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    where did you get the mounting backet for the lights? also can you point to a guide for making these? im guessing these are cobs given by the 2 cylindrical heat sinks, suggesting its hot (i presume qb/strips dont need heat sinks)

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    The PIN heatsinks are COBS ( citizen ) 3500k .... They are actually pretty tolerable ( because I don't max them ) ... So they play well with QBs by balancing dimming .

    The " Mounting bracket " was fabbed from angle aluminum that originally was going to be a COB only rig , but made a simple " H shaped frame " with bolts ... I measured the
    QBs as a 4 panel - I built this BEFORE HLG sold the the larger slates ... DOH ! *facepalm

    QBs are ridiculously easy to mock up into various configurations... It's size is comparable to a sheet of paper so you can layout ( by size ) what a rig can look like. With these you can build simple or complex ... With COBS or without ... With F strips or without.

    Or even adding LEDs ( Royal Blue / Deep reds ) etc.

    This how I mocked up rig .... It changed as time went on but kept it similar to this.


    The drivers were removed after build due to overall weight , so mid frame just holds dimmer panel at end of build. But you can go any way you want . There are some clever builders on this forum and I suggest looking at non QB builds for even more ideas.
    There are some impressive LED STRIP BUILDS that are replacing T5 and other similar light grows.

    Good luck.

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Weekend DIY .....

    Decided to build a portable QB that can be used as a seedling light , supplemental ,
    directional or whatever. I mounted a QB 304 on an old camera tripod that can pivot, angle , direct light as needed ........

    Now , my rigs do fine as is , but can't stop tinkering ....
    It's not anything complicated , hillbilly simple actually , and turned out pretty good.

    It can lock into many different angles - but I like the vertical function as I can crank a lower handle to adjust height ( trays or cups ). Originally I was going to hang from the ceiling as all the others , but changed my mind. I was going to use a 120 panel as this 304 is overkill for some early seeds ... So instead of the A STYLE driver I have I will swap that with a more controllable B STYLE ( with dimming ) ...... So no worries.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Anyways ... Thanks @robincnn and @Stephenj37826 for keeping DIY alive ...

    *Back to my beer ...
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    That is just too fucking cool. Nice idea, man.

    greenbookworm Member

    Hello everyone, I just purchased the 260W QB kit. Would like any input on assembling. Should I build a frame? Does it need lenses? I'm a noob and would really appreciate any advice.
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    420Barista Well-Known Member

    for assembly look at this video on youtube by Led Gardener

    you got the 2 board kit so no frame is necesary. the heatsink has holes in the fins for hanging

    lenses? many on here feel QB's dont need no lenses. but you can if you must.
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    greenbookworm Member

    Thanks for info!

    stawawager Well-Known Member

    Anybody know what the maximum operating temperature is for a qb288 heat sink?

    I'm using a non-contact digital laser. SmartSelectImage_2018-02-10-23-21-33.png
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    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    First plant under my new QB is officially 2 weeks old. I just wanted to roll through and say how much I love this light. Thanks to everybody in this thread for the assistance when I was contemplating the purchase and thanks a ton to @Stephenj37826 20180211_002220.jpg

    Madmungo Well-Known Member

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    lukio Well-Known Member

    hmmm yeah they look really nice! ever used the green qubes?
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    pop22 Well-Known Member

    I believe absolute max is 80C ( 176F ). However, LED Gardener took a board to 600 WATTS! And didn't fry it.....!!!!! Now I wouldn't recommend trying to run one that way.. but it sure shows that they'll stand up well to running at the recommended limit. Not that most of us do that anyway, these boards put out a lot of light even at low power.

    These plants are under 2 qb120 running at 40 watts each. They need no heatsinks below 60 watts

    Blue Dragon breeders pic1 -2-10-2018.jpg

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    Madmungo Well-Known Member

    No mate, they look top quality tho, I’ve seen them demo’d In a hydro shop.
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    yea theyre great, im all green qube - just cant see anything being more solid but i really like the beige and white interior...might grab one after the break. any local uk suppliers?

    mjduke420 Member

    Veg tent got a new shelving unit and is currently getting ~250w of blurple (Mars 600). @Stephenj37826 any idea when the HLG40s will be back in stock? I could use 3 of them for this tent.

    Tent with 260w of QB went into flower today with 2 Ghost Train Haze and 2 Lindsay OG. Been vegging for about a month under QB, excited to see what they can do in flower.

