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    @pinner420 Looks like that black Rose is seeded? that bottom central bud.
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    For all you vert heads, I still can't find this answer.... how the hell are you incorporating ur carbon filters? I knw I'm using the exhaust tube to suck out hot air from the bulb, but where the hell would the filter be put in?

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    Usually it is Carbon Filter-> exhaust fan-> exhaust pipe out of the space.
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    Cool tube (above cooling fan) - carbon filter - exhaust fan - out of grow area

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    Cooling fan meaning the fan sitting on the floor blowing up? And what if you wanted to do bare bulb instead of cool tube, thanks man

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    I am sorry but I though the exhaust tube you spoke of was a cool tube like device.

    Floor fan (cooling) - carbon filter top of tent - exhaust fan out of grow area.

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    Awesome! thanks for the pic, I knw da filter slows down exhaust, will it still remove hot air quick enough in ur setup? Again thanks bro

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    You could mount the fan directly to carbon filter. I have found that foil tubing is not 100% lightproof.

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    Where would the light come from, you are discharging air from the tent. The light would have to come up the exhaust to the fan then through the charcoal filter. That ain't going to happen.
    Where the concern should lay is intake air, if your are pulling air into the tent via foil tubing then you should it is pulled from a dark area and also use the foil tubing that is black on the inside. My air is sucked from a bathroom and it is under the sink in the cabinet. I have blocked the window, I use the blackened foil and limit the time the light is on in that bath. When I installed this setup, I opened the cabinet, turned on all the lights, had my GF zip me up in the tent and I spent time waiting for my eye to adjust to the light. Then opened my eyes to look for any light that may be coming from the intake tubing and the was none at all.

    Good luck on your grow bud,
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    I was talking about that foil tubing in general. It is sold in grow-stores and is not really lightproof. I moved over to steel 8" stovepipe. Better flow, no light leaks.
    Looking at your picture again. Looks like you could improve the exhaust airflow. The tent sleeve is stuffed into the pipe reducing airflow and creating turbulence. Summer is coming.
    Get a soup can in the 6" diameter cut off both ends. Put the soup tube in the foil pipe for support and put the shroud around it and cinch it down.
    Have soup.
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    Yes I agree that the foil pipe between the fan and filter should not have been so long, I have changed that already, no kinks.
    Thanks for the idea.
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    Over time that flex tubing starts to loose its silver coating.Comes off in tiny pieces.Have had mine up in the same way as gr865 for a few years now.I can get inside the room and see baby light stars through the's minor though.Was the same in the room before that.

    Does yours have more flex running out past your tent to another location gr865?If so i doubt you would see any pinhole light leaks on the inside flex tube.....ever.

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    Hey guys. It's my first grow. So go easy. I'm almost 2 weeks into flower. I didn't realized that I was suppose to keep the light close to the tops of the plants in veg. So they are stretched out a bit. I'm just wondering if I should even lollipop them or not. It seems to be getting enough light. But I am not sure if it will benefit anything for me since the plants are NOT that bushy. I'm using a 1000 way LED in a 3x3x5 tent. Help please!

    The pics are what they looked like before I started flowering And don't mind the olive tree lol I did save it though. Thank you!!!

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    Look up corn cob LEDs
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    maximum autism

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    just putting this out there again, in case anyone has thought of this or experimented with it.

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    I would like to try vert with my new Unit Farm LED light

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    There's lots of vertical LED grows now, check out the LED section and the vertical growing section.
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