Cannabis does lower testosterone/libido

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    avillax Well-Known Member

    Yep, long story short:

    2 years ago I started smoking weed regularly, not even much, I smoke 1/3 of a joint every 2 days. Anyways, few months after smoking marijuana regularly I stared feeling my libido going down a lot, also I get tired at nights and lost a lot of interest on the other sex.

    So I go to see the urologist and I'm perfectly fine EXCEPT that I have low testosterone, and the doctor says Marijuana is definitely a contributing factor.

    Am I gonna stop smoking?

    No, I'm just gonna get a testosterone shot every 3 months, but they ain't cheap so I'm just giving you the heads up.
    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    i am a medium heavy weed smoker and i trip over my libido my hormones are normal. i am sorry to hear about your low testosterone but it's not from a couple puffs of weed every couple of days

    Andrew2112 Well-Known Member

    No, as someone who researches how food and drugs affect testosterone constantly, I have found that cannabis doesn't lower testosterone. Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones lowers it drastically as does refined carbs and sugars, alcohol, tobacco, certain spices like those found ethnic foods as well as fast foods with all their additives. So it is overall lifestyle that lowers it. There are ways to raise it dramatically with diet and exercise. Getting a shot is not going to fix the problem only mask it.

    Also, some men report that certain strains increase libido and others dampen it. Depends on the person and the strain. I am a heavy user and have high testosterone and I am always poppin chubs :hump:

    I used to suffer from low testosterone for years and once I started a high fat/cholesterol, whole food, no grains or sugar based diet with intermittent fasting my problem was fixed although it took time and commitment. I also train rigorous calisthenics 10+ hours a week. This works very well for me. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    bongsmiliei cook and am now curious what spices effect testosterone. i know some spices double as medicinal herbs so it wouldn't surprise me. I wonder how much a pinch of this or that can do. can you splain?
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    Dr.Amber Trichome

    Dr.Amber Trichome Well-Known Member

    Interesting about spices. I was just listening to a radio program about herbs and abortion. Some herbs can help induce it, like penny royal.

    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    Lol, I like how you can state things so matter of factly. I would bet many on here would readily disagree.

    How old are you, what else is going on in your life, are you stressed, how's your financial situation? Do you drink or smoke cigarettes?

    I ask these things because you are what I would consider a light/casual user. I use for medical purposes, heavily, all day every day. I can honestly tell you I haven't noticed the slightest drop in libido or sex drive. My wife has to beat me off (pardon the pun) of her some nights.

    I would be willing to bet that there are other factors contributing to your low T. I suspect your doctor isn't cannabis friendly or hasn't taken the time to educate themselves on it, and is simply using the cannabis as a way to easily explain away the symptoms your having.
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    Dr.Amber Trichome

    Dr.Amber Trichome Well-Known Member

    Lol...wife has to beat me off of her some nights... lol. Haha ..your a healthy horney bastard smoking some primo... good for you.
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Damn I smoke and wana fuck my wife pretty much instantly ....infact I have a brand new boy ...imagine that ....if weed lowers testosterone then I'd be humping trees if I quit ...

    Good looking trees that is
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    avillax Well-Known Member

    Well, maybe there's more to the story, I do eat lots of carbs and sugars and lately I've been trying to avoid them, specially sugar. I'm fit, I-m a surfer though.

    I also use Avodart for hair loss, and yes, the doctor says it also lowers it. I'm focusing on a diet now and perhaps stop using avodart cuz I cant quit weed yo!
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    Andrew2112 Well-Known Member

    A few of the basic spices that lower testosterone are:
    Cumin (even 1/4 teaspoon can cut levels in half)
    Turmeric (some sources claim it raises levels others say it lowers so I avoid it)
    Hops (very powerful estrogenic herb, mixed with alcohol it is especially potent)
    Licorice (very powerful Testosterone inhibitor)

    Other lesser used herbs to avoid are:

    Black Cohosh
    Red clover
    Dong quai

    Other foods to avoid:

    Flax seeds
    Everything that comes from soy
    orange juice (concentrated amounts of triglycerides negatively affect testosterone)

    On the opposite end here are some foods/herbs/spices that boost testosterone:
    Black pepper
    Tomatoes (lycopene content is a booster)
    Fruits and veggies that are yellow/orange/red colors as they have beta carotene which is a booster
    Any and all cruciferous veggies which include spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, radishes, and cabbage (sulphuric compounds block testosterone degradation into estrogenic state)
    High cholesterol grass fed meats
    Soy free fed eggs
    Spicy peppers
    Cod Liver Oil
    Seafoods like tuna and shellfish
    root veggies like sweet potatoes, yams, beets
    Most seeds/nuts

    There are more but it would take a while to go through everything, let me know if you have anymore questions
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    Andrew2112 Well-Known Member

    A testosterone boosting lifesyle can help with hair loss prevention as male baldness is typically caused by elevated levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and its degradation into estrogenic compounds. This is where eating a lot of cruciferous is important as they prevent the decline into estrogen. Application of high quality cold pressed neem and karanja oils to the scalp can and Castor oil has been used as a hair loss and regrowth treatment with success.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Weed will alter your hormones.. Including estrogen and testosterone.

    This is a fact

    But so do pain pills. Both of which I take alot of . and I'm pertty manly still

    Don't get so worked up about a potential side effect of our loved drug of choice

    I'm not saying that's the problem
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    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    You have alot of information. Can you share some resources? Are you compiling these from several sources or do you have a guide? Maybe you could write the guide.
    this is my palette. i don't use
    Red clover
    Dong quai
    unless i was making a medicinal candy .Licorice and hops are def medicine too. i am skeptical about how much the cumin and thyme and such do. i haven't noticed but it would be interesting to look at some data. this knowledge could prove useful.
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    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    but is the response the same with everyone that consumes it a certain way?
    or is it a lot like saying weed makes you paranoid. where it is only true of a small populous under certain conditions.