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    Humple Well-Known Member

    I'd like to know if the QB96 that the HLG-40 is based on will ever be sold separately, with a Molex connector.
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    stawawager Well-Known Member

    Yeah they're great. Growth rate seems to be the same as the last generation Cobs but the 4X extended coverage lights up a lot more of the sticky.

    I cranked my four 288s from 60-70% yesterday, room temp went up 10 degree. With the circulation fan-on, the heat sinks were 105° - 110°.

    I love their silence.

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    Madmungo Well-Known Member

    I got mine sent over by ‘zee germans’ 3 day delivery all tip top.
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    Bustos Well-Known Member

    wow i finally got to the last page of this thread... i need a nap now....

    I am on week 8 of my current grow, i got my first QB's a pair of 260W in 3500K last year and they kicked azz on the batch of autos i was running, amazing lights.
    I liked them so much that i went ahead and picked up a slate 6 quad in 3000K so when i got my 5x5 tent and set up Autopots in there with 6 photos and 1 auto a sweet seed Black Cream everyone sprouted and started growing like crazy under my one 260W QB LED Kit... after 5 weeks i swapped out the lights,
    took out the 260W and put in the slate 6 quad... i have the HLG-600H-54B Driver so its kicking Butt so i added the Potentiometer with a 10K resistor and its dimmable.... so the night i swapped it out we put it in and hung it way up on the ceiling of the tent, cranked it up to full blast on the dial, at the time it is about 4 feet from the tops of the plants... next day i walk in and check em out... everything is drooping downwardly like cringing away from the intense light... i was somewhat puzzled so, i backed off 25% on the power and next day the leaves are all back to reaching to the light. so that there is my testimony to the efficiency and power of these QB's I also left my comments on their website for the Slate 6 quad:grin:

    in my 5x5 tent i have currently growing in autopots with airdomes,

    3 clones of purple OG #18

    1 Blue Dream ... this is a monster and is scaring me a little as to how much its going to stretch during flower which i just changed to 12/12 last night.

    1 Ayahuasca Purple


    1 Candida CD-1 a wispy feathery droopy thing that belongs, in my opinion, in a hanging basket.

    of course my Black cream auto is is Proving to be true to the 2 I grew last spring, long legged skinny with plump large Buds that will be as amazing as ever. reminds me of a charlie brown christmas tree or that tree in the doctor seuss movie that came out a few years back haha the Black cream being Auto is on a different feed than my photos so although she started in an autopot i set her into a tray that will hold more water reserve and feed her from the top and also add to the tray so she can drink from the bottom

    these lights are amazing and I cannot wait to see how they take me into the finish line with this group. the slate 6 quad has muscle to spare and the light seems to penetrate deep into this dense foliage as even the lowest leaves seem happy and vital.

    My Autopot system with airdomes is making me more happy than last time because i got the wisdom to set a airstone into it no more stinky rez water leaves are clean and green with no burning so all is well...

    i have been using a reduced dose of the Advanced Nutes Micro Grow and Bloom with Vitamin B12, Mag and Calcium

    i love the kits they gave me a chance to step into high grade light at an affordable price with minimal assembly time.

    at my stage in life i have less time to waste re inventing the wheel.

    rock on to all of you and BudzBuddah i am glad to see your Blue dream plants and see what i am hoping to have in the end here...

    Pop22 thanks for your council with me in the past.

    I been taking photos nearly everyday and havent made a journal though hahah :roll:

    all for now

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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member


    Girls gone to puberty .... White Dwarf is bulking up and will be a good chunky midget.
    Smells spicey ..... Never had it so this will be a first on this one. I always gave away SHORTY or LOWRYDER beans that were freebies to me. Maybe I should check them out more ..... Cuz this little bitch is dank !

    Blue Dream is getting her girly parts .... Smells real nice from a leaf rubbing .

    Then there is the MEPHISTO TOOF Decay ... She is stacking nice and short bush .

    3500k all the way on this grow ... Temps are 77° all day long , so very little to control .
    OG S5 bin Samsung been doing it proper Sure I could do a full upgrade to newer 304s with just a screwdriver... But these originals have been loving my plants long time. That's the beauty of the QBs " there are NO discards " they can have a second/third life as a supplemental or new reconfigured light. These have paid for themselves 10 fold in grows and buds ..... Gave away my old cool tube and bulbs to a friend ( gratis ) , and will not go back ...
    image.jpg image.jpg

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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