feminized seeds..how?

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    I've done my share of breeding years ago, back then we breed for no smell as we were growing indoors with no filtration. There was no such things as auto flower or feminized.

    Got back into the grow game for myself and family "micro scale one or two plants" and want to preserve some lines. Fems are preferred due to grow space and time.

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    btw, I don't purport colloidal silver to be the best - maybe it is, i don't know (all i know is it works - this is clearly established after many years of successful results, but I don't know how well it works in comparison to STS or GA) -- some people claim STS provides better results, and it turns out STS is also easy to make or acquire, and there is also giberrelic acid .... it'd be great if somebody could do some side-by-side trials sometime :)

    Gotta keep an open mind to amateur science experiments that have had to take place simply because dodgy laws have prevented established scientists from being able to investigate.

    STS as it turns out is also inexpensive and simple to make, you just need two (2) fairly cheap chemicals, and distilled water (or you can just buy it pre-made!). Again I have no experience with STS, but it sounds like another awesome tool, maybe even better than CS, but we need more DATA & EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS!!! :)
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    nachooo Well-Known Member

    I used the giberellic route long time ago in the late eighties..it worked but plants become too tall to be manageable, then I used coloidal and sts, they work but coloidal method needs lot of sprays, instead sts needs only one or two sprays. Rodelization workd for me with all the strains I have try it. I have notice that colloidal and sts methods in some of my strains, mostly indica ones worked ok, produce a lot of balls..but they are empty of pollen, and if you look into those pollen balls with magnifier lens they have only a few pollen grains , very few...almost unusable. This happens me always in the same strains... Those same strains interestly do very well the rodelization with no problems and with full pollen production per ball, but of course in a few bannanas.
    I researched about this , but have not find a correct answer for that problema. I would want to know why that happens.
    Anyway I have found that S1 self pollinated seeds have less vigor and S2 are even more weak.. So for me, breeding programs with self pollinated seeds is not the correct way to go unless you dont have other options..

    PhenoMenal Well-Known Member

    nachoo that is AWESOME info mate, I don't know how many ppl on this planet have tried all ~3 (GA/STS/CS) but this info is hard to come by, so thankyou very much for sharing. And from what I've read STS is apparently easy to make and only requires two inexpensive chems + distilled water, so STS seems to be the best way to go i guess
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    " Rodelization workd for me with all the strains I have try it."


    "sts methods in some of my strains, mostly indica ones worked ok, produce a lot of balls..but they are empty of pollen, and if you look into those pollen balls with magnifier lens they have only a few pollen grains , very few...almost unusabl

    does that sound like sts is better than rodelization?
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    PhenoMenal Well-Known Member

    i've never tried STS but had good success with CS and ended up with a lot of seeds. The catch with rodelization though is that it requires many weeks or months even of extra growing, and the associated expenses of that, whereas CS/STS/GA etc induced faster - clearly both methods have pros and cons.
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    This thread is full of great info and methods, i have made a few seeds over the years just from plants that were prone to be hermi and pollinated some of my plants by hand. So far i have only grow 1 of these seeds to maturity and it looks great,(drying now) i do have a question, when is the best time in the flowering stage to pollinate?

    I have nnever used the cs and also wonder when the best time do use it is?
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    nachooo Well-Known Member

    Regarding differences between CS and STS.. STS seems to have much less long life tan CS, and of course you should avoid light to be in contact with the both solutions.. Besides that, STS is more convenient..few applications, very cheap, much more easier to do make, and easier to measure concentrations.

