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    Serva Well-Known Member

    I saw many nice cabinets latley, so I decided to give you a little sneak peek of my own growing space, as long as I am rebuilding...

    Front view:

    Veg area:

    Flower area:

    Underneath the drawers:

    (Next pictures will be more bright, I promiss!)

    The wardrobe is 71x21x77 inch big, and divided into 8 parst, in addition to the three listed ones, there are:

    - drying chamber and water tank
    - supply area
    - isolated exhaust fan
    - experimental area
    - electronic area

    I will give you a view and details of everything within the next days, and document my experimental grow afterwards, I am really curious about ;)

    So getting back to work, have to transplant a few ladies, and take some cuts for my experiment!
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    From a fellow cab grower. I look forward to seeing what you come out with. And best of luck.
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Thanks dude!

    And just to make things clear, this is not a grow journal, and you guys are welcome to ask things and post stuff as long as I can find a relation to this thread :D

    Serva Well-Known Member

    So I transplanted the cuts I got into the flower cab:

    (Deep Chunk - Tom Hill ///// Hashberry - Mandala Seeds ///// Heaven - Swiss Seeds)

    They are allowed to feel welcome, before I top them.

    Cab size is 35x20x31 inch, and the growing space of the net is 29x16 inch with a spacing of 2 1/6 inch. The black part in the background is the light trap for my air intake. The fan is just for air movement underneath the drawers, so the earth isn't getting mold. Will add 2 more fans soon. The idea with the iserts is mostly based on my play instinct, but it also helps me to keep things stealth, which is priority #1.

    Light is a Hans Panel (Cree XPGBWT and XPE2, max. 150W) with EB series addon (max. 100W), which I plan to use only 60% of the daytime. Actually the HP is in veg mode, so most of the red LED's are shut off:


    Air is sucked above the panel into 6 holes, through a light trap, into the veg cab. Had to add 5 more black pipes on the sides, to suck off all the warm air.

    Now it's time to finish the experimental cab! :peace:
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Wow. That's a nice light.
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Paintings are done, so lets get some pictures...

    Haha, yeah! This door hiding my experimental area!

    Working mode:

    Insider view:
    IMG_0572.JPG IMG_0580.JPG IMG_0586.JPG

    Lightning are EB series strips (8x 5700K, 4x 3000K), max. power 100W.
    Space is 17x20x40 inch, and the net is 16x32 inch, a little bigger, than in my flower area.
    The box under the smart pots is filled with perlite, and will be used as „natural“ water/nutes reservoir.

    Never used this so called SWICK system, neither I have grown vertical, so...'s time to make some clones!
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    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

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    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Great build! Good genetics! :leaf:
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    TCH Well-Known Member

    So I'm guessing the experimental area is a vertical grow, correct?
    Is that wire shelving with wires clipped out to make the grid?
    Will the plants grow up the back side and you pull through and weave or push them.back through like scrog but vertical?

    It all looks super clean and well thought out. I can't wait to see the progress.
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I will try to answer...

    It isn‘t a vertical grow only, as you see in the pictures, the bottom part is horizontal. So I would like to call it „cornerwise“? :) plan is to scrog yes, and let them grow behind the grid, letting the budsites grow threw it to the light. And the grid is just some really strong chicken wire, I had some rest behind my house, and actually it was the best I was able to find, and yeah I clipped out the wires as I desired. Thats 2 1/6 inch, after a few different grids I used, I hope this is what I really like.

    The surface of the grid is now 90% bigger than before (horizontal only), so I nearlly doubled the space I am growing now, I am really interested about that!
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    I have grown 1 year in this closet now, doing small improvements all the time. Now I got spider mites, because of my infected outdoor harvest, which I dried in the wardrobe, so I decided to kill all plants in flower, take out my mother plants, and take my toughts I had to rebuild my cab.

    TCH Well-Known Member

    Good luck man. I'm really looking forward to the results. Kick those mites asses
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    It's time to show you the rest of the wardrobe, to finally complete the introduction...

