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    My mistake. Sorry about that. I'd still be cautious of contamination. Bugs can hitchhike/migrate easily.
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    What you would do in my case? I take as many steps atm as possible. And I am open to advice!

    What I do right now
    - high humidity
    - lowered the temp during the night below 60F a few times
    - put diatomaceous earth on the soil (which I need to repeat because of watering)
    - big pruning, so I get rid of all the mites and theire eggs
    - spraying neem oil
    - spraying Canna Cure
    - spraying Spruzit
    - spraying common horestail extract
    (Always one at a time, and than changing, so they can‘t build up a resistance.)
    - spraying homemade essenstioal oil mix I got advised, but I haven‘t mixed it yet

    And actually I can‘t see any new mite damage, so I think I am on a good way, just need to stay alarmed, and do my spraying, which is the most irritating atm!

    Beside all that I just ordered new seeds, so I also want to pop them. How you would do it? Don‘t pop them at all, because you risk an infection, or pop them, and give them the best prevention possible?
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    You might be on top of it then. Still be Cautious with the new plants. Kep up with the diatomaceous earth. And maybe add some silica to the mix.

    Bugs won't want to eat a plant that's got hard cell walls. Which is what silica does.
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    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    Nice cab, mate! I can clearly see reasons for some to get cab envy, Lol! You've done a realy good job, mate, realy clean and well planed. Hopefully the mite population has been eradicated.

    Three tipps I still have:
    - Neem-Cake! Is a fertilizer AND plant protection too equal. It protects systematically as it is absorbed by the roots and spread throughout the plant. Since I use it (1 tablespoon per gal.) I have no more mites or any sucking insects, neither in summer nor in winter. Together with diatom. earth it offers favorable all-round protection!

    - I've seen you use rockwool-cubes in your veg area. Remove the outer foil and let the roots grow outside. They will be "air-pruned" automaticly and build up a much more branched root system and later when you put them into the soil much more roots starts to grow into the soil. More Roots, more buds!

    - If you still have a "warm" drawer free or another unused area ... mushrooms do not need light to grow, just steady temperatures/conditions. I could imagine a shell of beautiful growing hawaiians in a drawer above the drivers, hmmm!

    not as nice and clean as yours but therefor more room to play with...;)
    My AK-Filter got a new filling and in the spring the cab gets a "modernization", LOL!
    Some Sonoff's have already been ordered and I need to work a bit on the ventilation,
    but it's still nice and quiet, 38db at 1m.

    2x 3ft² behind the left door, 1x 10ft² behind the 3 right ones.png
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    I had neem cake all the time (1tsp/gallon soil), and it was great! I didn‘t had any problems at all. But I missed to replace the empty bag, so I went without.... ouch!

    Didn‘t know about these rockwool cubes, and normally I don‘t use them. These were cuts I bought, and I planted them into soil right after the photo. But I was not able to give them a proper transplantation, they were shocked by the chaning nutes. Next time I get small cubes again, these bigger plants I was not able to handle.

    Mushrooms... not my interest. But my wife wants to grow some, same as psychedelic orchids. She can start christmas, with the new lights I am building. Thanks for telling me, that if it isn‘t working, she can atleast start with the mushrooms (:

    What fan do you use for exhaust? 3/4 of my cab is connected with each other, sucked by a 400+ cbm/h exhaust fan (set down to 40-60-80%), which is isolated, but the most noise comes out of the filter, where I here the air being sucked in. As long music is running, you don‘t hear the cab at all, but with music off, it‘s clearly making some noise. I don‘t have a comparison, but I think my pc fans are rated 38dB? My cab is definitly higher! I think I need a silencer in the future, to make this cab complete silent.