    For me rodelization is less efective tan STS or CS of course, but there is always an ocassion for every tech......Anyway some of my strains dont react very well to STS/CS
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    PhenoMenal Well-Known Member

    btw in regards to rodelization, how far longer into flowering do you need to take the strain? say for a 60-day flowering strain how long would you end up waiting before pollen appears, and how long for it to become viable for 'pollen harvest'?
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    I find the strains I've kept long term, the ones that now show sex early in veg, are strains that show the late harvest male part before 3 weeks. Of course the time a flower is allowed to flower, or said to be done, varies, so shall the late harvest finger.
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    nachooo Well-Known Member

    It depends on strains of course...I discovered rodelization by chance like most people do...just trying to find how long can I keep a plant flowering..then I read that this was a feminization tech.It happens to me about 2-4 weeks after the normal finishing time.
    You can bypass some inconveniences if you have little space...Remember that you can cut a little branch, and mantain it in a glass of pure wáter (with certain air humidity conditions) for a week or more and with a few watts of light...like a wáter clon but with flowering photoperiod. This way allows you to save space and electrill bills.
    Other old hippy tech to feminize was kind of rough tek...massive root pruning at the end of flowering cicle to induce heavy stress, in a few weeks you will get bananas.
    All the ways go to Rome as in my country people said..:)
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    nachooo Well-Known Member

    Forgot to say that to do things faster you can put the flowering cut in a short daylight period like 9/15, this have worked to me sometimes
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    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    I've been breeding feminized seeds for years. Here's the real-life run down, good and bad.

    You want to use colloidal silver. I've been able to get an entire full size plant to produce nothing but male flowers using it. What I do is spray all the stems starting a few days before I take it into flower then continue to spray the stems everyday until the plant is completely covered in male flowers. You don't want to spray the leafs though (getting a little on them is okay). If you keep spraying the leaves they end up looking sick and eventually die. You have to start the male at least 2-4 weeks in advance of the females. The longer the better as you can always harvest and keep the pollen.

    Colloidal silver is way too expensive to buy. It's about a million times cheaper to just make your own. With a good size plant you'll go through a bottle about every 3-4 days. You can't really skimp on the silver either. If you don't spray it enough it won't work worth a shit. When I see these little 2oz bottles they sell on ebay I just have to laugh. That should last about a day!

    Here's what you do. Go to a jewelry supply store and buy some 99.99% pure silver wire. The thicker the better. The last time I bought some it cost about $18. Now find an old 12V power supply brick (like from a hard drive) and solder the silver leads to the wires. Put the wires about an inch apart in distilled water and hang out for a few hours. You'll see a smoke like film start coming off of one lead and go across to the other. It's pretty cool to watch. Keep stirring the water to mix the silver up. Every once in a while you have to clean the silver wire with some sandpaper or a scrubber. I must have made 50 batches with the same silver wire I bought years ago. One of the wires was getting thin so I switched leads and it should be good for another 50 batches. Each batch would have cost me $25 in a health food store.

    You can collect the male flowers in small tupperware containers. Just hold the container under the flowers and tap. I've even gone in with tweezers and pulled off ripe male flowers. I've tried a lot of different methods for spreading pollen but the best is to just use your fingers. Dab your finger into the pollen then touch the pistils. It's that easy. Some will say you should use a small brush to paint on the pollen. That works great for about 5 minutes then your brush gets completely fucking coated in resin and the pollen just globs up on your brush! That's why I've always recommended fingering the girls...

    I've gotten some amazing strains using this method but I've personally switched back to using normal males to breed with. Why? Males have more chromosomes than females. Every time you breed females with females you loose over 30 pairs of chromosomes. I've seen some pretty funky stuff happen back crossing females. In fact my last male ended up sterile! (3rd back cross) I'm not sure what happened but it's probably the same reason mules are sterile. You fuck with nature and weird shit happens! lol

    Guess what I just bought? Landrace seeds... Durban Poison, Thai, Afghan, Swaziland. I'm sure I'll find a couple of good males in the bunch. Us men got to stick together! lol

    Dynamo626 Well-Known Member

    i have used colloidal silver in the past. sprayed a main cola worked great had pollen really fast and made my fem seeds. this time i sprayed the lowest side branch. im a week from harvest and just now have pollen. its to late to make seeds this time. can i hear from someone who stored pollen successfully for at least 2 months and how they did it?
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    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    I just keep my pollen in a plastic container in a cool dark corner of my closet. It's usually good for 2-3 batches. Moisture is your enemy. If you don't keep it dry it will mold. Make sure you dry it out before you store it away.

