Co2, Dramatic Difference?

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    CO2 is great when you have high levels of light.

    Having said that, for a novice or intermediary level grower it is of more value to get
    Accurate control of temperature with adequate air conditioning as you can now only use ventilation to cool some parts of the lights.
    Accurate control of RH
    Accurate control of pH
    Extra nutrients to burn
    Very bright lights (1000W HPS equivalent or more)

    That's a bunch of expensive equipment to set up to incrementally elevate your growing to another level before you even buy CO2 tanks, regulators, diffusers, tanks, pipes and what not.

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    There sure was a lot of mis-information going on in the earlier portions of this thread.

    Still a little bit. Like there is no need for diffusers or piping to "drop" the CO2 from above the plants. Even a mild breeze from a small oscillating fan will mix it right into the rest of the air in the room.

    No need for tanks, valves and solenoids either as I'm finding out.

    I bought a simple GroZone USCO2 controller to hook up to a 70lb tank I bought a couple years ago at a yard sale only to find out that they won't fill it unless you have an account and rent a tank from them. They use a serial # on the tank to connect it to an account and with my luck it was probably stolen and I'll get the shit for it. $120/yr for tank lease and $124 for each refill so have to cough up $250 up front with tax to get one. So I'm sitting here with a $270 CO2 controller I can't use . . . or can I?

    A few years ago I made an alcohol burner to add CO2 but had no idea if it was enough so stopped using it. Then thought why not use the controller to see if the levels go up with it. Do they ever! I only takes about 15 min and the 1500ppm LED starts blinking indicating it's over 1600. There really isn't anything in the manual about using it just to monitor levels so I emailed them last night to find out. Had my answers when I fired up the computer this morning. Had another question so replied to that one and had a response in 15 min. From the CEO of GroZone nonetheless. Talk about great customer service! A big shout out to GroZone! canadian.gif made as well.

    Seems I could have just used it right out of the box for that but being the curious cat type had to run thru the whole process and do the troubleshooting part too and it worked perfect.

    This is the burner I made and today made another one the same but with only one wick for the veg room. Just a mason jar with copper tubes soldered to the lid and tiki lamp wicks in them. Bit of a PITA as it's all manual and I'm up and down the stairs a dozen times a day but after getting my leaky appendix out recently after 5 years of profound fatigue and all sorts of gut pain and cramps I'm feeling way better and need the exercise to get myself in shape after years of sitting on my bony ass. Burning about 200mls of methyl hydrate downstairs per day and half that in the veg room but it's the first day. I ran tape up the side of the jar and marked it in 50ml increments so I can monitor consumption. I keep them in a metal can or stone crock in the middle of the room so if the jar were to break the alcohol is contained and there's nothing above to catch fire. Getting a couple of heat detectors or smoke alarms just to be safe. Only $8 for a 4L jug so won't cost much to use.

    Think I'm going to make a couple of smaller models to use less fuel so it stays around the 1000ppm range for veg and I don't have to run my temps up to 85 or so. Extra CO2 is proven to benefit plant growth at anything above the ambient 400ppm. Full 1500 and higher temps for the growth spurt during stretch and then back to 1000 for the rest of flowering.


    10 min after lighting both wicks.


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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    Nobody knows what c02 demands a room has without measurement.
    C02 is a necessary marijuana growing resource, like light, water, nutrients,
    without c02 marijuana will die.
    Marijuana grows to its weakest resource.
    A grower chooses which resources to deprive their plant
    then they accept the less than full expressions that result.

    for instance

    usable light-dramatic difference?
    nutrients-dramatic difference?
    water-dramatic difference?

    Like people deprived of necessary resources
    may survive- without thriving.
    Depriving any of these resources may not kill a marijuana plant
    but most of us expect more than plant survival,
    even up to fullest potential of expressions.
    Perfection is acceptable.

    with the relatively low cost of supplying every needed resource,
    to purposely deprive one would be counterproductive.
    Depending on expectations.....
    some people enjoy using marijuana that has been deprived essential resources
    during its growth, different tokes for different folks.

    my generator costs $269, installed easily, and operates for less than 13$ monthly burning propane 12 hours @ lights on.
    If it failed on a monday I'd replace it on tuesday without hesitation. Turning it off shows detriment in yields, flavors, effects, maturity/finish times, etc. The last resource I added was c02 years ago.
    Until then...get this....NONE of my plants ever finished within breeder specs and ambering took many weeks past expected duration. They all finish within specs now and amber as expected, go figure.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    @OldMedUser that bottle with the flames on has bad news stamped all over it mate.
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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    ya noway I leave that burning,thats a bomb waiting to blow!
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the insurance company would classify it as arson.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    some interesting c02 facts I've experienced.
    Outside the ambient c02 around here is about 390 ppm, sometimes higher sometimes lower.
    Outdoors my meter will show the same at any plant canopy high or low near full time.
    Indoors, with a floor of plants and metered air exchange is never higher than 285 anywhere in the room with lights on and no augmentation. I grew awesome plants that way, albeit expensive in the winter with little issue, (then I added c02, sealed my room too)

    no matter how much air movement I added in my room,
    with less than a 1000ppm c02 augmentation,
    it wouldn't bring my mid canopy ppm over 300ppm.
    It all helps the growing of course, but not ideal like outdoors...
    We just cannot move the air like the outside does, constantly exchanging air at every level of every plant full time for a fresh dose of needed 400 ish ppm for a perfect expression, so I find a metered dose of 1200-1500 ppm's will indeed keep ppm's above 400 ppm at any plant level ! now I get it. plants can consume 400 ppm, so I give it to them. I need to pump 1200 to provide 400 is all.

