Fox Farm VS Advanced Nutrients VS General Hydroponics

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    yea i got them due to reading lots of good shit about em then heard lots of bad stuff and found it hard to balance them especially when i read threads saying dont add bloom to early n stuff yet the chart says to add it straight away is this the chart u been using @chronicals77 i assume this is mine for soil i really have been lost with it all i held off nutes for 4 weeks as soil had some in i have ppm pens and ph so just been trying to give what i think but im scared of doing too much of one or not the other as i heard bad ratios is bad too and do u always add same of each or just half what the chart says

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    No, I am using the chart on the box for recirculating systems because I am growing in water/nutes. Are you getting nute burn? Plants can usually handle a little more nutes in soil because the roots arent really directly exposed to all the nutrients like in DWC. If your getting nute burn use half what your using or what you used. Its always best to start with half the recommended strength until you see how your plants are going to respond. That chart is an expert chart and if your new to GH and dont have all the advanced nutes on the chart you dont need it. Use all 3 right at start and find the GH FloraSeries Drain to Waste(regular) chart and follow it. If your using soil follow the chart and if you start to see a little burn on the tips flush the soil and go down to half.

    Dont believe what you hear and only half of what you see.

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    Here is the chart you need if your growing in soil and NOT recirculating your nutes.

    Remember even though this is a simple chart it is still an agressive feed so always monitor for signs of stress. If that happens like I said above flush and reduce load. Floraseriessimpledrainfeed.jpg

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    I say , keep money in your pocket and use either FF trio ( which is for both hydro and soil ) or even DYNAGRO grow and Bloom for easy ass feeding.

    For seedlings and early growth : i use this and it is fantastic , no burns and drama.

    For regular feeding : FFOF is a great set of liquid nutes ( use their chart for feeding directions ) - over feeding with this increases salt buildup , but for the price it is hard to beat.
    The "star " of the trio is Big Bloom - organic based micronutes. Plants love this shit.
    Grow big and Tiger bloom balance out the set. There are also : supplements like Open Sesame ( preflowering booster ) - Beastie Bloom ( for building weight and mass ) and
    Cha Ching ( for late stage flowering - oils / resin ) .

    Note : you can BURN with these as they are very concentrated. Stick with feed schedule BUT cut dose in half to monitor plants reaction .

    Dynagro Grow / Bloom : Great 2 part feed . I use grow thru preflower ( last stretch ) and move to Bloom . Never had a burn and you will find it a very complete feed. Very low PPM REQUIREMENTS compared to other mixes. It will produce great flowers with less than 700 ppm.

    Dyna Gro Protekt : one of the industries best and most concentrated supplements around. Adds protective Silicon to your plants that help build strong plant cells and provide stress protection against , heat , and drought. Good Shit. :hug:

    MUST BE MIXED INTO WATER FIRST - ALWAYS ( may have to ph down a little when using this stuff )

    Why drop a bunch of coin on multi bottle feeds ?
    All of that bullshit extras you have to get is too confusing . Keep it Simple.


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    Not sure where this comes from, DG at full strength is 5ml/gal, Tiger Bloom is up to 20ml by the bottle's label...For me DynaGro is a great value because it is so concentrated...

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    20ml is a lot. Also the manufacture amounts are for using Co2, so if not using Co2 half the label amount should be used. Following the label with no added co2 is why people burn up thier plants. I used to use DG, it just seems much thinner compared to other brands ive used.

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    For what my bennies are worth, I use GH now that I finally used all my AN.


    Last years Coco Grow. 10 plant. AN coco bloom.

    Co-current Aero flo 18 grow. GH Lucas

    Platinum OGON

    I feed this tank with my Stealth Ro 100. And for all you eco friendly fellows. Just add a Booster pump to your 50 - 100 GPD Ro system. Mine is called Booster Buddy from Aquatic Life. There might be cheaper alternatives. I am not promoting or advertising anything, Just wanted to mention, my stealth 100 can run on 30 psi, because this booster will pump it to 90 psi starting from the 35 psi setting. So what does this mean? More cleaner water and not sacrificing more waste.

    Takes about 2 days to fill back to the water level , on this 500Gal View tank. Patience is key my friend.

    I even purchased a UV-10w from Amazon about 40$. I hooked it up to my chiller out put. Now I haven't seen the brown foam since I did that. Some of you may use h202. But I rather not because I am running bennies & orgy. DSCF3343.JPG
    Day 15 or later DSCF3316.JPG Crocket Confidential @ Day 7 on Aeroflo 18

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    Are there not 2 different versions of the grow big? One for hydro and one for soil?
    Mad Farmer DeeJ

    Mad Farmer DeeJ Member

    Okay so the company i work for is creating a New 3 part hydro and i manage the r&d department so I have hands on experience with all of these.. :) first off i hate gen hydro cuz scotts bought them out.. BUT there shit is way better then any other products I've trailed. The advances is the easiest to use but yielded the lowest quantity. Fox farm i won't even get started ill just say.. SHIT.. i know a lot of people like fox farm and I'm super fucking confused about that but wtv…

    I actually would recommend General hydro, cutting edge or eventually my companies three part :P maybe ill share who i work for someday :P

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    I speak with GH specialists fairly often and even though Scotts bought GH through a subdivision that means nothing for the business and formulations. Everything will remain just as it has always been they just have a new owner. Everyone would be surprised if they knew how many products Scotts actually owns. Means nothing except who's pockets the profits are filling. Still a great product line. Even Scotts products are good products when used for the applications which they are made. Miracle Grow is terrible for Hydro because its not made for that. Its made as an easy to use product for people that arent very good at growing. GH is a much more specialized and advanced nutrient system. I think Fox Farm costs too much and have to use more of the product to do the same thing. I think GH will do just as well as anything if used correctly. Most people want to fool with the measurements and the method and wonder why it doesnt work. My plants explode using GH 3part plus all advanced GH products. Im just now in week 4 and my roots have fully filled the buckets. I may have to trim the roots soon. I don't want to, but I think the roots are going to start pushing the baskets up! It sure the hell isnt the water doing it! And I don't even use Co2.

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    GH Maxigro and bloom. Simple. Tried dynagro and caused my PH to always go down over night, same with stuff called moon dust. I run sterile res.
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    I really love my general hydro unless I seriously mess up its pretty idiot proof and I've never burnt or had lock out issues.
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    As long as you rinse between changes with FloraKleen you wont get lock out unless you really f something up but its hard to do if you have a pulse.

    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    With a sterile rez how well do your plant use nutes? I run microbes and my plants eat 500-600ppms per day. I have to add nutes almost daily or the solution will be out in 3 days. I change rez every 10 days for veg and every 7 for bloom.

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    Emerald harvest anyone?

    powerslide Well-Known Member

    I quit growing a couple years back. It usually varied between 20-100ppm each day IIRC. If it works for you keep doing it. I fought heat and root rot and never got on all the high dollar nutes everyone pushes. I changed the res about every 2-3 weeks in bloom

    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    Hydroguard is the answer for root rot due to higher than optimal res temperatures. It is amazing stuff and if anyone tells you it doesnt work, they do not know how to grow. Im sorry to hear you dont grow anymore. Growing is my passion, along with Paranormal Research. lol
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    Gh. Is good stuff . works great in soil as well.
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    Great in Hydro, Soil, and Coco Coir. Any substraight actually. I also grow plants in Turface, same as hydroton but smaller and sharper. Looks a lot like catliter, actually is the main ingredient in some cat liters.
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