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    LuciferX Well-Known Member

    Wanted to let everyone know about a project I started called HERB.IQ, is open source and completely free. We currently have 2 developers and 2 bug testers working on the project including myself. We just put out our first stable release today, you can get it on our main site at sourceforge or our backup site on codeplex:



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    cymbaline Active Member

    I'm going to check this out.

    Also I always thought it would be nice to know how many hours are on a bulb since it was replaced.
    I write down on my bulb box's the amount of hours on them when I switch so I don't lose track
    on when I should switch. I don't know if anyone else could see this as helpful but it's a thought.

    cymbaline Active Member

    No Thank you for providing the community with your software!
    I've looked at a few already and none really come close to just using pen and paper for what I like to track.
    I'm liking what I see so far though and I'm already beginning to populate some data into it.
    I see you mentioned supporting sensors in future builds. At that time will there be an option for recording that
    data, such as temp and co2 ppm? Again I'm not sure if that info is really necessary or if I just am over analyzing.
    I like to note any changes I see in the plants individually with the environment.

    I like the plant id option. Of the variety I'm running I break them down even further so I can track possible phenotypes
    I may like over time over others. for example X-1 X-2, B-1, B-2 etc.
    Having software makes coming up with a logging system so much easier..

    LuciferX Well-Known Member

    You bet :) Yes we would like to automate the logging of your room environment, and then graph that data with charts/graphs in addition to being able to look at the raw data. I've looked into some inexpensive interfaces and plan on setting that up in the near future. We are going to write a plug type of system so that it's not dependant on any specific hardware. Another developer is also buying or has bought a more turn key sensor solution and plans to write support in for that as well so we'll support at least 2 varieties of hardware and anyone can write their own hardware support in. We can add a phenotype ID or notes field as well, another great idea!

    DenseBuds Active Member

    Woo! We're live!

    Lx - just run a VirtualOS app. I considered a phone version of the app... simply interface with the instance on the desktop. Authenticated, using the API we've discussed. Could take pictures/video direct on your phone and it is transferred to your desktop automagically. I think Apple and Google would approve it. No idea about Microsoft.
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    LuciferX Well-Known Member

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    Buddreams Active Member

    Some one posted this to the site yesterday, the source forge link, and i got to playing with your software. What a great tool. I want to 2nd the idea of having an Iphone/Blackberry/Windows mobile device sync function. that way one could input the data and take pictures right from the grow room, and let it sync with the PC to get the overall big picture later when u need it. thanks again for helping the community, you NEED to setup a domain and center distribution point, as well as a donations button :) still available? :P

    LuciferX Well-Known Member

    Thanks, we're actually not acceping donations and don't want to put our real names on any domain but appreciate the notion. Densebuds and I are already planning a win7 phone app now so expect to see that in the future as well as better versions of the desktop app :peace:

    pickle Active Member

    Good software, should be alot cooler about ver 2.0.

    Just some suggestions and my 2 cents.

    1. Add mother plants or a "Clone" button option to make clones and just add an incremental number after the cutting, so it will sorta automate that process. Strain Clone #x. I hope that sorta makes sense.

    2. Copy. Being able to make copies for adding the 5 plants of the same strain you already have going.

    3. Events Reservor Seclection, Drop down selection of reservoir and how much was used, and let the program do the math.

    4. Reservoir. Drop down selection from your nutrients. I'm sure that one is being worked on already.

    Ok back to playing with your software. Good job.

    LuciferX Well-Known Member


    cymbaline Active Member

    The setup installer installed fine on xp sp3 running in vmware for what it is worth..

    LuciferX Well-Known Member

    I also did a fresh install on a spare of XP with sp3 integrated and didn't have any problems either with the auto installer, it downloaded the newest framework and ran without a hitch. Wonder if maybe its a lack of framework problem, I believe the file association error is with .application

    BubbleRap Active Member

    Thanks a lot for this program i have been using it for close to a month and it works great! I do think that you could make it more efficient though. There are many times when entering data where you have to repeat yourself. Its pretty unnecessary. Overall though I love it. Especially the encryption option since I share a PC....Thanks Meng.

    budderbutton Active Member

    Hi there, Thanks for putting this up man. I gave some feedback a couple months ago and this version looks a lot better.
    I would really like to see a way to promote plants without removing them from the current group. For instance my BB is in veg as a mother and I take clones off it, but if I try to promote it, it removes it from veg and puts it in clone. Thanks Man

    PS - I really like the new password feature!

    DenseBuds Active Member

    Ya - The Promote function isn't fully baked yet in terms of Clones or growing out Seeds. We certainly want to be able to create new Plants (Clones in this case) from a Mother while leaving the mother be. I'm not sure of the best way to do this in the tool yet. I could likely just write a special routine if you choose to promote to Clones asking you how many you took and if you want to track them as one "Plant" or separate. Then I could create however many new plants in Clones. We would track the Mother plants' ID so you can trace back indefinitely. If we promote to Seeds, we'd do the same thing basically, but we'd want to track the Father plants' ID also.

    Any thoughts?

    LuciferX Well-Known Member

    Would there ever be a need to promote a plant into more than just one other phase? I was thinking on how to make this expandable with our future tabs like breeding and what not and we could create a datagrid with combobox column that let them select the phase. If I had a breeding project, wanted to flower, and wanted to veg some more mother plants from a set of cuts I just took then I could do it all in one step instead of multiple. Maybe a multi-promote button or something like that, just a thought.

    budderbutton Active Member

    That sounds good. I'm not a programmer so functionality means more to me than how it gets there.
    Looking at it functionally, If it is easier to just implement this splitting out for clones and not harvesting or other stages, then either a what you said,
    Or maybe on the Clone Info page there could be a import from button and you can choose which vegging plant the clones came from.

    On seeds I don't know. I would guess an import mother and import father buttons on the seed page would work

    budderbutton Active Member

    I tried to get something like this going with a friend using Access. Ended up way over our heads in data. I don't see any reason to promote a single plant to more than one phase at any time. I suppose someone might harvest most of a plant and put the rest of it back in veg. I'm not sure how that would be cataloged.

    cymbaline Active Member

    maybe you could treat it like a family tree hierarchy?
    When selecting a new plant have a radio button where you could select mother/father.
    From there it would be locked down until you decide to promote it to flower.
    When you select a mother plant maybe have an option that says how many children does your mother have?
    When you enter that number it populates the cloning section with all the info from the mother.
    At which point it would be promoted to clones and than they can carry on their life like the software acts now?
    Also possibly have it so it tracks just how many generations your mother has created?
    I'm not sure just thinking out loud here.
    Than from there; the home screen status would also show the specific plants instead of just the
    general: XX days since XXXX has started to flower

    DenseBuds Active Member

    I assume you mean promote to more than one phase at the same time?

    Speaking to the back-end architecture:
    When taking a clone or seed, my thought was that the app would create a new plant record for each cutting/seed (or a single record if you decided to group them together using the Quantity field). This new record would get it's own internal Plant ID and a reference <MotherPlantID/> for linking to it's mother. To handle seeds, we'd do the same, but add a <FatherPlantID/>. The originating Mother/Father plants would remain as-is and simply have a standard Event created like CuttingsTaken and the child PlantIDs in the value field. You could do all the lineage reporting you like by querying Events.

    I think I would have to see this mocked up to get a sense of what you're saying here. I struggled with how best to handle the promotions... that's why it currently takes like 2 buttons and a combobox ;). Certainly think we're in need of something a bit more "clean" here. I think that the back-end XML fields/structure we have is solid though. Don't think we should change that.. just the presentation/UI.

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