Fox Farm VS Advanced Nutrients VS General Hydroponics

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    Hydroton is a pain. It keeps leaving dust all in my res
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    Thats because your not rinsing it well enough before using it. You basically have to wash it, just with no soap. Hydroton is better than any other medium because it promotes rapid root division, which promotes masses of fine hairy feeder roots and the more fine feeder roots you have the more water and nutrients your plants can comsume and the root ramification also promotes a lot of branching(ramification) on top which results in more cola's and more buds. I grow DWC but if for some reason I couldnt anymore and had to use somthing else I would grow in all hydroton. You have to water more but watering more often means more nutrients and more oxygen to the roots which means much faster healthier root growth. Soil promotes long thick roots which dont absorb water, oxygen, and nutrients as readily as fine feeder roots. Tap roots do nothing except hold the plant upright and give it stability. Growing in containers a plant doesnt need taproots so use methods that produce tons of fine roots like DWC or Hydroton. People growing in coco would be amazed at the results if they grew in all hydroton once. Have to water more often though unless using drip irrigation. Probably be several people here soon telling me I dont know what im talking about but its absolutely true.

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    I soak it for days before using

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    You must rinse it, repeatedly when you think its clean rinse it 2 more times. I use a strainer like for spaghetti noodles.

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    Yupp, thats right. I pour it into a bucket, I fill the bucket with water and wash it around repeatedly. I drain and repeat until the water is clear. Just rinsing it a couple times is not enough. The dust will also affect ph in the begining if you dont get it all.
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    I got a 5 gal bucket that I cut a few holes in bottom of

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    Stay away from the Lucas formula... You will reach a N deficiency real quick... General Hydroponics isnt bad if you go with a full line of Nutes... Advanced has NEVER done me wrong. Every time i venture away from AN, (trying to save money) i always wish i woulda just spent the extra money and went AN. I have NEVER been disappointed with AN. Worth the extra $$ imo, anyone who says otherwise is just a cheap bastard...

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    I been using the GH trio, just got some bud sweetener for my next grow. GH has done o.k. by me.

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