Grizzly's Guide to Pulverizing Pests

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    Should post info on how to get rid of rollie pollies :)
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    I would like to add that a layer of SAND (1/2-1 inch thick) placed atop soil in a container effectively eradicates fungus gnats. It separates the adult gnats from their food source and kills the larvae by not allowing them to reach the surface. Cheap, easy, clean, no chemicals/sprays.
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    Anyone ever have spring tails?

    I have them and I don't like them, I've since slowed down with the water, and kept everything very clean to cut off their food source

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    throwing everyone a bone!!!!! i've been trying to rid my closet of some pesky little spider mites for a couple of weeks. today when i was doing the daily cleaning and spraying i found where the little bastards were hiding, the pots that the plants are in have a lip around the top. i think i may have my problem beat now.
    thanks but no danks

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    yeah my plants are starting to get hit hard by bugs :(

    i went back there today (outdoor plants) and one was covered in what i guess what spider mites, if i rubbed the bottom of the plants it almost felt like my fingers were covered in dust afterwards, is that what that is?

    is there any quick house hold item tricks i can do until i can identify the exact problem and find good repelent? ive heard garlic before but im not covering up that amazing smell with nasty ass garlic unless it really works lol

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    Organocide from Home Depot or wherever... kinda fishy but works well on a broad spectrum of pests.
    I however would recommend neem oil (also common and pretty cheap) for Mites!
    pictures are worth a million, take a camera out there with you and report back.

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    fine job if you grow in dirt gona git bugs

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    thx dude i didnt even know what that was i have one outdoor plant with one single leaf like that i noticed a week ago i hope it didnt spread i need to go check em n save em damn i thot it was dried bird shit or sumthin lol damn bugs die die die!!!


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    anybody know what I could do for my plants that are less than 1 week away from harvest and all the sudden got hit hard by spidermites?

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    Hello Grizzly and thank you for the awesome pics.

    In both of my rooms, veg and flower, there are what we think are either thrips or whiteflys. And we have a catastrphic problem with grasshoppers. These hoppers are not large enough to hand pick and they are very fast. They are the size of a grain of dried wheat, rice, barley, you get the picture. They have infested the flowering buds with droplets of clear fluid (on hairs, calyxes) and it looks like large egg sacks that appear to be larger than the adults. They don't appear to be eating the plants. I am ready to call it quits and take down the plants. I shook the worst one off in the shower and got nearly 20 adults in the tub, which I flushed with a hot shower.

    The veg box, I have tried to eradicate the pests once by shaking them outdoors. Einstiens does not phase the hoppers AT ALL. Niether do fly strips, or a cup of diluted molasses (unless they land in it).
    The flowering closet, I am at a loss of direction and know-how.

    Can you give me some advise on this complex problem? Sorry that I cannot provide pictures. I live in southern Arizona where it is both hot and dry, so both areas are about 80 dg F, with fans.

    Thank you, Aisach

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    Was just brushing up on my bugs here and gotta say that is one of the most convincing pictures of a foxtail bud I have ever seen

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    Thanks for the great info!

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    So we go out to check and groom the outdoor buds. And there is caterpillar damage. (green and brown ones)
    we are going to use neem oil spray
    The nursery store has something good for $20. Will update
    Any other tips???

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    I been battling Fungus Gnats like a mofo and spending good loot on them too.. I bought Azamax and it worked and made my Larry OG's sad and then the gnats came back. So then I tried the gnatrol route and they still came back so I found nematodes at the grow store. They are a microscopic ring worm that feeds on the gnat larvae pretty cool stuff the adult gnats get caught on the sticky traps and the they dont dare go back into the medium because its like landing in a pool full of hungry sharks... Thanks nematodes.

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    first time grower i have tiny flies they dont seem to be harming anythiing yet but im not sure what i should do? any help?

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    Found these guys living in the root zone. They float in the water when flooded and appear not to drown.

    Can you help me out Griz?

    Thanks in advance!


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    why doesnt anyone talk about meally bugs they r the only bugs i do have

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    Fungus gnat?

    I noticed these little bastards munching on the round starter leave on a 3 day old girl.

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