    Area for drying, storage and the water tank:

    Supply area (yeah I am a bottle guy, but at the same time experimenting with living soil out of my garden, just keep things simple):

    Just had some time, so I did my first ice-o-lator, just without the ice... used river water with 38F, and did two runs:

    And here we finally go with the new cuts I tooked from my mothers:
    (the tips are a little burnt, I guess from the additional neem oil spraying, because I didn't changed my feeding...)

    Jillybean - TGA Subcool (red)
    Sunshine Daydream - Bodhi (yellow)
    Tardis - Natural Homegrown Wonders (green)
    Purple Sunshine - Bodhi (blue)

    Tardis is a mid-lvl thc strain, and they will grow in the vertical part of my scrog. Jillybean will occur in the bottom level part.

    So let's see how these both will do...!

    ChaosHunter Well-Known Member

    Subbed !
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    j.t.1986 Well-Known Member

    Man i just finished making a new cab as an upgrade from my old one... and i got cab envy now. loving the setup man, really really nice.. subbin up!bongsmilie
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Can you be envy on your own imagination? (: I guess, atleast, it helps me go on, and improve it step by step, as I can spent money and time, when I see something and get ideas.

    Here is the newest improvement, my electronic area needs to get a clean-up! So I ordered a few Sonoff's, the first one arrived (4CH), so here is my new power board:
    IMG_0620.JPG IMG_0622.JPG IMG_0626.JPG

    Rest will get finished in a same way, with different Sonoff's, so I can controll everything either via tablet, or remote key (for safty shut down).
    The exhaust fan cab is completly filled with isolatation, just removed for mounting.

    And it came different than expected. Though I seperated everything, cleaned up, did a new painting, and started fresh with new seeds and clones, I found some spider mites on the new seedlings. So I gave a sh*t now, used what I had, and started the experimental cab with some Tardis (2x), Sunshine Daydream (2 phenos), and Jillybean. 4 plants sit on the swick system, one is a hempy bucket filled with pure perlite, and a seperate airstone in the reservoir. Really driving growth... I like what I see from these hempies. Got a smaller second one. I give them the same low dose of nutes as my mothers, working fine.

    To battle the spider mites I have used two weeks neemoil, now I am using two weeks canna cure, changing for another 2 weeks to some advised diy essential oil mix, followed by 2 more weeks of I-don't-know-yet. Got some diatomaceous earth to sprinkle everywhere. For the summer time I want to settle in predator mites, and foliar spraying for stronger leaves. If you have some advise, just let me her it. Would be so nice to get rid of them...
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    I am sorry to upset you guys, but I had to stop the vertical grow. I think it is impossible to take proper care of the plants, while I have spider mites, and they are fixed at the net.

    So I tooked the Jillybean cuts I tooked a while ago, and looking at my stash I decided to make a fast SOG. Day 2 of 11/13:

    I don't expect them to stretch much, though I have never grown her untrained. 50W now, will start pushing it up for the next 3 weeks, lowering it at the end again. 100W is maximum, but I normally I can't run it that hard. 2,2 sqft, so 80W maybe... Pots are 1,5 quarts (is that a proper unit? don't know when to use quarts, and cups, and gallons, and whatever...). On top are avocado core rasp, and diatomaceous earth, if someone is wonderign...

    Serva Well-Known Member

    I realized one week (day 8 ) is over, when the lights turned off. So the picture was done fast...
    Just finished some neem oil spraying, the tips are all burned since I am spraying regulary...

    But it helped, I wasn't able to see any more spider mites. But who knows... I will go on spraying!

    I also tooked cuts for sexing, and pruned here and there a leaf, looking bit rough now...
    Got a gift, which went into the corner. Deep Chunk and Hashberry were not stretching at all, so there was a little space. Heaven is suited better for a SCROG. Guess I can switch within the next week. Already changed to flower spec, for more stretching...
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Be careful introducing new plants to a contaminated area. You're likely to have those infected with whatever you've got going in there.
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Maybe you got me wrong, it‘s in the flower chamber. But I would‘t have the space to seperate them anyways :/

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