    Andrew2112 Well-Known Member

    I have collected this information over the past few years, reading many books about testosterone and healthy living, some of the books I recommend are:

    4hr body by Timothy Ferris
    TestShock by Christopher Walker
    Refuel by John La Puma

    These are good basic resources I don't follow everything they say as I have constructed my own lifestyle plan that goes beyond these books. The info that makes up my lifestyle has been complied from various sources, Doctors, and personal experience living around the world. I'm not even sure where to begin but I have thought that writing my own book would prove useful for many. If you specific questions I am more than happy to answer.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    What you need a scientist to tell you this ../

    why do you think stoners are good lovers

    they are just so chilled

    good luck

    Huckster79 Well-Known Member

    Indacouch i was gunna say same thing my girl would be having smoke rolling out of every oraface of her body if im on low sex drive now from weed and quit! Shed be begging me to cheat on her!

    Id see if the doc is a religous quack or something.... you know we are only curcumcised in the west since the kellogs cornflakes inventor sponsored a doctor to declare circumcision will keep your preclous boy from falling into the sin of masturbation! Then it just became well "just because we do it thats why we do it and back it up with antiquated junk science" and here we are 125 years later still snippin dicks for no real reason.

    Just cuz one doc says it does not make it gospel... find a doc that smokes weed.
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    JimmyEatzWorld New Member

    People can say that this isn't true but I hate to tell you that it is. I'm 46 years old. But this happened when I was 29. I was in excellent shape. I made my living pedaling a bike taxi/pedicab (pulling up to three passengers per ride) 3 nights a week. In the day I would be in the gym weightlifting and 4 to 5 nights a week I trained at a boxing gym for the Ft. Lauderdale Tough Man Competition. At 227 lbs I tested at11% body fat. Due to the high amount of exercise I ate whatever I wanted to. I avoided sugar and processed food but paid no attention to reducing fat whatsoever. I made my own different concoctions out of a juicing machine including wheatgrass almost everyday. Needless to say I was very healthy but I had totally lost my sex drive for a little over a year. I could have had Megan Fox naked in my bed......nothing but a limp bizkit!!! Normally I had a rocket for a libido!!!I I went to a doctor who told me I was depressed. I insisted "no way!!!". I feel depressed at all except when I failed to get a hard on with yet another hot chick! There was no lead in my pencil and I had no interest in sex at all!!! It sucked so bad!!! This doctor gave me Zoloft which not only didn't help but made me feel like a complete weirdo!! Then I went to a shrink. She asked "Do you smoke weed?" I said yes. She asked "do you smoke a lot?" I reluctantly said yes. She told me I had to quit immediately and I asked "what the f**k does that have to do with my problem?" She said that's what was doing it to me and I had to totally quit. She warned me that worse case scenario it could take as much as 6 to 9 months for my sex drive to return to normal and a lot of guys commit suicide in that time. That frightened me!!! I had no faith in what she was saying but out of desperation I gave it a try. Lo and behold!!! After 3 months my John Thomas was back standing at attention! This thing was ready to cut diamonds!!! Thank God I thought to myself! I still like to smoke weed but I have to keep it at a very low minimum. It happened again at age 41. Starting smoking a lot again and I got the same results. It ruined my relatiionship with a girl I really liked a lot. She truly believed I wasn't attracted to her because she had never heard of weed doing that to men. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! Now I barely smoke weed at all. I like sex much more than I like weed! Call me weird! This condition is no joke, It's obvious it only effects certain people like this but I assure you it's real as day and the most terrible thing I ever went through. Just cause it doesn't happen to you doesn't mean it's BS. I'm 100% pro-marijuana and think it's a God given right to use this plant as you wish Besides what happened to me and the few others it affected similarly, I know weed is not only harmless but I believe it's the most medicinal plant in the world. However, this condition myself and others have gone through, just because you may smoke a lot and it never happened to you, doesn't mean it's bulls**t!! It leaves one feeling alone, desperate, scared, confused and eventually very depressed when it happens. I didn't get suicidal but had I gone much longer without solving the problem I have no doubt that I might have. So if someone you know smokes a lot of weed and tells you they are going through this, don't be so quick to dismiss them like some of you did here to Avillax. It's a scientific proven fact that this is a real condition caused by smoking weed and I'm willing to bet there are many suffering from it in silence, too ashamed to tell anyone and have no idea why it's happening to them. I am on a quest to find out if there are any strains/types of weed that you can use freely without it affecting your testosterone levels. If anyone knows anything about that.....PLEASE hit me up!! Thanks.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Lol. I have been smoking and eating weed every day since 1983.

    Except for 3 breaks for job drug testing years apart and years ago.

    My family is full of medical doctors and I worked with naturepaths for about 4 years and have never heard this about cannabis. Or felt it.

    No one would ever accuse me of having low testosterone. If anything it's the opposite.
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    JimmyEatzWorld New Member

    Like I said, it obviously doesn't affect everyone like that and why some are more prone to it than others? I have no clue. But it's real. I changed nothing about my lifestyle except smoking weed and it brought my sex drive back to normal in three months after going 18 months with no sex drive at all. I don't know why the medical field is so silent about it. I do believe that many in the medical field just don't know. I'm not throwing any shade on weed or anything. Obviously the majority of weed users aren't effected by this. Google it. The info is out there.
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