    Also, I've had no luck mixing my pollen with flour or starch. It just fucks things up.

    I've been starting to spray my donor females a month before the other females. If you do it that way you'll have full male flowers right when the females are in peak heat.
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    Guitar Man

    Guitar Man Well-Known Member

    A pot growers dream; to have an ample supply of feminized seeds from the killer strain that everyone loves! A breeder from California gave me some seeds that were crossed with a strain of Sour Diesel. This was 6 years ago. Took them home, lit up my grow room, and went for it. Since SD is a sativa dominant strain, this beauty reached for the stars, so I had to trim/top her down to keep her out of my lights. Little did I realize how good this MJ was. After harvest and curing, I shared it with my close friends and family. Not one person was disappointed and now years later, people are begging for more.

    The one thing though, which I had already dealt with before on some other strains, is the damn thing Hermed on me. Not bad, but enough to drop some pollen on a few buds. I ended up with a handful of seeds, so I stored them and decided I would try them on my outdoor summer grow. Below is a picture of what happened when I popped those beans, and she was topped, twice. A 10 foot beauty! And hardly any balls! (I personally believe from experience that indoor growing causes cannabis plants to Herm because of the unnatural environment. I've grown other strains outside, using Herm seeds from indoor grows, and they didn't Herm on the outdoor grows)

    The Breeder gave me plenty of seeds, but as time has gone on, I've used them up. I live in another State, so getting more of them wasn't as easy as before. What to do?

    If I want more seeds, this beautiful, potent, strain is staring me in the face, telling me, "What are you waiting for!" I've been growing for almost 10 years, so I understand the dynamics of my needs and wants, and I needed and wanted more SEEDS! lol

    I started my winter grow last October and used one of the final seeds I have left. I waited for some balls to appear, pinching off most of them, but saving a couple. I waited until they were ready to burst, took them, and gently jiggled them over the top of a couple of buds. This was almost 4 weeks ago, and now I have some fantastic seeds bursting out on these buds!!

    This subject has been extensively discussed on this Forum and many growers are so taboo when it comes to Hermaphrodites and the seeds they produce. Think about it, they are ALL feminine, they are the STRAIN you are currently growing, and they give back when you need more. I know, I know, if you're growing multiple strains in one room they can cross over, but many growers aren't worried about that. And if you keep the stress to a minimum, I've had them produce no balls or seeds.

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    jemstone Well-Known Member

    What ppm CS are you using?
    My 1st attemp used 15ppm and sprayed a plant 2 weeks before and most of flower every day and didn't get results.

    This batch is way darker but reads 15 ppm. My meter might be wrong. I would like to get a 50ppm batch made. How often do you clean the silver rod while making? Once an hour every few? I have been letting it run overnight.

    Also a side note don't use CS on seeds before popping. It reduces germination rate.

    Another note. CS is great treatment for Powder Mildew
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    i have viable pollen in my freezer that is about 3.5 yrs old.

    harvested, sat out to dry for 24 hours on construction paper.

    individual portions for future use are added to small, folded up envelopes. again construction paper.

    envelopes added to mason jar and only opened and quickly closed to retrieve an envelope of pollen.

    my two different strains; sour D and blue moonshine jars have been opened 3 times each in 3.5 years. the latest was a little over a month ago and again, success !!!!

    oh, i should mention too, i left the pollen sit out and return to room temperature before brushing some on buds
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    i have used STS very successfully. the one time i used CS apparently i did not spray for long enough.

    have a whole jar of CS, whats the shelf life?

    got some upcoming strains that def getting sprayed. have a whole extra tent just for sex games :bigjoint:

    Dynamo626 Well-Known Member

    No idea of the ppm. Used a product called tiresias mist

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