Co2, Dramatic Difference?

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    Yeah, Fletch, it's all great stuff! Except that thing about 3 weeks shorter flowering time. I wouldn't be able to justify that. 3 days, maybe. :blsmoke:

    So now you're saying that you harvest your plants after only 5 weeks because of the CO2. And not because of your special strain, like you used to say? :roll:

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    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    What I am saying is what is true. The strain I use which is a heavy fast growing indica varies with technique and additives.Im sure you read all my post and are familiar with the posted different grows I actually wrote about showing the actual outcomes of with and without co2 and the difference in outcomes in soil and aero correct? Then you will see I used the same strain in 2 journels both using aero and same grow setup. I did one with full out co2 usage and then the second I didnt use the co2.As was shown and documented in those the crop with co2 the plants stayed shorter with bigger tigheter nugs and finished in 5 weeks 3 days with only 12 days of veg time. The second without co2 vegged for 16 days and took almost 8 weeks of flower to achieve the finished crop.So my control strain I use in all my grows are the same clones from the same mother pant.So in my grows which I have shared my strain is a natural heavy producer but the crop showing the use of co2 actually gained more total yield in almost 3 weeks shorter time.So not sure how you want to interpet those posted outcomes but to me with actual hands on usgage with correct 1500 ppm usgae and environmental control 3 weeks less flowering time with a higher total dry yield then a non co2 grow that takes 3 weeks longer both same plants in the same setup with same nutes Id have to same more and faster is a signifigant difference.If it was an equal yield with only a 3 day difference I woulndt bother.This finding can also be seen and back if you watch Garden Knomes aka seemorebud videos as there is a grow who shows his 3 rooms now using controlled co2 and he shows the exact same type of results.Weeks off total time and signifigant yield increase.If you like I can get you the exact video title and the time the actual grow is shown.Anyways this is only when co2 is used to its fullest potential not gonna happen from a soda bottle and yeats. Not saying that method doesnt add some benefit but not the dramatic results I have gotten.Also documented in the seemorebuds video is a ghetto grow were a grower was using the co2 boost buckets and swore to the improvement and speed co2 added to his garden.But then again I guess all the people who get the exact results I got and shared via journels and posts could all be making it up just so we can take the time to write these real long responses just for the sole purpose of throwing people off the trail of how much a waste co2 is as that as being part of the anti co2 of America movement lol.It is what it is you can take my honest opinions and what I have shown to back those claims up or ignore my attempts to add my findings.Either way its each growers choice.I wont grow again without co2 not even for fun as I enjoy the speed and quality of the co2 enhanced grown plants..Just my findings and thoughts
    Puffin Afatty

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    I brewed beer in the intake area, worked great...wasted 1/2 the co2 to night time, but I drank the beer, so I figgered I broke about even...the plants loved it, grew fatter, faster...I always use co2 now...

    xucardsfan08 Active Member

    I have a Gatorade bottle with sugar/yeast/water right in front of a fan that blows at a 45ยบ angle toward my girl. Seems to have helped so far, and it's been about 1.5weeks since I set it up.

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    very interesting post.
    I have been experimenting with Co2 generators. At first, I bought a big manually lit generator (the ones with the pilot flame)... I hooked it up to a co2 controller/monitor, so that the room would always stay at 1500 ppm, but all my plants started to suffer from what it seemed as co2 intoxication.
    so after that, I decide to give it another try and get a top of the line co2 generator, with no pilot light. But.... same resuts.... I even tried to set the controller to 1000 ppm... but it never worked.
    I have a perpetual setup, in a room with an AC turned on 24/7...

    You guys seem to know about this stuff... can you think of anything wrong here? why is this not working for me?

    BuckTheSystem Well-Known Member

    The guy at the welding shop where I get my c02 cylinder filled asked me if I wanted pure c02. I was like what? He told me that some people mix c02 with some other inert gas. He told me what it was but I forgot. I never knew that. So, anyhow you could look into that? Probably not the problem but you never know about this stuff. Take care :peace:

    fanatic Active Member

    These are propane-tank co2 generators... I have no idea what could be wrong.

