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Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Al B. Fuct, Feb 18, 2007.

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    rdgx34 Active Member

    Sorry Al, I think my question is where is the growing tip? If you have the time can you circle it in a picture? Sorry for asking dumb questions just trying to make it clear.

    Thanks AL

    firsttimegrowerr Well-Known Member

    Thanks Al dont know what id do without you =)
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named


    growing tip being removed


    three growing tips removed. Click to enlarge.

    It's real obvious what's happening here if you just look. If not, perhaps you should take up knitting instead.
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    daddychrisg Well-Known Member

    Hang in there Al, you are a saint for sticking with this thread this long....I would add a snappy question for ya, but I think I will digress...I can't wait for your next thread! Maybe next time you can focus your teachings even more, for example....How to roll a joint in less then 5 min. or perhaps, how to screw in your HID light bulb, or even, How to start a thread that will make you need to smoke all your pot to relieve your repetitive answers to already answered questions....Thanks for what you do... C

    PlasmaRadio Well-Known Member

    Yeah, we do need some new questions... can you grow pot on the moon? Is it possible to build a robot that will grow weed for me (and not kill me a la terminator)? What does the "B" stand for?
    DR. VonDankenstine

    DR. VonDankenstine Well-Known Member

    I was talking to a growing buddy of mine about your set-up(he's been into drip hydro for a long while) and he really liked the idea a lot, I directed him to this link. Anyway I know in one of the prev post we were talking about the high cost of canna boost per flowering cycle(especially with the SOG set-up.)

    My friend uses the canna products and has for some time with great results, but he swears by a product called "floralicious plus concentrate". It's by general hydro or something--he says it has a ton of good things in it that the plants just love, he also stated that he has had as just good results with the FPC as the canna boost if not better.

    I did a little research for you and found out that the stuff is about 160.00/gallon online-probably 20% more at your local hydro shop. That does seem like a lot but when you fig. you use about 500-600 gallons of h20 on a 8 week cycle in your res's. ******here's the beautiful thing about the prod***********one teaspoon treats 20/gallons @ full strength*********---That would mean the cost would come out to 4-5 dollars per 8 week cycle:mrgreen: and one gallon would do 38 cycles(enough to last a few years). Of coarse, you would probably want a smaller size but that was the only size I could find at the time. It seems the product and the price are right. I hope if anything, this will give you further info to look into. Thanks again for all the help.​
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    I'm reasonably well informed that they don't often let atheists become saints. Exceptions could be made, I'm sure, given the broadly malleable nature of belief. ;)

    zomfg, I feel like a Buddha. Or two. ;)

    It takes me 10. I'm lousy at rolling. Always have been. I can't even make a spring roll with a rice paper wrap. If it hadn't been for Dugouts, I'd have given up smoking dope.

    Would you believe... there really is some special instruction for screwing in an HPS light bulb? :lol: Wear cotton gloves and clean the lamp surface with methylated spirit (denatured alcohol) before lighting for the first time. Smart to mark the installation date with a permanent marker on the lamp's screw cap and on the glass on the tube's nose. I relamp every 12-18 mos.

    Strangely enough, those sorts of things seem to happen on their own... :D

    no worries. :)

    Whooooo. Good one. Of course, you'd have to provide a rather good glasshouse, airtight, with an atmosphere. Now, the fun begins when you work out what the lighting conditions are on the moon. No atmosphere outside your glasshouse, so lots of sunlight (and UV... and gamma rays....) How long is a lunar day? Where on the moon would you locate your grow op so it got 12/12 lighting? Endless!

    However, it would certainly be possible to put an ordinary artificially lighted hydroponic grow op on the moon or on a space station. Hydroponics goes back to the Aztecs but it is the main means considered for food production in space.
    Yes. There are already nearly fully automated hydroponic rose production operations. It would be somewhat impractical to robotically produce less than warehouse sized quantities due to the mechanisation involved, but with CAD/CAM, all things are possible. :D

    I'm not sure. Will ask old Mother Fuct one of these days. I'm fairly sure I'm not named after my weird Uncle Butt. He's changed his name by deed poll. Now it's spelt 'Butte' but still pronounced 'butt.' If I was gonna spend the $72 to change my name, I think I'd be looking for more bang for the buck, if you see what I mean. My sister Royal Lee has a pretty name, lot nicer than my nieces Ghett and Jusst. What was Roy thinking? We're all kinda hoping that Jusst doesn't do the hyphenated name trip if she marries that George Look boy. Imagine... Jusst Fuct-Look. eek.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    To be deadly honest, I generally avoid what I refer to as 'magic sauces,' which are any proprietary mixtures of something or another and whose makers claim all manner of benefits. Few have been trialled in peer-reviewed or double blind studies. These things are not unlike the patent medicines of the 19th century, where ingredients were secret and not always safe.

