Bridgelux EB Strips GEN 2

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    Serva Well-Known Member

    I can use way more strips = better uniformity :)

    And I got a few of the HVGCs for 15€
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    But if you had more drivers, would you run them stronger? I mean, aren't you losing lots of lumens running them so low? I really need to learn more about :D

    Serva Well-Known Member

    No, I would run them softer when I had a cv driver. Yes you loose lumens, but you get better efficiency, and better uniformity (the light is spreaded out, and will come from more directions onto the canopy).

    My answer is always the same: get as many strips as your wallet can afford, and a cv driver which will provide enough power for your growing space (30w/sqft).

    But if its your first light, you can also go with 8 strips! Just get a cv driver, that has enough power. You can add more strips later anyways.

    How big is your grow room?
    Ginger Viking

    Ginger Viking Well-Known Member

    He is using the 280mm strips that require half the amps(350mA nominal).

    Serva Well-Known Member

    Yeah but I also run them at 50%, so 175ma. Only the strips on the side will get 350ma.

    I builded a panel for my wife with 18 1ft strips (gen1) and a HLG-60H-24.

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Where do you buy gen 2 strips in Canada?

    1212ham Well-Known Member

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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had luck sourcing thermal tape in canada?

    Probably 25mmx2mm for the eb strips.
    Need like 60 some feet.

    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    Anyone check out the bridgelux gen 2 5050 diodes?

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    BuddyColas Well-Known Member

    Can you share a little more info.

    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    The gen2 strips use the 3030 diodes the 5050 is a little bigger diode the highest bin has really good output like 180+ lm/w

    BuddyColas Well-Known Member

    News to me. I know Welight is going to the 3030 diodes for his boards as there are more offerings from vendors at that size. So where did you read about the move to 5050 diodes for gen 2 strips? I like to keep up.:mrgreen:

    As an aside, I use the gen 1 strips and I'm very happy with them.

    Serva Well-Known Member

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    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    I just read alot about led alot of people get tunnel vision on this site there arr always better bins coming out. I haven't found 5050 strips yet with the correct bin. The lowest bin is around 150lm/w highest is close to 200. I didn't mean they switched to 5050 the eb strips are still 3030. I was just reading about the gen2 5050 diodes it's seems to me you can run them at 1w each with good results if I can find a good bin on a pcb I'll buy some to test out.
    Yeah the 5050 just seems like it might be a better option if the top bin was avalible. it would need alot less chips for the same output with less chips it's cheaper and easier to use optics
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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    I'll be getting some eb strips ordered soon. Could anyone tell me how far apart to keep them if I want to run them say 10cm (4in) from the plants ?
    I prabobly go for 10-14 strips on HLG-185h-C700B

    Randomblame Well-Known Member


    A good rule of thumb is to use the same distance, so 10cm(4inch) from strip to strip. I would push them closer together on the sides and pull them apart in the middle. So you get a more homogeneous coverage and reduce the hotspot in the middle. Some call it a "logarithmic distribution", I call it "hotspot avoidance".
    On my next one it looks like this:
    Left side strip spacings.png

    As you can see, the distances to the sides are narrower, while the largest distance is in the middle. BTW, I'll use a UVB tube on that spot and the tent is a 2x 4'. 20 2ft. F-Series Strips and 8 V18c_CRI90, gets maybe replace by CRI90 strips.png
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    muleface Well-Known Member

    How do you like the UV tubes? I bought 4 of them once and never took them out of the box. i haven't been able to find a practical way of adding them to my lighting setup

    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    With strips it's pretty easy to add them. But it's my first time with UVB.
    If I find time, I will finish it this week.
    Unfortunately, I have to replace a defective A/V meter, but otherwise only strips, COB's and a few IR diodes are missing, the latter will be used as flower trigger.

    Base frame with center reflector.png Backside.png
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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Thanks Randomblame.
    I pulled out my finger and did sam algebra. One strip hang at 11.5cm gives about 40cm coverage. I can calculate from that overlap from the strips. Mine will be going sideways in comparison to yours and in tightly fitted tent so im not sure putting them close to the reflective walls will reduse hot spotting. I think it mught have an opposite effect

    The frame im planning will be very simple two L profiles and will screw the ends of the strips to that (w/o heatsinks). I can do some basic lux measurments with my phone after I build it and adjust it from there if needed.

    I'll be starting with even 10cm and will let You know how it went in the end.

    Thanks again for the help :)
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