Co2, Dramatic Difference?

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    I use the tank method . I where a mask and just turn off all the fans and air conditioner then I open up the c02 tamk and try to close the door as much as i can while I feel the roo with the desired amount. Then I reture the air and fans because c02 i heavier than oygen so I want the fans below to blow the c02 upwwards . I then seal my room I mean windows and the crack under the door for like 3 hours, then I open it up and givefresh air. I also raise the temp to about 85-90 while co2 . Then I air them out and place the temps back. Yes this is crude way to to it buit it is cheap. They never sweat me at the welding store i feel my 10 # tank at.

    good luck!

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    I went into the store the other day and said I need a tank because I'm growing weed and they said when in that case you will need a #20 tank and a co2 reg system. That will be $300. Thanks and have a good day.

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    Cannabian Well-Known Member

    Go to a DIY beer or wine place get one of those huge glass jugs they have, works great. Dump 1/2 out every few weeks and refill, shake 2x a day and your set - very cheaply with some minor inconveniences.

    Cannabian Well-Known Member

    Did you pay by credit card?

    McLovin420 Well-Known Member

    I lease a 50lb tank from a local welding for $60 a year. It cost $17 to fill it. The cheap methods are just that cheap and nothing more than a hassle.

    CO2 health info from Wikipedia
    It is dangerous when inhaled in high concentrations (greater than 5% by volume, or 50,000 ppm). The current threshold limit value (TLV) or maximum level that is considered safe for healthy adults for an eight-hour work day is 0.5% (5,000 ppm). The maximum safe level for infants, children, the elderly and individuals with cardio-pulmonary health issues is significantly less.
    These figures are valid for pure carbon dioxide. In indoor spaces occupied by people the carbon dioxide concentration will reach higher levels than in pure outdoor air. Concentrations higher than 1,000 ppm will cause discomfort in more than 20% of occupants, and the discomfort will increase with increasing CO2 concentration. The discomfort will be caused by various gases coming from human respiration and perspiration, and not by CO2 itself. At 2,000 ppm the majority of occupants will feel a significant degree of discomfort, and many will develop nausea and headaches. The CO2 concentration between 300 and 2,500 ppm is used as an indicator of indoor air quality.

    Suci Active Member

    sugar water and yeast make alcohol rite?? any one have any idea of the % or proof

    im under 21 and have a hard time finding ppl to buy me booze would be great to have a stock all the time from my grow room

    luvnlif Active Member

    I heard "High Times" reported that CO2 decreased THC levels and that it was advisable to turn off CO2, two weeks before harvest. Is this true?

    Infintgrn Active Member

    Put it on the bottle it is worth it ive read it can increase prod by 50% if seen 25 -30 % you can carry a 25# tank in your house in a duffle bag. Thats only a little sketchy normal people carry bags in and out of the house all the time.

    luvnlif Active Member

    Anything true about Co2 decreasing THC levels?

    needynate Well-Known Member

    It is lol

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Holy necrothread, Batman!
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    Knowledgeiskey Well-Known Member

    agree this is effective its a pain changing 3/4 water and adding sugar and a little yeast again every 2-4 days but im happy with results for now till i get automated co2 setup...
    420 Boy

    420 Boy Member

    I have seen the difference of growing without Co2 and with it. And i find it is by far the best upgrade you can get for your room.
    Co2 sensor is about $500-$600 CAD. Tanks are relatively cheap all depends on the size of your room and amount of plants.
    I can confirm that plants grow WAY faster in veg. To the point where you can save few weeks of veg time. Also the yield have increased significantly.

    Some research have been done tho. Many claim that for Co2 to be effective you need to increase the temp in the room ( I haven't done that). Co2 and higher temp
    will lead to your plants drinking more water and consuming more nutes. I suggest implementing it to a strain that you know well but you don't have to.
    just implement and be attentive, you'll see the difference. It is very noticible

    sparkygeek Well-Known Member

    I would say that adding CO2 was the single best upgrade I've made to my grow room. Instead of getting a controller-based setup I went with a simple solenoid activated CO2 regulator controlled by a $10 timer. I went this route because the CO2 meter was expensive and I wasn't skipping that. The 20# tank was $100 ($20 to refill) The CO2 regulator was around $150. Since CO2 is only used when the lights are on, it was relatively simple to get about 1500ppm average. Best of luck!

