DiY LED Grow Lights with CREE CXA3070 COBs and CPU Coolers

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    i do not know how to elect lights but check out black dog and advance lighting, examples,,,,(I personally like the Amare), it just needs some more ommff, but for the coverage, its great, but notice the price on all of these, Amare uses better COBS,

    Plus, the smaller, the good companies use Epistar, I think, also USA.

    They (except Amare (they use 3090's CXA), watch the whole series of videos, so you can really understand, buy a cheap chinese one and replace with CREE and/or epistar, or everything and use as a veg light (Chinese).

    So advances, using 16 XLM-2, replaces XLM (no 1 but . ..) and the price, $1600+ with tax, the lights from cree, if you bought, $159.20 at
    9.95 each, then some epistars...I may get those and some high end $100 ones, depending on most efficient and also had a 1100 HPS and a KIND XL 1000 which to my surprise is showing up many places as #1 as its full spectrum, 4x4 and really does work, as does AMARE,

    You can set it to come on slow like the sunand go off slow, like the sun, and here are CREE,
    Here is one,,,,

    Using XMl2 and CXA3090 respectively.
    Also here is Amare, tell them Franke sent you and you'll probably get a discount. Talk with Victor, just say your a friend as I might get some round ones just to add as side lighting. 3 Weeks in TENT VEG, 4 weeks VEGGING in ROOM, 11 WEEKS FlOWER, and 35 days of flush, I saw, 8 600 watt HPS and only a few but 7 FEET TALL trees and he got quite a bit, the build using the HIGHEST END CREES where I gave a link, or somewhere, I will find it, there is one that got 3.5 kilos in a 4x8 room, tall is good, start with small cup, go bigger slowly, then, final is a 7 GALLON pot, like him, I do 1 foot per gallon, What are your thoughts on lighting? You would think KIND would have software updates or a community where we can download schedules, automatically, vs programming

    If you go to this place in LA, I can get you deal there too, I got the kind for $1400 when it was $2000, so they are coming down, but it gives the best resins and, also look into UVB/UVA supplemental lighting.

    I am building something if it beats a HPS at lower or same watts (STILL LESS HEAT), I will let you know, strains, airflow, humidity, all factors, and those are a tad~!!!
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    i like this im going to use one of these in my build will make the light/lights look realy pro
    Lucius Bundy

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    Check out Jerry from Kingbright. Here's a link to his alibaba page. Also, I would highly suggest to contact him directly. Prior to purchasing my Cree Cob's, I wanted to get six of two different spectrums. I got six 6500K (More towards the blue spectrum or rather seedling and veg state) and 3500k (more towards the red/orange spectrum or rather Flowering/Bloom state). I would also suggest getting the newest hlg drivers because they can power up to sic cobs each. I hope this helps broski. Have a great weekend as well.

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    Gotta come back and read all this another day.

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    Hey guys, does anyone know where I can score some dirt cheap computer fans for cooling cobs. 40mm -60mm is fine, Thanks in advance.
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    Quick question for all you LED boffins, its driving me mad. I have recently made another of these lights with the addition of 50 Deep blue 3w LED's and 100 3w Deep red LED's all wired in 10's in series and each ten driven with its own driver Now the problem i am having is that the sets of 10 blues all work perfectly yet the sets of 10 reds all flash on and off at 2 sec intervals. The red and blue led's are the same wattage and the same voltage I have checked all solder joints and also tried changing the drivers wired to the blue ones to the reds but with the same results Any ideas would be gratefully received as I out of ideas
    ya bongo

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    try 15 reds per driver as this is the minimum load for that driver.

    red and blue are not equal in wattage and voltage!

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    Fred johnson

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    Hey bro. I have 3 6
    i have 3 6500k led lights that came off a truck. I want to convert them to indoor. If i send you pics can u help
    Lucius Bundy

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    That is fine but you should use those for veg. It sounds almost like flood-lights.

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    Wow! I don't know what to say.......

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    YES I

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    hi thanks for the post, question on how you've wired or wiring your switch in the power supply? ive scrolled thru the post and did my research but still am stuck

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    Good day.

    I'm setting up my aluminium frame with a very similar project as the one from this post ( many thanks OP for sharing such valuable knowledge) I have space to add a couple of leds and I'd like to add some different leds.

    I found online some hypbrid/multiband ones. Anyone had experience using them? Would they add valuable / useful light to the panel? Possible quality?

    I'm talking about the ones I've found here:

    1) multiband led

    2) red blue hybrid led

    Many thanks for your replies
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    Is the 3070 the most powerful Cree?
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    Tim Fox

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    no,,, but they still are a good growing cob
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    No the 3590 are the most powerful. Im running 3070 and they are still awesome. Depends on your pocketbook too because the 3590 are about twice the price of 3070. Make sure to get the right drivers for how you want to wire your lights up tho
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    This is wrong have the color spectrums turnes around for veg and flower. Plus 3500k has a lil better color spectrum than the 3000k which is for flower. The 5000k and 6500k are for veg.

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    When you run the cobs at max current you lose efficiency which is what vobs are known for. Plus your cob is already throwing out most of its light output within the first 60% of full power. After that your not getting as many lumen output per watt as you did with the first 60%. Basically you save on money from your electricity bill, plus you cut down on heat being expelled and your cobs last longer even tho they last a long time already. Also the max lumen output drops as the temperature of the cob increases.

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