First Auto Grow (Girl Scout Cookie)

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    This is my first time growing an auto flowering seed. I will germ more seeds for my 2nd run, but this time I am only going to germinate 1 GSC seed. He's in soil in a 3 gallon bag. 36'' away from my LEDS in the tent

    Reason being, i'm 3 weeks into flower with my current bag seed grow (1 plant, 4x2x5 tent, 2 300W LED). I know the 12/12 lighting is not ideal for an auto flower, which will produce less yield, but my tent is tied up for 5-8 more weeks regardless and their is plenty of room. I'm willing to sacrifice 1 seed and it's yield, to actually increase my yield for this harvest. That's what I've chose to do.

    I'm open to any suggestions/advice. This is my first auto grow. I'd like to try and LST (as you can see in the picture of my tent, my bag seed plant stretched like a mofo!) so I can get the biggest yield possible from an auto.

    During the 12 hour dark period in the tent, I do have the option of removing the GSC and putting it in a room with some normal lighting so it gets more than 12 hours of light. I can't put it outside (I wish). Any suggestions there?

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