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Discussion in 'Make Your Requests' started by rollitup, Oct 6, 2006.

    LaMafia 781

    LaMafia 781 New Member

    i believe strongly on roll it up faq maybe before putting in the faq make a thread and see if everyone aproves it
    LaMafia 781

    LaMafia 781 New Member

    i was gon say u only got 96 posts but people gets ban sometimes lol

    stemseed Well-Known Member

    The FAQ in your sig is pretty darn good.

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    yeah the og grow faq is nice....

    but it hasn't been updated in almost 2 years...

    hence the need to make one even better!

    mal_crane Well-Known Member

    Even thought I've been here for awhile, I haven't got alot of experience on this site, but I do know quite a bit of info from all the other sites I've been involved in. I've also been growing for 6 years. I realize not everyone would want "newbie's" working on the FAQ, but I would be willing to give it a go. For awhile the FAQ was starting to look good but there's still alot of misinformation and it doesn't seem as though anybody has been working on it as of late. Please PM if I can be of any help in reorganizing / rewriting the current FAQ.

    bfq Well-Known Member

    rollitup has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

    bonz Well-Known Member

    i have quite an extencive library on my comp. i am working on puting some info on different subjects that i see alot of noobies having trouble with. it always seems to be the same questions as the others.
    some of the info i have collected has come from my personal contacts that make nutes, scientists, hydro stores, and grower friends that have been doing this for years, and of course the net.
    if there is some specific help i can give on a certain subject let me know.

    CNDSOG Well-Known Member

    I'll be more then happy to help out with the FAQs

    davidwpb007 Active Member

    what is the name of a few differnt plant food name

    RazerBones Active Member

    I would love to be able to work on the FAQ part , I do have some experince with HTML and I do have time on my hands on my days off and to help out with the staff

    nedyrb Active Member

    Please help me. I can not post a new thread. I read the forum rules and it says wait 20 seconds and I do that, but no button pops up. I'm assuming on most computers it says "I agree" and you can click it after 20 seconds, this isn't happening for me and I would really like to post a thread...

    RazerBones Active Member

    1 - Pick the right topic it would go under
    2 - open up that topic
    3 -
    start 1.jpg start 2.jpg
    start 3.jpg

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    id help but i have no experience in programming per say. but i learn really fast :)

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