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    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    Hey ya'll since it's that time of year (for some) I wanted to discuss some Low Stress Training /Topping/ Fuck I missed/ super cropping/ monster cropping cultivation techniques and the differences, the benefits AND, the drawbacks?

    I have used all the above methods EXCEPT for monstercroppng as i see too much of a risk in hermaphrodite or straight up sex changing of my plants. Simply put monster cropping is a technique where you allow the plant to become "pre teen" then force it to start to flower and then forcing it back to "veg" resulting in all sorts or out of control bushing of the plant without clipping/crushing anything. If anyone would to chime in on this i would like to here your opinions on it.

    Next of super cropping, essentially you are damaging branches or main stems forcing the plant to send fluid and chemicals to "knuckle or scare tissue up" The reasoning is it will make for stronger branches and it also allows for a bushy plant because of the light expose to what was shaded before. I have found this to be reasonably helpful but also fairly risky if you are not a pro at it or have some garden tape handy. OR if you are doing it just to do it. IMO there needs to be a reason behind it, like limited space indoor or a strain that will not bush out with out a lot of "suggestion" Plus i think it looks like shit. BUT, my brother all allow his plants to split in half at the late stage of budding. Like right down the middle stalk. Them duct tapes it back together. His pot comes out premo. I have all heard and seen people jam knives or nails into the bottom stalk in late bloom. Seems a bit sadistic to me.

    My persoanl favorite is FIM or fuck i missed. Its easy, fast, get good results and doesn't look like shit. essentially look it up on google pictures. You are trimming for more tops in the "teen" and very EARLY flower.

    Topping, explains itself, I only do this in the seedling stage after the third set of true leaves. My brother does this on at the second set. Seems unnecessary to me. Someone beg to differ?

    Lastly is LST or low stress training. You bend the plant over so it will take the upside and branch out. I see the benefits if you had no room or had a strain that shot straight to the moon. Don't really prefer it. but it has ben done to get more light in the woods without clearcutting. Which brings me to a next question, is there any other "low stress training techniques out there?

    Does anyone flick seedings?

    Drought stressing seedlings?

    IF anyone who isn't a troll/shithead/screaming for attention would like to give some much appreciated advise from EXPERIENCE; that would be cool. We could be friends. Ive could teach one another stuff. Thanks!

    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    WHAT UP? I was trying to make chat.
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    18B Well-Known Member

    I train the shit out of my bitches...i supercrop them, top them, fim then and tie the down the 3rd wk of flower i cut of near every fan leaf...i also defoliate before flower 3 wks cant torture or bind these plants enough.

    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    Good to hear some experienced feed back! I am not gunna judge by your profile pic. Do you do Indoor/outdoor, same treatment? Fan leaves huh? You are taking them down for increased light exposure to interior flowers?

    This season i was going to try Fim/topping to get about 12/15 tops and then let the veg go wild.. then trim the tops down like a foot or so right before flower. I got a hoop house this year, so i can run the girls 'till every leaf falls off..

    I have done the top/fim method and got some good weight (3/4lbs per plant) but not super potent..

    What do you think? Thanks!
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    18B Well-Known Member

    I think you try some side by side camparisons...i did a few years back...i had a really dialed in system to get 2 ozs per 3 gallon pot i get atleast 4 per with no larf or wasted time trimming.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Your poll is missing a crucial choice 3rd from the bottom. All of the above. :)


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    18B Well-Known Member

    Exactly.... :-)

    Gentlemencorpse Well-Known Member

    Up until recently I've stuck to FIM or topping and some LST and pruning. But I'm getting started on a mainlining trial as we speak. Not sure if your familiar since it wasn't listed above, but you should Google it. I'm too high to type up an explanation right now.

    I've been seeing the results of more aggressive training here and around the web and am trying to free up some space to play around more while still keeping the stash stocked.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I tend to let my plants get too tall like my last grow and this current one too. So I'm thinking to mainline in the veg room until ready then into the flowering room they go. Easy enough to do.

    ♫♪♫ Bend them, shape them, anyway you want them. ♪ Long as you love them, it's alright! ♪♪♫

    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    I had a plant that stretched too much so I pulled it out of the tent and used giant landscaping staples to pin down the main stem in a circle around the inside of the pot. Then I put it outdoors.
    A few months later I ended up with a really nice plant. :weed:

    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    Ahhh yes! I didn't think it was a very well known technique. I was kinda eluding to it with my last post of EXTREME prune right before flower. Most of the "mainlining" I have seen is 4-5 tops max. More of an indoor technique for arranging lights/spacing pots ect..

