Drug Test - Do NOT Use Synthetic Urine - I Just Got "Invalid Test" From Using It!!!

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    Dude, just use synthetic urine. It does work and it does work all the time. The only occasion somebody will fail is if the specimen is not at the right temperature (90-100 degrees Fahrenheit). I'd be willing to bet they're just selling you a mix of synthetic urine...who's gonna spend $500 at a lab to prove them wrong?

    Anyhow, I've used synthetic urine for at least 5 piss tests and the only 1 I failed is the one that I took when I was so hungover that I poorly prepared and my sample was too fuckin hot to be accepted (GODDAMN UNRELIABLE HEAT PADS!) and then they offered me to retake it with one of their employees watch me piss. I declined :)

    I use to have the urinator that they sell for $150 which regulates the temperature at 98 degrees through a digital monitor / heat element powered by a 9 volt battery. Worked fucking awesome...then I loaned it to a friend and never saw that motherfucker again! If you have to really pass a test for something like keeping your job or even getting a good job you're applying for...pony up the bucks and get the urinator. They sell another thing called the whizzinator which is similar with a fake dick but it also relies on those crappy organic heat pads that can easily (and I mean very easily) put your temp over 100...and then when it touches your skin at full heat....burns like a bitch.
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    pot for a long time in the U.S. was looked at as a black man drug, so the test was a way to block blacks from getting jobs, for some reason they thought a lot of blacks used pot (they were right then, but they are wrong now, a lot of every types of people use pot) i would say 90% of the people i know smoke weed or have used it (FYI i'm black)
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    this is what i want to know
    how long does real urine last

    the job i have now does a lot of random test so i would need a system that will allow me to carry urine around while at work , and i will need it to warm itself up to body temp or stay at body temp untill needed
    when my employer request me to take a test i have 3hrs to produce a sample and i can not leave there eyesight untill i do, if i cant give a sample with in 3hrs it's time to clean out my locker
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    aww shit you still around joe?
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    IDk how long it will last, i just know if you keep it airtight itll last a while...
    And it was bout the same where i was working..
    Safety man riding around on a golf cart picking up people for randoms every week or two.

    Id wear it all day strapped to my thigh with an ace bandage. You can go right in and "pee" dont have to wait on it to warm or anything like trying to use hot hands. and it will be your body temp if its been there a while..
    The campsoap bottle at wal mart in camping section is the bottle id always use.. just needs teflon tape on threads to seal it off...
    make sure the teflon tape isnt going to make any contact with pee itll make it nasty inside as the teflon breaks down and itll have peices of it floating in the urine.

    I had the same bottle for a couple of months.

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    go to the store and buy a box of non flavored geliten packets there in a box and if you open them there in little 3x3inche packets or sumthing like that, then a little bit before you go test mix 2 packets into a 22oz glass of warm water the geliten will harden in warm water so you must be quick but make sure you piss b4 you drink it and after you drink the mix. After you drink the mix and you take your first piss youll have a window of like 2 hours or so that your piss will be clean also you will need to drink things like apple juice and oj to put some color in your piss ive had friends as well as myself use this method and its worked everytime my friend who told me about this method was on felony probation and was doing this and passed every test for his 2 year probo but if i was you i would jus stop smokin and chill cuz it aint worth losing your freedom over some bud. hope this helps ya out

    Ku$hc0Wb0Y Active Member

    and if your going to use senthetics jus put it against your balls and leg piss is the same temp as your body temp gezzzzz nimrods

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    Quick fix works for SURE, I've used it for pre-employment UA's, random UA's at work, felony bond supervision UA's, misdemeanor probation UA's in multiple counties, used it at doctor's offices, quest labs, government testing centers, used it at least a dozen times. There was a problem with one batch one time, but that was years ago, just make sure you get version 5.7 or higher.

    Friends have also told me the magnum synthetic urine works also but I've never used it, all the head shops around here carry magnum(and the clean kit, which is like a cheap version of the wizzinator, but still $80 so don't know anyone who uses it), but I always order my quick fix online so never used magnum.

    I had a PO say something about it not foaming and no odor once, but I just shrugged and she bottled it up and I passed. Neither of the above are valid ways to test whether urine is authentic.

    The best way to heat it is go to a quiktrip or racetrac where they have hot water dispensers on their giant coffee machines, fill a cup with hot water half way, let the synt urine sit in the hot water until it reads over 100 degrees then tuck it in your crotch. It will stabilize at 98 and you are ready to go. If somehow(hard to do) it is still too hot at the testing center, just swirl it around in the cup a few times, it loses about a degree every 30 seconds while swirling. If you don't know its coming and you are having to constantly walk around with it on you, just make sure its pressed tight against your body, it will heat up after a few hours(you could even heat it a little in the morning). I'd be scared to heat it above 100 too many times for fear of degrading the creatinine.

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    I think there are different types of tests and this lab was sophisticated!

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    Im planning on using this for a good job position. Does this shit still work?

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