Fimming With My Blaze: A Complete How to FIM Guide

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by M Blaze, Jun 4, 2009.


    DrunkenRampage Well-Known Member

    The return of the Maine outdoor afghani is in full effect

    Below66 Member

    Are all these techniques(s-cropping, fimming, ect...) safe to do on clones?
    Alexander Supertramp

    Alexander Supertramp Well-Known Member

    Sure. As long as they are well rooted and healthy.

    Alex29 New Member

    Hi all, please I have maybe a bad question but :-D If I top or Fim the main stem -> the new stems will produce also side brenches ? Or it will be only like a side brench without a big side brench grow ? thanks

    stacatto99 Well-Known Member

    I see it as the apex tip (where the newest growth) is nipped the the plant thinks it was topped and shoots up two more tops then the initial top heals and you have three or more. I did it on some little outdoors. The funny leaves are where I pinched and it has a much wider canopy

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    codster25 Well-Known Member

    Just to clarify it is called FIM because someone was trying to top a plant missed and decided to name to the beneficial precedure "Fuck I Missed" it wasn't LST.

    Cannasutraorganics Well-Known Member

    Top once and be done. FIM is no real difference. You are stopping the main stalk upward growth and the rest of branches chase. Woohoo. We've known that forever. And FIM and topping is the same results for the plant. When you top, you reduce the size of the cola and split it amoung two. You don't increase yield. You just make trimming take longer. Big buds trim easier then lots of little ones.

    moonstar45 Active Member

    hey, can anyone care to comment if i did fim-ming right? i pinched it btw


    black jesus

    black jesus Well-Known Member

    Yeah I really don't see the difference from topping and the would love to know what you call it when you squeeze the stem until you hear it crunch... I've always don't it and it makes the stem very strong
    Get Mo

    Get Mo Well-Known Member

    i accidentally fimmed an affgoo right when it was going into flower, it resulted i a crazy cactus looking triple top plant with the side branching all being bigger. I got 4 zips off that plant compared to the others averaging 2. I think this method, like most methods, works better on certain strains.
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    TheCauf Well-Known Member

    How many times can I FIM during a 60 day veg period?

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    Correct its totally different to a simple topping procedure, personally I'm a fucktard when it comes to shit like that! I top once at node 2-4 then LST and top once more at 4 - 6 I think, they always look bushy enough and yield better than when left to Apex a a single terminal bud? I used to grow some old clone only cheese in UK which if topped twice produced 3 half ounce with too many spindly 'viney' branches and untopped just lollypopped a bit produced over 3 but easier to trim bigger buds?

    Gibbz2.0 Well-Known Member

    So I'm growing martian mean green and it says it grows with one main cola and few side branches can I still FIM it?

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    I'd say you can 'fim' anything as they all grow with one main top cola, some strains just don't like it as much as others imo? If you could grow 2 it would be good to compare fim'd and not on a first grow...

    innerG Well-Known Member

    FIM doesn't usually make as many tops with clones because the nodes are staggered instead of symmetrical like a seedling

    I usually do regular topping with clones

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    Very good point and something I probably fall foul of. I really am the worst at shaping plants but seeing as though its not like taking my marrow down the local gardeners club for an opinion its hard to know if I could get it better?

    SensiSensei420 Member

    So say I want to girls(from seed) to finish around 3 1/2-4 ft, when should I FIM them? Really only looking for 4 main colas. Im planning on doing two girls under a 1000W in a 4x2x6'7 space and I really want to maximize my space

    innerG Well-Known Member

    If you want exactly 4, just top twice instead of FIMming. You're guaranteed an even number that way

    SensiSensei420 Member

    I mean it doesnt have to be exactly 4, I just want to fill my space completely.

    Rastaman85 Active Member

    Yo guys. Just wanted an opinion on wether this blue cheese is big enough to fim yet? It's nearly 2 weeks since sprout. Thanks!
    image.jpg image.jpg

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