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    Hi my fellow CT growers , i start this thread with a thought that we CT Horticulture enthusiasts should unite and help each other out , what i mean by this is , if anyone have a question about anything .... idk something like ...
    Where is a good hydro store around , or don't use that hydro store cuz customer service sux , or anything else for that matter , when it's coming down to CT ,it my be that u just want to know where is a good Auto Body Shop or u just so something useful and cool on sale and u wanna shear that info to point us in a discount directions , or u hear about cool concert in CT or anything cool going down in CT and u wanna shear that because more ppl is more fun wright hehehe :D , or u just simply wanna complain that CT suck ass witch i personally think so hahahhahaha
    i think that we should help each other out so if u have any questions or comments feel free to post them here ,
    Anyways it's a good opportunity to connect with fellow growers from around because u know what they saying " great minds think alike " hehehehehe ,
    K enough of talk , because i am going to bored u to death heheheh :D BIG shot out to All My CT Fellow Growers
    Keep on Growing :weed: and Keep on bongsmilie
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    BigHulk Well-Known Member

    63 views and no post o wow i thought that CT growers will unite but they just went quiet :(
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    BigHulk Well-Known Member

    o wooow i didn't expect that tread to be a such a bump :( come on CT , u can say whatever u want here .... i'm curious what my fellow CT have on they plate now ?
    Myself AK47, Baby Breath, and God Bud , what u guys cookin hehehehhe?
    I so that pic and i thought it's funny ... i would call it ...
    Welcome in New England MoFo :D

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    Any word on the laws? It seems like there is nothing official regarding cultivation. Can we cultivate if we get a card (They actually seem pretty easy to get) , if so what are our plant limits. Maybe a link to a site with the laws?

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    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member


    albert111 Well-Known Member

    but at least have caregiver option in the beginning there was no caregiver option

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    True, it does show that we are making progress.

    PersonalJesus Active Member

    you can NOT grow in CT... I have my card already.

    there has been talk going thru our local NORML chapter that there is a "hidden" provision in the law that you could grow in CT but only until they open up a dispensary... I've yet to find it

    sorry for the bad news

    BigHulk Well-Known Member

    there u go ct :D , to my knowledge to grow in a ct u have to go all out commercial size and u have to have load of cash to buck it up ur grow , just to apply for a grow license i heard it's 25 thousand or something , but hopefully that will change , and the dispensaries are no no for now in CT , i heard that there is gonna be a pharmacies that they will be allowed to sell ur medication ... i'm hoping that all that will change to make easier on us.

    BigHulk Well-Known Member

    what kind of strains CT got going on?

    nadster Member

    The new Medical Marijuana laws in CT are a joke at best. Not only do you have to either have PTSD, Glaucoma, or be sttraight up dying to get any medical "rights". None of which entail growing your own. All of which will entail the government and big buisness to rape patients and getting the rich in this state wealthier. That being said I have just got my recommendation for RI and am moving there at the end of the month or sooner as soon as I find a place. Bullshit, and actually thought CT was progressing, Think Again. Ill be to the east doing my thang.
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    BrewsNBuds Active Member

    That's too bad CT is still arresting patients who grow. RI seems to be picking up many out of state cardholders willing to relocate to grow freely.

    Santiine Member

    Hauhauahaha you know he's cold! ❄

    folkemord Member

    What does it take to get a card in CT. I have insomnia and depression and I know you can get one in some states for those but i am not sure if you can in CT.

    PersonalJesus Active Member

    Here is a link to all the info you need...

    I hate to be the one to $hit in your cornflakes, but... CT has one of if not the strictest regulations for getting a card... It took me almost 6 months to get mine for PTSD... With all those regulations in place and the fact you MUST have a "debilitating" condition that is mentioned specifically in the law.
    As far as I know... depression and insomnia is NOT considered a debilitating condition, at this time.
    But let me ask you this... why did you develop depression and insomnia? did something happen to you? that could almost qualify you for PTSD.

    folkemord Member

    Genetics unfortunately so I doubt I am going to be able to get a card with the current laws.

    northeastmarco Well-Known Member

    Yeah,Ct marijuana laws are tough.Only big money companies will be able to get a grow licience.2 million in escrow.I have been following from the begining.I would love to get in it.To be a grower or caregiver.Not gonna happen.I might go to the meeting on April 22 in hartford.I even emailed the local norml guy.He hasnt responded back to me.

    LBH Well-Known Member

    Howdy Neighbor.

    I'm a RI'r but I do lots of things with folks in Ct that I met on a forum board about 15 yrs ago. My friends down your way do all the genetic isolation for any of the strains I come up with. Got a few old coots with a few tobacco barns if you know what I mean,lol. These old dogs have also mentored me through the years and educated me on who was who back when this whole growing thing started kicking back in the 60's and 70's so I will always feel an allegiance to Ct growers. If there's anything I can do to help you guys out just let me know. Good luck and Grow 'Em Up!

    kindgrasshopper Member

    Hi BigHulk, i live in CT too, looking forward to learning more as laws and regulations evolve here in the NE. very exciting activiites in ME, MA, and RI too! Thanks for your post, glad to meet another CT person!


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