Fox Farm VS Advanced Nutrients VS General Hydroponics

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    guff6387 Member

    I am just about to start a 24 pot ebb and grow system as soon as I get my card :bigjoint:, I have been using fox farm for my soil grows in the past and have some left. I plan on finishing off my fox farm in the ebb n grow system and then I plan on using the "Lucas Formula" (which I've heard can work w/ AN or GH).

    Any advice on which I should go with between AN, GH, and FF? (I know AN is expensive but since i'll be legal I don't mind spending the extra cash for better taste/yield/potency.)

    Also, has anyone tried Humbolt Nutes? My buddy owns a hydro shop and said they fried his plants, not sure which he used.

    newb101 New Member

    fox farm as always done good by me. i use there trio pack.

    nomis Member

    I have been using General Hydroponics (flora series) and have gotten great yields with no nute problems, lock-up etc. I especially enjoy using their online nutrient calculator for my reservoir water change, very accurate on PPM listed at values entered.
    I replied on your other post ("what meter to get")---BlueLab combo meter hands down.
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    guff6387 Member

    I wonder if AN is even worth the extra money. My local hydro shop is trying to liquidate all their dutch master because no one is buying it, should i try to get some for cheap? Do you use the Lucas formula nomis?

    wizard82 Active Member

    I have alway used GH and loved it, so do my girls!

    Badbackguy Active Member

    Fox Farm is total bang for your buck if you ask me...
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    gcvt420 Active Member

    I've used GH products exclusively since the very early 90's without any issues (the labels still haven't changed). I kind of want to give FF products a try but I am leaning toward the "don't fix what ain't broke" theory.
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    jnk420 Member

    I just recently started using FF, and have noticed a significant increase in growth and definitely stalk structure. I use the grow big, and tiger bloom. Going soon to get the big bloom.
    Michael Phelps

    Michael Phelps Well-Known Member

    Quick question, Ive been doing research on FF and it doesnt specify if its for soil or hydro, you can get a hydro version of grow big but i didnt see it for big bloom and tiger bloom so im kind of confused. I always though you could use FF for soil and hydro? Can someone just clarify for me real quick?

    erkelsgoo420 New Member

    Hands down advanced. I say run all three and decide for urself. But bud candy grow bloom hammerhead and cal mag will make u happy in the pants imo
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    Everybody like what they use which makes sense because if they didn't they wouldn't be using it. But in that mix I have to add Humboldt. I am using Humboldt Master A & B and I have never had a grow where I never had a single leaf spot, never had a leaf curl up or curl down, nothing. And Ph swings in a narrower range. Worth a look I think.
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    doc111 Well-Known Member

    There is a soil and hydro version of Grow Big. Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom can both be used for soil or hydro.
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    neph19d Active Member

    i use general hydroponics. i like it so far
    Michael Phelps

    Michael Phelps Well-Known Member

    Can i use the soil version of grow big for hydro? or is it set up differently

    anon1122 Well-Known Member

    I have the fox farm hydroponic line including open sesame, beastie blooms and cha ching, I will also be adding humboldt's gravity towards the end. I'm growing dutch passion's white widow and I am 2 weeks in.

    guff6387 Member

    Well let me know how it goes, are you going to follow the EC range on the fox farm grow schedule and are you going to give FF @ full strength while adding that humboldt?

    Does humbodlt have a feeding schedule?

    Also, I over looked the lucas schedule and understand the ratio of GH products to use, but how do you know where to keep the PH/EC levels at certain stages of the grow?

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    I believe it is a different NPK percentage but I have used hydro nutes in soil in the past with pretty good success. I'd probably go with the soil version if I had a choice though.
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    draw Member

    ok advanced is a waste of money if you ask me, i ran a cycle on it vs ff and there really was no difference. If you are keeping it area small and want less margin for error then less is more. I noticed on my advanced cycle they were more vulnerable to stress and yellowing bc you are having to open and measure from atleast 6 different bottles every feeding. Only way i would recomend advanced would be on a larger scale grow other than that keep it simple.

    GreenThumbSucker Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt worry about using Lucas for vegetative. It is in the budding phase where the Lucas formula does its magic.

    On my present crop, I used BC technaflora (the kit that came with the ebb and grow) for the vegetative stage and switched to Lucas once I started flowering.

    puffnpaint Well-Known Member

    First grow i used gh, grow went really well and i got some killer smoke, second grow all i had was what came with the bubbleponics system i bought last year. Went ok got decent smoke third grow ff, went really well till i used the tiger bloom, killed em all dead. Fourth grow same as third. Present grow, i went back to gh but im putting the ff enhancers in too. This crop is by far looking the best so far. Buds are about to start breaking branches, and i have a month all have been mango except for the third that was super silver haze and i was really bummed about losing those.

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