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    Sounds like the kind of guy who would try an organic vertical cob sip system as if that shit would work.....too many concepts man!
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    Yeah, just ignore him. He'll never amount to anything. Everyone says so, and everyone is always right.

    ...aren't they? :fire:
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    What's a SIP system lol
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    SIPS = Sub Irrigated Pot System. Continuous watering from the bottom of the soil column.
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    Good morning week 5... 20161207_095954.jpg

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    That is enormous for five weeks....fattening yet to come. Nice!
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    Couple days ago she shifted gears.
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    Boy, I guess so! You got any of those gears to spare, bro?
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    I'm preparing for a seed run in 4 weeks.
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    Hi all. Not new to growing, but new to RIU. If I should have started a new thread please let me know and accept my apologies. Just trying not to clutter up the forum.
    I'm finishing up my 2nd crop in my grow cabinet. I'd never have thought to do a vert grow but after some reading I'm really hyped about converting to vert. I'm currently running:
    1,000 W HPS
    Gen Hydro Rainforest 6 system
    GH 3 part nutes and bloom supplements
    My cabinet is 2'Dx4'Wx6'H
    See pic below for my current crop.

    I really like the trellis idea I've read about in this thread, attaching the plant to the inside wall of the trellis, then tying the branches as it grows. The yields I've seen by growers here are insane and I'm totally jealous!
    I'm thinking of doing 3 or 4 plants, one each along the side walls, 2 along the back wall.

    I'm thinking of keeping a clone of my Ice, and a Sour OG, both of which are in my current crop. I may keep using the Rainforest or I may have to switch back to DWC so they can have individual containters, allowing me to push them against the wall/trellis. I'll figure that out later.

    So here's where I need advice:

    1. Given my space restrictions, am I getting greedy by wanting 4 plants or should I scale back to 3. We typically prefer indicas or indie dominant blends so any ideas on ordering some new seeds and which breeders to add to my current duo would be appreciated. Mr. Nice's Medicine Man looks appealing and I've grown a good bit of White Rhino in the past so we may want to try it out. If anyone has done Rhino or Medicine Man vert I'd love to hear your thoughts.
    2. For years I've done SOG grows so I've never really vegged more than a week before going 12/12. Should I stick with the 1/3 concept (as in the plants will roughly triple in size during flowering) or should I grow them closer to the ceiling of the cabinet and just prune them back to keep them under control? At what point should I flip to 12/12?
    3. I currently have a horizontal hood. Where can I find an inexpensive fixture so I keep using my current ballast? Any recommendations? I'lll likely only have about 4.5' to 5' of vertical height when I factor in the hydro system. I'm guessing my 1000w light will be enough to sustain the vert grow I'm planning.
    4. Also, I've seen discussions in the past about buying HID bulbs rated for vertical growing. Pardon my ignorance but is that BS?

    I'm really amped about doing this. Hoping for some good feedback. Thanks in advance!

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    pinner420 Well-Known Member

    That's great... I allocate 4x4 for one plant. like everything in life it's how you set it up. look @kiwipaulie he has similar setup you seek. You sound like you have a grip on how fast and big your girls get. sounds like you're gonna need more space..
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Hope you get your when expected, mine is now going on 4 weeks since shipped.
    Was expecting to be 2 to 3 weeks into veg now.

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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    This is unnecessary with the directional nature of LED lighting.

    Vertical walls are just flatlander grows turned 90 degrees. As far as the light is concerned, the target is the same.

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    Black Rose. (Black russian x skunk 1)

    BlackD.O.G Active Member

    Wow where do you get that? What breeder?

    pinner420 Well-Known Member

    Heath Robinson 7 years ago.
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    DesertHydro Well-Known Member

    i switched the 1k back to the 600w after like 2 weeks because i was getting leaf burn so i guess im sort of back in the club lol. anyways heres what i just pulled down. this is gonna be my first time doing a dry trim so we will see how i like it. my 4x8 tent will be the standard wet trim to compare. it comes down in like 5 days. flushing with agave nectar and RO water for the last week. IMG_1491.JPG

    Owly Member

    Huh, that would actually be pretty simple. Just take some aluminum square tube and plug up the ends with a fitting.

    branbran420 Active Member

    Basic as basic gets, soil and teas

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