this answers your questions, mate!
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