Fimming With My Blaze: A Complete How to FIM Guide

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by M Blaze, Jun 4, 2009.

    MK shiz

    MK shiz New Member

    I have been doing this for 20 years. Did not know it had a name. I just pinch them close and hope for multiple tops which I usually get. This method looks more precise.
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    cplantsalot Well-Known Member

    it appears as I have 6 new shoots coming up?? 4 days after fimming WP_20160309_15_31_12_Rich.jpg WP_20160313_09_00_23_Rich.jpg
    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    what about 3 weeks into flowering and pinch each bud 1/8" every 10-14 days until harvest makes hugh buds so they say. OG

    Yzfirecat Well-Known Member

    That's interesting. Does it make the plant think it's under attack? And in return it fattens up and over produces resin.
    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    Yes it does when flowering individual pods double and double and fast all the auxin's head to the 1/8" pinch to repair and split every 10-14 days 3rd week of flowering until 2 wks remain. Try it and see what could you lose I never thought of pinching the bud ever. Well some tried it with great success You like the thread couple others mock me I can't understand the attack by them I am always open to new ways learning is the key to success not lambasting the language and name calling on rollitup should be exiles yes Monkeyassman you OG out

    Yzfirecat Well-Known Member

    Guess i was correct. I fimmed a tat to high grew right back lol.

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    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    Do this when their budding the 3rd week. All your doing is creating new branches letting the other catch up. Makes a great bush, did it with my skunk#1 plant already outside at 3 ft tall and 4 ft wide started budding then reverted back to veg leaving me a taste of whats to come. OG JC 50 female brood bitches waiting for me
    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    Try the method I saw done and am trying out first time with t he flowering part let me know. OG

    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    I've been FIM since I started 3 years ago, never top because I did that once and my plant looked like a y and I hated how she looked. I like the bushy, and super cropping. FIM has made my plants monsters, didn't know people did it any other way, more bud sites more bud so lol I FIM my autos too, anyone else use the 30 days before flower to make as many bud sites possible?

    Anyways so nice seeing everyone bushy plants hehe
    Two of my plants, one white widow x ?? And. My auto

    Auto blue diesel IMG_8379.JPG
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    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    That is what I am doing right now with my outdoor Indica hybrids. I sexed my seeds and now they are making new branches everywhere with huge single leaves that were seed pods. Do you use the technique to make large buds cutting 1/8 inch week 3 flowering and 10-14 days after that? I will try that too. OG

    Ziggyman22 Member

    It’s probably in this thread somewhere but how many times was that last plant pictured fimed?

    MyFloridaGreen360 Member

    My outcomes have dependably been steady however a few plants will develop more new shoots than others. Jackmayoffer's string will intrigue see since it will be done to a large portion of his harvest so there will be a considerable measure of plants to analyze results. It generally functions admirably for me and does what its proposed to do which is to make whatever number new development shoots as could be expected under the circumstances with extremely negligible worry to the plant. The final product is a more extensive shelter with numerous colas yet a few plants will have a bigger number of colas than others.
    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    What about fimming buds three times you try that, my old blog great job yeah still around

    princegoon Member

    Not true. I regularly get 4-6 meristems for every one I fim. Topping would create two. Do the math, fim your fims, and it gets real pretty fast lol. Ive had 8" clones with 25 colas. I have one right now that's recently rooted and started vegging; its under 10" but has at least 30 meristems already.

    zzeroo Active Member

    Damn, I can ONLY like this once. Great read!!!!!

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