    BuckTheSystem Well-Known Member

    Well that just sucks bro. Sorry I couldn't help you out.

    b-rad Well-Known Member

    the other gass that there talking about at the welding shop is argon is the inert gas. whats i have put in my welding tank i think its 75%co2 and 25%argon

    originalstrain Well-Known Member

    thanks a lot, i guess i have to get a couple tanks, 30% is a big difference!
    Puffin Afatty

    Puffin Afatty Active Member

    the only time I had a problem, not really a co2 problem, was when my kerosine heater I used to heat the shed in winter used all the oxygen in the room and the heater failed...Maybe you need to calibrate that co2 meter???

    irish Active Member

    firstly fanatic you are piosoning your plants with the propane cos it is being oxidised in the air to give propanone (KETONES) which is toxic in small doses.

    Secondly , lets ponder this equation

    CO2 & H2O & Light = C6H12O6 & O2
    water lumens (Bud) oxygen

    This is a simplified version of photosynthesis, increase the reactants on the LHS (there are optinum levels however) ie CO2, H2O & light and the result is more bud produced.

    The differences between bought CO2 and fermented CO2 (they both reach optinum levels of co2 production ) are money and work. Some have it,some get it off their Mammmy, I prefer to smoke my bud that I have sweated for.

    MrIntricate Well-Known Member

    Creating CO2 using yeast, sugar and water is kind of a pain in the butt. You have to change out the mixture every few days. Not that big a deal, but yet another task that needs tending to in the cultivation process. The whole CO2 enrichment process begins and ends with a CO2 meter. Keeping optimum levels of the stuff, relative to your H2O and light levels, is paramount.
    Honest Bruce

    Honest Bruce Active Member

    Hi Buck the system the non 100% co2 you buy in Australia is called "beer gas" its a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen and it used for forcing beer out of barrells without carbonating the product, its typically used on Guinness wich is meant to be flat

    Endoe Well-Known Member

    Originalstrain there are several reasons to have a CO2 bottle in your house besides pot. Hell for all they know your a welder. Just cool off about people seeing you. If neccessary bring it in at night.

    tahoe58 Well-Known Member

    paranoid people attract attention.....calm cool people go by unnoticed....

    poopypants Active Member

    So in a 8X10X10 room if you have say 10 16 oz soda bottles filled with Yeast and Sugar Water is that enough? Will adding more sugar produce more Co2?

    kochab New Member

    i did the yeast stuff one did help a good but yes.....but was a BIG pain in the ass. so I had a manager friend of mine borrow a co2 tank from the job. i just open it every once in a while and it helps a million and one just by doing that twice a day. makes me feel light headed as fuck.....but then again i may be getting the ppm above what it should be. since my room dosent lose much air to the venting and just re circulates at optimum temp, it helps stay in the room longer to accomodate a little for not having the regulator and shit yet. i need some more cash. blah.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    koch be careful you dont kill yourself as the needed high levels to get co2 benefits are high enough to kill you. Dont be in the grow room when its filled with that much co2 braindamage can happen. Im not understanding irish comment about propane killing plants as the co2 generators all use propane tanks by design but can be fitted to except natural gas.The burn off is pure co2 from those gases.They were designed to use propane and natural gas and are used by large commercial growers as well. My cap gen 6 co2 generator has 6 burners and uses a propane tank like a gas grill. I hook it up with a timer after a few quick tests to know how long it needs to be on and when.The tank is opened the solenoid valve is ready and the ac adapter to the unit is plugged in to the timer and when the timer comes on the piolet light on the setup fires up and the solenoid injects the gas into the line and the flames burn off the propane and boom co2. Nice and easy easily fills a 10x10x10 room in about 3 minutes to 1500 ppm

    kochab New Member

    oh yeah brother i know what your saying. i dont generally stand in there. I just come out of the room for five minutes go back in and shut the valve, close up shop and go toke

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