    Looking forward to your modernization!
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Better pictures of the ladies (day 9):
    IMG_0682.JPG IMG_0685.JPG

    1 = veg area (9w/sqft)
    2 = flower area (atm 25w/sqft)
    3 = experimental area / SOG (atm 30w/sqft)
    IN = room temperature / air intake

    1 passive air intake, 1 exhaust fan, total draw of lights 300w. Exhaust fan at 40% to get a higher humidity, if I increase the fan speed, I get cooler temps inside cab 2, than outside in the room! You can see, that cab 3 doesn't have enough exhausting, though it isn't a problem atm.
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    eminiplayer Active Member

    Hey mate, great cab you've got there, very slick. Do you have a link to where I could buy that multi-zone thermometer you've got, please? Never seen one like that before. Good luck with your spider mite problem :)
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    TFA Dostmann 30.3054.10

    Called „weather station“, or „clima monitor“, with „up to 8 transmitter“. Transmitters are also suitable for outdoor enviroment, though the transmitter in my greenhouse, which is like 8ft (35ft should be possible, but I don‘t think so) away from the station lost signal time to time.

    It‘s a german manufacturer, and I think google some of the tags, and you also find some cheaper/local brand.

    eminiplayer Active Member

    Hey Serva, thanks for the info... wireless too! Very cool piece of tech... I have a cab similar to yours, except it's a built in wardrobe... it has two towers, each has three levels, so six small cabs total, only have one side finished and have heat problems, need to redesign the ventilation, will post pics when it's finished. Looking forward to watching your grow... subscribed! :)
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    day 16

    day 20
    IMG_0748.JPG IMG_0753.JPG IMG_0754.JPG IMG_0755.JPG

    84-86°F, 50% humidity

    I can't see any more spider mites in this grow, and gave them a good feeding now.

    Serva Well-Known Member

    Ok... I have to leave my wardrobe! :roll:

    I have to switch the place, and move under the roof. So it’s time to build a new cab! :hump:
    Or atleast modify, because the are all build-in. It‘s much more space, but I will try not to expand, or maximize. One part will be selfmade natural soil + addons and my old light. But the orher part will be completly new for me. I will finally use what I already bought, Autopots and Air Pots / Smart Pots + Blumat. I will also try Coco for the first time. Looking for a nice „automatic“ grow, with comfortable space (atleast what I feel is comfortable after my last year :mrgreen: ). So I also need a new light. Good I already ordered 40 eb gen2 strips!

    @Randomblame may I ask you for advice? I just saw you posting about your own project, and it was pretty similar to my thoughts, but I couldn‘t find the pics, you wanted to post.

    I got 2x HVGC-100-350A, and want to add a fl tube with 10000K (30%UVA 10% UVB ?) in the middle. Up to 20 strips (some in parallel) on each side of the tube. 660nm red for flower boost, and the latest addon would be far red for sleeping. Especially at this point I could need help, which is affordable, and good. Any solderless (rapid-led)? How much watt I should aim for with these addons? Cab is pretty cold, could infred be useful? Thanks for your help!
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    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    Hi Serva, I've not started to build the new light because I'm still waiting on some parts(drivers).

    For the Farred trigger, you need about 4,000μmol to lull your girls to sleep. More triggers unwanted stretching.
    I have only 5.5w(10w COB Chip) on an area of 10ft² and need only 3-4 minutes(1,5-2 + 1,5-2min).
    Far-red because of more heat does not make much sense, because you would need a lot to raise the temperature noticeably(10-20w) and it would probably trigger SAS (*Shadow Avoidance Syndrome).
    If you want more heat in the chamber, leave the driver in the chamber and let a fan mounted under the ceiling blow the warm air down.
    660nm, I use only from the 6th or 7th week, because it also affects the maturation, IMO. Many of the hairs turn brown prematurely if used it too early. Therefor I will mix in my new light ⅓ CRI90 on a secondary driver which can be used as flower boost.
    I will probably do without 660nm, because a usability of only 2-4 weeks does not make so much sense for me. Maybe 50w 660nm was already too much together with 280w 3500°k, who knows ..?

