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    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    Another RI'r here. Come on by :) our laws suit me just fine, I'm quite happy with them. What is the point of being an MMP if you can't grow your own?
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    HeadieNugz Active Member

    CT local, Naturally Organic in Middletown is where i go for all my supplies. Brando there is a really chill cat.

    420killacam New Member

    Im am a grower in CT and I am really hoping that I will be able to do it legally in CT some day. But as of right now the chances of that are not looking that good. I have an opportunity to move to Colorado and work for a very reputable seed bank out there and I might just have to take that opprotunity for now untill things start to change around here in CT. For those of you who were wondering about the prices to apply to grow, well here they are:

    Initial Application Fee: $25,000 (Non-Refundable)
    Registration Fee: $75,000 (Non-Refundable)
    Renewal Fee: $75,000 (Non-Refundable)

    The key words in all of this is non refundable. Who in their right mind would spend 25,000 on an initial application fee and 75000 on a registration fee If all that still doesn't even guarantee you to be able to grow legally. It is just crap that our state thinks they can make an insane amount of money based solely off of registration and renewal fee's.
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    mr.dro74 New Member

    my first post might as well be in here. CT stand up! We got the decrim and med but still cant grow plants :( . So with that being said Every thing i post about growing includin pics are 100 percent fictional

    BigHulk Well-Known Member

    Hi KGH whats up nice to c fellow grower from CT , CT suck big time on MMJ laws but we menage to survive lol.

    Amen to that .
    I did know about $ back up for your grow with 6 zeros but 100k just to file for growing and u my not get it , damn they out of their freaking mind, i know how to spend 100k waaay better lol , tnx for sharing that with us 420 killacam.

    420killacam New Member

    Is that just crazy or what, the people who are going to have enough money to open up grow businesses are going to be the already filthy rich who are looking to get into a fresh market. They are completely ruining the hopes and dreams for us young entrepreneurs who have enough passion and love for cannabis to want to grow the most amazing medicine for all those who need it.

    slumdog80 Well-Known Member

    Getting people to collectively boycott the dispensaries is the only way to right the laws.
    I am from CT but, would never move back there for anything regardless. It is truly a miserable
    state in every regard.
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    420killacam New Member

    Yeah I agree, CT sucks. And to all of you who may be curious Ive got some critical hog from TH seeds going and sugar black rose from delicious seeds. And also, to anyone looking for some good genetics I would just like to say that TH seeds is an amazing seed company .

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    jap2020 Active Member

    Legal or not im growing my bud
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    Aerogee420 New Member

    CTer over here
    Looking for some small autos
    And always looking for new friends
    Hope to hear from someone soon

    DSinatra Well-Known Member

    Wassuuppp ct. New to rollitup and saw this thread. I plan on being active on here every day solet's get the talkin! I got cherry og, sweet amnesia, leeroy, GDP, super sour og, Chernobyl, auto big gun and the shiznit were freebies both autos I'll just keep them around for shits and giggles but if space becomes unmanageable those are the first in line to get the chop.

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    I'm with ya
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    DSinatra Well-Known Member

    Who did you email?

    wwrockyou Well-Known Member

    I agree to boycott the CT medical weed program because nowhere has anyone took into account about the patients. Just how much we can profit off the sick, WTF is wrong with our elected officials who do not represent the people whom they are supposed to represent. And we keep letting them do this sh!t. We need a grass(pun intended) roots campaign to organize and lobby for our rights, since nobody is looking out for us.

    DSinatra Well-Known Member

    You are absolutely right. Actually we came a long way from what it was with it being homogenized and 30 dollars a gram. But still have a long way to go. I hot my card before any dispensary was open and I haven't spent 1 penny on dispensary bud, nor will I. It's just my principles
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    Ximaxxx Well-Known Member

    Ya I'm fed up in ct man I was gonna move to Cali or Colorado like 4-5 years ago but stayed cuz medical was supposedly coming to us... Yea what a waste of 5 years.... Love the views n nature n Native American land I live on hate to have 2 leave ;( sense hope for mmj is shot down and connects have run dry I feel ct just Is full of crooks n satanic elites just look up sandy hook man.
    I'm ashamed of that bs. What's up wit RI? They got decent laws for getting cards? Tbh tho Colorado I feel like I could just go there follow my nose lol n find sum really chill folks and sum sweet flowers screw cards man Haha. I dnt think ct will ever lower to Cali's migraine mmj card ways its a damn shame.

    DSinatra Well-Known Member

    Let's not give up. Fuck them, eventually we can grow. Until then keep hush about it.

    DSinatra Well-Known Member

    Because we can't grow

    DSinatra Well-Known Member

    Totally agreed

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