    also noticed working in my room I can raise the ppm's to 600 on my canopy meter in a couple hours with a few plants in there.
    less ppm's with more plants.
    A few rabbits in the grow room will also bring up c02, mine did to about 600ppm's without exchange. I'd totally consider a couple bunny cages inside an accommodating tent for this bene as well as maybe the best fertilizer I ever used. One of my caligiants would produce enough poop for teas and raw feeding eating only cannabis trimming and water- would feed my 2.5 gallon pots, 3 foot plants(3-4 ounces per)....6 of them ! with nothing else added for a great finish in happy frogs.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    in some states a fire like that would nullify any insurance claims, like a getaway car getting damaged on the a good neighbor
    I built a dedicated outdoor steel building for this and other reasons, hanging fire extinguishers, full time documented monitoring, cctv, a real dick punch, but I sleep well so.
    even in legal states this is an issue. It costs dearly to insure my hobby space/contents with a specialized provider, with inspection/paperwork/fire control etc requirements

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I like living dangerously. :)

    When I made the first one I ran it thru a full load outside in my burning barrel until it went out no problem. It's the same design as the alcohol lamps we used in science labs in junior high back in the 60s and none of them blew up so I'm not too concerned.

    Thanks for your concern tho and a Merry Xmas to you and yours!


    ANC Well-Known Member

    I'm more worried about it being bumped over accidentally.

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    My grow is
    I blow it out if I'm going to do any work in the grow room and lock the door behind me when I go. I have to or the suction pulls it open when the exhaust fan kicks in. It sits in a steel can to contain a spill and make it very stable. I worked as a chemist in a hazardous waste facility for 2 years in my late 30s in charge of the flammables dept so have had extensive training in all things that go BOOM!

    I'm totally illegal other than my doctors papers for legal use of legally purchased pot from a gov't approved Legal Provider so insurance isn't going to pay if we had a grease fire in the kitchen and they found my upstairs grow room anyways. I have a decent size fire extinguisher sitting at the top of the stairs to the basement where the grow room is located. 3 more in the shop at the top of the stairs too and got a lot of training at putting fires out. Very calm and focused in emergency situations as well. Like time slows down for me. If I leave the house I put it out before I go.

    If I can get some money to spare I plan to build a separate grow shed outside this summer. Got 7.5 acres so lots of room for a 24x24' outbuilding. Hoping to be legal to grow by then if I ever get the papers in to Hellth Canada.

    Can't blow. Wouldn't even make a decent molotov cocktail as the flames would blow out the second you threw it. A light puff is all it takes to blow it out but I use wire nuts to cap the wicks to put them out and prevent evaporation when not in use.

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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Here's what it looks like when burning in the grow room. The lid to the big pail is just outside the grow room door to snuff it out if need be.

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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Nice, owning land here nowadays is a death sentence.

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    How so?

    ANC Well-Known Member

    maybe fill the bottom of the large pot with sand so it can't be kicked over so easily?
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    We have many attacks and murders on farms. It is quite a tragedy.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    I have used similar years back

    I confess to adding the gas BBQ to the grow room on

    as for the c02 emitted would depend on the thickness of the wick

    if you can experiment with different sizes wix

    that may offer differing amounts of c02


    will put you idea in the right zone..?

    hope you test and post back

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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Like I said I put the flames out when I'm going to be doing anything but check the controller for the CO2 level so not likely to kick it over. Even a solid bump won't knock over the jar as the can it's in is to small for it to tip on its side.

    Saying that, the sand is a great idea as it would absorb the methanol and reduce the flames a hell of a lot so thanks for the great idea! adore.gif

    That sux! You in S. Africa or something? Crack heads from town often try to steal from farms around here and our closest neighbour was home invaded by three such assholes about a year ago looking for drugs, money and guns. Got the last two and stole his two near new pickups that he got back all damaged. Traumatized his wife smacking her around and joking about raping her while forcing her to open the safe in the basement while one guy held her husband and bro-in-law at gunpoint upstairs. Very religious people and I've wondered if they weren't looking for my place and got the addy wrong. Sleep with my loaded shotgun and baseball bat right beside me. Fuck the rules about storage. Have steel fire doors so will take them a min or two to get in. Also do a walk around each night after dark to make sure everything is secure. Had to put the dog down so looking at getting another real soon. Crack heads hate dogs because dogs hate crack heads. :)

    Stay safe man!

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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    I here ya man,but not good for nubes I make my own co2 burners wont post here gotta no what ya doing

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    How about a PM then and I'll share my simple butane distillation procedure with you as you must know what you're doing. :)


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