    Huckster79 Well-Known Member

    It works, but i found it only works out with a room that only has girls that are same or close days in flower and similiar run lenghth. As anectodally i found it necessary to reduce and cut it off at the end for quality sake. Though i have heard others say their experience is opposite, this is mine:

    Im off it right now only because i have girls at diff stages in there.

    I had run great w co2 from my very first micro grow, because i got the equipment for a song i set it up even for the microgrow as my very first run ever. First run i blew my mentor away. When i moved into a multiple plant grow room, i of course took the co2 to it and went great for a year or so, would run co2 to timed calculated amount to obtain 1500ppm, and heat up to mid to upper 80s and rh 65 or 70 and they loved it!!!! Would do that for say 5 or 6 weeks then start backing all down to finish hopefully last week to week and a half at ambient co2, temps high of upper 70ish lows of 70ish rh 40 to 50

    Great yeilds great quality. Then one round a heatwave hit and my enviornmental controls that as rudimentary as they were had worked thus far failed to combat the heatwave and it happened to coincide with the last two weeks of flower... i finished in upper 80s a few days low 90. I kept co2 rolling to reduce that heat stress, being the plant deals better with heat when it has the co2 for turbo mode. The plants looked just beautiful.... the product in the end tho tasted like hay no matter how carefully i cured it. Its effects though there where as short lives as could be. You coulda rolled one in the cop shop and they wudnt have smelled it.

    I really think those last two weeks you dont want the plant i n turbo anymore. I gotta get ballanced back out to have same stage girls back in there so i can fully utilize the set up being i added real ac after that disappointing round. Now i could get that insane growth and fullness out of those high co2 high temp and humidity gets ya for the first bit of flower, while getting the quality a cold finish gets ya. Now with the controls i have with ac i finish at 70 high temp 58 low, but even in begining keep her 78ish as high without the co2. Its arguable but many beleive you dont reap all of co2 rewards without increased temp. The purple hues ya get from the cold finish adds real beaity and deapth, the quality is bar none increased from my rounds before the cold finish.

    So co2 em! Just back off at end imho...
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    Shugglet Well-Known Member

    150 for a regulator? Seriously? How do you know youre getting that 1500 avg without a monitor?
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    STLbudz Well-Known Member

    i just went co2 not because i wanted to increase or do anything to the plant , all i wanted was a fully sealed room and controllable room for any enviroment i wanted . Ill keep it all short and just Damn its the truth the perfert Room in vpd range all day. its defenitly a plus in my book as for thc idk bout that 1 cuz my plants were dripping , can post pics soon

    STLbudz Well-Known Member

    Don't have pics of past grow because this was first time running these strains except for the cookie I've ran that before but comparing to my buddies non co2 room we both ran same strains mine came out thicker ,frostier,tighter , heavier . His was fire no doubt but idk co2 brings there full potential

    I just used a regulator on a timer using the co2 timer calculator online ... I'd get the sniffer/controller but the timer worked great for me .

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    Canadain Closet Gardener

    Canadain Closet Gardener Well-Known Member

    Use a golf bag. It holds a tank quite easy. Also easier to lug it in and out of the house.

    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    I run a perpetual setup and use 1200ppm throughout. I have heard people say to stop toward the end of flower but Is see no reason really. When dinosaurs roamed the earth and everything was larger than life CO2 was upwards of over 4000ppm. Humans can breath in levels of 5000ppm for 8 hours without any problems and it takes 40,000+ppm to kill you so I'd say it's safe to say that 1,500ppm or less won't hurt your cannabis at the end, it doesn't for me anyways. I do get very high yields but I also switched to COB led at the same time as I ran a sealed room with CO2 so I can't say how much of an improvement it was or is but I don't know anyone else getting over 6lbs out of a 4x8..

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