DWC Root Slime Cure aka How to Breed Beneficial Microbes

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    I've tried everyproduct to the brink of burning my plants and roots and microbe tea is the only thing that keeps the roots and plants happy.

    It's much easier because running bennies I haven't cleaned any equipment in years.

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    Not sure why you are on a thread labeled DWC root slime cure using bennificials, and making comments about sterilization what does not work. Read the thread.

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    not sure why you said you were gonna use physan 20 which is a sterilizer to sterilize your system before you added the bennies?

    read your own posts.

    and just to be clear, sterile does work for those that are smart enough to figure it out.

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    You read any of the thread there are 208 pages of people stating you can not get rid of slime steralizing. I wanted to wash slime off of roots before switching to bennies. Thanx for nothing. As far as your comment about being smart enough, you seem like a real dick.

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    You can fight the slime like rkymtnman suggested, especially if you can keep your rez temps in check, many people are doing it, but it isn't easy or a better way, IMO.

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    i was trying to give you a different point of view but you came off like an a-hole so that's how i responded back.

    don't you see the irony in your post? you want to sterilize everything first and then later say sterile doesn't work.

    i've used a sterile res since i started seven years ago.

    Bfunk327 New Member

    Ok man, 5 years uninterrupted perpetual till about 6 months ago. I have used as much as 20 mil a gal of uc roots along with 7 mil a gal of 29% H2o2 cleans the slime away to return 12-24 hours. Tried physan to clean before switching to bennies. That's just where I am at man very frustrated. I like you about 7 months ago would of said the sane thing. 5 years 0 problems now can't seem to get over this slime.
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    I'll be glad to pass along a few things that have worked for me. I do hempy buckets now so I have no chiller, my root zone is whatever my grow room temp is (this grow i tried CO2) so as high as 90F and my roots when I get done with a grow are as white as snow.
    Tell me more about your setup and we'll go from there.

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    There are some pics on page 207. I flower in rdwc current culture 8 gallon modules, two flower rooms one is six 600hps bat wings with 18,000 btu mini split and chiller 5 fans(room temp 75-77 water temp 64), the other is 4 1,000hps duct ed with 12,000btu mini split 5 fans (room temp 75-80 in mid 80"s hottest part of summer). Air stone in every bucket, module, and res. Veg in 3 gallon buckets with 2 gallons of water a nutes under two 8 bulb t5 units. whole cut in bucket lid to accommodate 5.5 net pot. Pull net pot from bucket place in current culture module when switch to flower room. My problems started about 6 months ago with pythium at the time I was using cultured sollutions . Fought the pytium with increasing doses of uc roots. Battled the pythium to the point of almost getting veg room back to full strength when the slime moved in. Veg room is compromised to the point of flower rooms falling behind in rotation and actually right now for the first time in 5 years 7 empty places in flower room. I have a full veg room now they are just struggling and not healthy enough or enough roots to switch to flower. As of this am I am 48 hours into first inoculation have 2 plants starting new root growth slight but first in a couple weeks. I am not real good writer so apologize. Also in flower rooms every week drain fill drain fill new nutes, veg room depending on age every 7 or 14 days drain fill drain fill new nutes. House and Garden in flower General Hydro veg. Flower rooms ph 5.8 veg room 6.0.

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    wow, that is quite a set-up.

    so let me just clarify a few things: we need to fix the veg room ASAP.

    the 3 gallon veg buckets: are they chilled? or just room temps with an air stone in each one?

    there are 2 ways of running sterile that I have used:
    first, is dutchmaster Zone. it is extremely hard to find this product anymore. dutchmaster got bought by fuji and they fell way behind on production. if you have any grow stores nearby, give them all a call and see if they have this product. if they do, use it at the maxiumum dosage which if i remember is like 12mL per 5 gallons.

    second, which i went to after not finding Zone, is HTH pool shock. to use this properly,, you will need a fairly accurate scale that can measure to 0.01 grams. i bought one for about 30 bucks off ebay. i use at 3 ppm free chlorine (MJ and humans can drink water up to 5ppm free chlorine) and chlorine is actually a nutrient that is used by the plants so win/win. so for 10 gallons of water, i mix in 0.30 grams of pool shock to get 3ppm. min dosage would be 0.10grams per 10 gal.

    which ever way you go, Zone or pool shock, you'll need to make sure that once mixed up, you get this solution on everything. roots, net pots, hydroton, air hoses, air stones, etc. every nook and cranny you can find.

    on day 2, do the same thing: mix up a new batch of Zone or shock, and do it all over again.

    i would almost guarantee that this will kill the rot and get rid of the slime.
    any questions? good luck!