    Thank you ALL for the feedback! I will try to update the poll to reflect more relatable subject matter..
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    Master_Tabi Well-Known Member

    I'd really like to see that, kind of what I'm going for currenty.

    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    I want to let you all in on my technique this year. So far I have germinated from seed, filmed, monster cropped, topped and super cropped; medium to very aggressive depending on the phenotype that sexed female. I had the plants geminated from seed, had the lights on 24hrs for 3 weeks, then cut the lights down a little everyday for 2.5 weeks, to 12/12 and planted them april 15th, in my outdoor location this equates to 12;55 hours of light increasing until august..The results have been trying as almost each plant has taken bit different to the treatment in varying degrees, but i feel all plants are healthy and each worthy of continued care. here is link to my grow..

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    I'm a big fan of supercropping. You remove nothing but get the benefit of the plant thinking it's been topped even though the top keeps growing.
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    All of these are valid. Monster cropping is fun, ive takin a lot of mid flower clones. Right now im revegging a huge one that will be pretty insane. Its 20 days since harvest, and the new growth is all over the place. Its in a 32 gallon now and im debating about keeping it in this container or moving it up to a bigger size. It was drinking 10-12 gallons every 2 days in the peak of last cycle so theres still a fair bit of room for the roots to dig in.

    For every plant i grow pretty much i start with a fim, then let it recover a few weeks then bend an snap, then strap it down. When its time to flower i scrog em. Doing it this way i get very uniform buds that are easy to trim an in the weight range i want.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    I'm a FIMMER if I remember in time

    good luck
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    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    Those are some great vids! I ran across them a couple years ago. That man has some great advice. In fact many of my posed questions stemmed from some of the methods he describes in the vids. Thanks Again!
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Butt is a grumpy prick that constantly tries to flick his book

    he reminds me of a math teacher who got done for pedo skills

    but I keep an eye out

    just in case I miss something

    not yet

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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Since this is part of the conversation, here is a Monster Cropped Barneys Farm LSD Pheno #5.

    Clone taken at day 33 of flower on 12/26 and forced back into veg. , here she is at about a month later. 1/21 She was the only one of nine clones taken from their mothers that made it, 5 different Pheno's.
    20180121_095619 (2).jpg

    During the hormone switch over, on 2/05
    20180205_090442 (2).jpg

    Since I had taken clones from this strain prior to flower she had to stay under a two foot 4 T-5 lamp for the next two months plus. Had her sisters in the flower tent for nine weeks and harvested them on 4/02 then on 4/04 she got happy, she went into the tent under one 315W.
    20180404_184722 (2).jpg

    I installed a 36 inch screen to bind her to so she is spread wide. The training began, retied her almost daily, could not believe the growth, pics further down of amount of grow I am getting here. Kept her spread low and tied. Added the second 315W on 4/13 and by the next week 4/20 her had reached the the perimeter of the screen.

    Seeing as how it all started about 4 months before, I was as ready to flower her as much she was ready to flower. So it was heavy pruning time, removed everything below the 4th node. Defoliation haters can please stop reading now, or close your eyes and go the the next picture :)
    The branching on this bitch is amazing, you can see how I curled the inside smaller branches to fill the inside. Then I tied her close to the screen with the intention of given her three or more weeks to recover and get the growth needed to go into flower. This picture was taken on 4/22.
    20180422_135856 (2).jpg

    Okay, one week later, as I mentioned earlier the growth on her has been truly amazing, but with the root ball she has in her 10 gallon coco Smart Pots has to be huge. She recovered much quicker than I expected. 4/29
    20180429_203203 (2).jpg

    Spread her buds around and retied her back down to the screen, got her ready to start flower that night. Here she is at lights out starting her nine week journey to harvest. 4/29, 9:00 PM

    5/07, she is starting her stretch.

    5/14, 15 inches and moving the lights up daily. My G/F last saw her on Sunday and could not believe her eyes. 20180514_103700.jpg

    5/19, this morning just before lights on @ 9 AM.
    20180519_090929 (3).jpg

    Well Monday I will begin a major pruning, taking about three days to do the entire plant so not shock it, hell the way she recovered from that pruning on 4/22 I probably should not worry, :) Not real sure of how I will progress with it so we will see, play it by feel.

    Hope I did not take up too much space in your thread! Just took my daily dose of FECO so this was a lot of fun to do stoned.bongsmilie

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    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    That is some heavy pruning! I generally clear the center of the plant so it looks like fruit tree. then super crop so the plant grows extra center shoots. Makes some great bushy plants. If you were you were outside do you think defoliation pruning is necessary or possible?
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