    Canna are better than a lot of magic sauce makers as they will sometimes give you a scientific basis for what their particular magic goo is supposed to do and what's actually in it, such as PK-13-14. I don't think they're so generous with Boost, Rhizotonic, etc.

    It's often very hard to gauge the real benefit of magic sauces. If trialling something, you should run plants in parallel with and without the sauce under test instead of trying to compare differences between successive whole crops. This will come close to assuring that differences between crops were not due to differing environmental conditions in the op between trials.
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    cmak40 Well-Known Member

    i know whats goin on here al and how to top im just askin a quik ?, you top so that those 2 nodes that will be new growth are your clones correct? and from the time you pinch it takes about 2 weeks to be large enuf for clones?
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    Yes, the new growth post the pruning will be the material used for the next pass of cuttings.


    PlasmaRadio Well-Known Member

    I would put it right here: Tycho (crater)

    Only because I am a romantic and love making people read wikipedia articles. It takes 29.5 days to get around this big ol' marble we call the Earth and it generally the same side always faces out(you now it as the evil far side of the moon), so it wouldn't matter where you put it would a few days of light then a few days of darkness. Either way it's crummy for growing plants.

    You would have to grow indoors, with aeroponics because there isn't a lot of water up there and I don't want to carry up all those cases of Evian. Other than slamming up some solar panels/batteries for electricity and a few exercise bikes for CO2 it would be pretty standard op... with moon gravity!

    That was a cool thought experiment, maybe I should get my Fungineering degree.

    fanatic Active Member

    I stumbled with an issue in my op. I am getting air cooled reflectors for my 600W lamps, however, my rooms are completely sealed. Only the AC has an access to outside air.
    Will it be alright if I put the exhausts inside the room?, there's an AC, fully turned on all the time.

    cmak40 Well-Known Member

    if you use tubes you prob wont need the ac and if u use ac u shouldnt need to cool your room anymore or you should rethink the design of your room....

    fanatic Active Member

    the climate in my city is tropical. I absolutely need the ac. besides, maybe it would be a good idea to redirect the heat away from the plants, towards another area in the room. However, i'm not so sure, I dont know if the extra amps (I kep a close eye on the electric consumption) are worth it

    dertmagert Well-Known Member

    u definately NEED exhaust and intake.. i dont see how you could grow in a completely enclosed environment. aside from the plants co2 intake (which it definately wont receive in a sealed room, unless suplimented) you would have a humidity problem for sure. i would think of a completely sealed grow room as i would a port-a-poddy with no ventilation... hard to take a piss in there huh?

    u need a hole in the room to intake fresh air, and an exhaust hole that is powered by a fan to expell the plants' waste ( oxygen) as well as maintain the humidity ... i dont care how great your temp is with that AC.. i would rather run a 90 degree grow with great exhaust/intake than i would run a 75 degree grow thats sealed off from fresh air

    how would u like it if you were inclosed in a room that had no usable gases being introduced but you were cooled by an ac...
    (picture yourself in a casket with no available air floating on frigid waters)
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    cmak40 Well-Known Member

    k its about time to close this thread i think to it gets jacked every other day about some bs. would you consider an "ask al about sog ebb n flow hydroponics, guaranteed clones advice on not growing dope" or somin maybe a little better......but this is a traffic jam and there should be a way to pull all your post out with the quotes of the people you are answering.....(STAFF, CAN YA?)
    anyway al thanx for everythin on here its all helped one of us in one way or another!!!

    daddychrisg Well-Known Member

    Long live "get a harvest every two weeks"! one of the best threads in the history of RIU......

    firsttimegrowerr Well-Known Member

    Why end this thread? This is the best thread ever!
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    Thanks to everyone for the praises of the thread.

    However, I think it's probably an appropriate time now to say 'so long and thanks for all the hits.' Plus, being that I haven't had any time off from the op (or the cannabis boards) for a while, I'm going to get lost for a while.


    If you can read this, you know where I'm going. ;)

    Thanks to everyone- I'll be back in a few weeks.

    bula bula!
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    bongjockey Active Member

    bula bula Al! Have fun but stay away from the big town on the big island.
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    Thanks- I will do both, bongjockey. :)

    Folks, bj happens to be a personal friend of mine and is new here. Beej is a long time grower, lives local to me and runs an op a bit like mine, only smaller. DO be kind.

    OK- NOW I'm outta here. Sayonara.
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