    If you still want to use some 660nm, I have found here a cheap source for XP-E HE. It's the C01 top-bin with 425mW, but in 655-665nnm, 10pcs = 19,90$US.
    Ordercode: XPEEPR-L1-P3-29-C

    * SAS means:
    - unwanted stretch
    - less but bigger and brighter leaves
    - less nodes and therefor less branches
    - most branches leaves short
    - airy buds because of too early ripening
    - shorter flower periode and less yield
    and more unwanted stuff you really don't want to see in your cab.
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your explanation! What do you choose as cri90 lights? I was thinking to take fl tubes, with cri 97, but it‘s expensive and maybe „out of time“? That‘s why I got back to mono cobs. I found strips on ebay with cri90+, but the efficiency is bad. My light will be 3500k + 5000k (4200-4800K), + 10000K uv bulb, so some nice red peaking light would be good. Better take some bridgelux decor with 1750K?
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    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    I like the 1750°k COB's but got a nice deal(arrow) with Bridgelux V18 COB's, CRI90+(4,50$+VAT) and decided to use 8 pcs at 500mA as flower boost. But found full spectrum LED tubes today with phosphor coated SMD2835, pinkish 1600-1800°k spectrum(like generic FS COB's), 2ft., 9w, 48 diodes(8s6p). They are not binned and deliver only around 80lm/w, but Blux 1750°k is also just 89lm/w.

    The tubes are easy to disassemble and the strips inside has the same length as our 2ft. strips, even the 24v Vf is the same. The 9w driver inside the tubes is a 360mA driver (so 60mA per diode, 8,4w net.) and you can run them at up to 150mA per diode(900mA per strip) with proper cooling, that's more than 21w if you want.
    And they are relatively cheap, you can get them for ~7$ a piece.

    I have seen the same as "fresh-meat tubes" for butchers on alibaba(slightly cheaper but +shipping from China), but always only in tubes, not without. I would like to get only the strips if I could.
    But to be honest, I have not contacted and asked a seller. If I did, then I would write to the dealer who also makes the boards(Wavy, Fantom, Quantum..), because he can make/have CRI90 strips with LM561c top bin(S3 in case of CRI90, same layout like H-series, 8s6p).
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Your are a little late to the party :) I needed to leave the room, because my wife needs a proper working space, and have to destroy my cab now, because there is no other space to put it... actually I can‘t do it :) it hurts....

    Serva Well-Known Member



    I just had a car accident, and wasn‘t able to properly care for them. Some young cuts even died. So please forgive me the sad appearance ;)

    I decided, that I don‘t want an extra veg cab, and just potted everything up, to flower them now. Next year this will become a 12/12 perpetual seed grow.

    9x Jillybean @ day 25 (0,3g pot)
    1x Hashberry @ day 6 (2g smart pot)
    1x Heaven @ day 6 (5g smart pot)
    1x Deep Chunk @ day 6 (5g smart pot)
    1x Blue Cheese @ day 6 (1g smart pot)
    2x Sunshine Daydream #2 @ day 1 (1,3g pot)
    1x Sunshine Daydream #6 @ day 1 (1,3g pot)
    3x Purple Sunshine @ day 1 (1,3g + 0,8 pots)
    1x Tardis @ day 1 (1,3g pot)

    3x CBD tester #1 @ day 1 (0,8g pot)
    4x CBD tester #4 @ day 1 (0,8g pot)
    4x Chem d x SSDD @ day 1 (0,8g pot)

    2x Aleo Vera

    And I am pretty sure I missed something :D growing space is 5‘ x 2‘ x 3‘
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    :o:o:o whats up bro!! Smaller space also can make a difference :hump::hump:
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Nothing bad, we just needed to change the rooms, so she can work undisturbed (baby) :hump:. My hobby room had a door, her working place didin’t. Actual I have more space, I could even go bigger than I did.

    I just miss my wardrobe! Beside alot of money, it was all about improving it the last year, and I just did some changing, which I can‘t even see working out now.

    But family > hobby, so I will live with it! :peace:
    Unit Farm System Supply

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    Cant agree more man. Family matters all :clap::clap: Wish you and your families Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :weed:
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