    Bfunk327 New Member

    First off I miss those mountains lived on the western slope 2007-2010. Veg buckets are not chilled. I picked up some sure shock from local pool store they do not cary hth this stuff is 47.6% calcium hypochlorite (same same?). Now not sure on your directons as stated to mix the same thing up on day 2. So if I have a 3 gallon bucket with 2 gallons of water and nute mix are you recommending I just add a certain amount to existing or start with new mix of water that has chlorine then mix in nutes not sure. The part of add same next day is throwing me off. Do you have a formula to calculate by the gallon or two or should I maybe mix up in 5 gallon bucket at .15 grams of shock per 5 gallons. Should add that I made tea and innoculated all but three of my veg buckets lil over 48 hours ago, I plan to stay the course on those for now as they are starting to show some new root growth. I will try your recommended method on the three remaining so will have a side by side comparison. I have been looking into this for a min just never could find a good resource it seems till I found this forum. So a free chlorine meter would also be handy?
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    Also I appreciate your help.

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    hth is 56% so you should be good to go.

    what i meant by day 2 was i would just mix up a batch for each 3 gal bucket without nutes and try to kill what you got on day 1. drain everything out and do it again on day 2 but add a light dose of nutes. i think you could go to sure shock and regular nutes on day 3.

    i'm pretty sure 2 days of a good dose of chlorine will kill all the nasties and you should be back to normal.

    that will be really cool to see a side by side of what works best and fastest.

    i just think a sterile res is easier to maintain and not have to worry about making teas and hoping that the good bacteria outnumbers the bad.

    i'm not sure you need to invest in a free chlorine meter just yet. if it looks like the sure shock is working better than bennies, then it might not be a bad investment.

    hope this works for ya! keep us posted.

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    How much mycogrow do you put in to make a batch of the tea?
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    Thank you. I will keep posted.

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    man i was getting all amped to get an undercurrent system, id been experimenting with dwc cloners and loving the explosive growth - til an entire cloner got snotted up with slime in a week

    its great when it works but catastophic when it doesnt. im just gonna start over since these are only cuts

    is it safe to use higher concentrations of h202 in cloner since there arent any root hairs to burn? im pretty sure that in a vigorously agitating cloner with water temps in teh 70s its gonna break down and come out of solution, so is it ok to try higher concetrations on day 1 like 5-10 ml/gal of 30% h2o2? by the time the roots get going it should ahve come down in concentration to some extent

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    Heisenberg, can you provide me with your most updated recipe for EWC tea? Thanks!! Worked wonders before

    Kontraband81 Active Member

    I just wanted to add my story to this thread since it has helped me greatly. I had been having problems with the brown slime since about the 2nd week from germination for about 2 weeks after. I tried h2o2, hygrozyme, constant res changed, hydroguard. None of these ever seemed to work for me very well. I then turned to this thread and did the following:

    Created a bennie tea with: 1 gallon R/O water + 15mL HydroGuard + 1/4 tsp Great White + 1/4 tsp Mykos + 2 handful Ancient forest in sock. Brewed for 48 hours. After tea was done brewing I made up a fresh reservoir of 6 gallons R/O water + 12mL calmag. I then added 4 cups of the bennie tea to the reservoir directly and I poured 1 cup of tea into each plant. This made it 6 gallons in the reservoir. I used a top feed drip system to constantly feed the water + bennie to the plant at 2gph. After 2 days I added light nutrients to total 270ppm in my res and I am adding 1 cup of tea every 3 days after. So far it has been 5 days and my plants have done a complete 180.I have a water chiller and had been running my res at 65f, but while doing the tea I keep it around 70f to 72f to let the bennies thrive.

    Thank you so much Heisenberg and everyone else in this thread that has contributed. I would highly recommend the treatment advised in this thread for anyone with brown slime issues.

    Here are some pictures:
    DSC00271.JPG DSC00266.JPG

    After (5 days later)
    DSC00356.JPG DSC00351.JPG
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    When making and using this tea, is tap water ok to use or will it just be counterproductive?
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