Bridgelux EB Strips GEN 2

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    Serva Well-Known Member

    You got me wrong... I want to have a custom light, where the diods are spreaded out perfectly even. I couldn’t achieve this with the strips! It‘s not about the efficiency for me. The design (just look at one of my older post) will make this possible. The roof of my space will be completely covered with diods.

    And I like crafting and DIY! Half of my hobby isn‘t anymore about growing, it‘s about tweaking my cab, and constructing new lights.
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    1212ham Well-Known Member

    I hear that! I've been working on ways to maintain stable temperature in a 15C/60F room.

    Serva Well-Known Member

    It‘s funny... I read alot about people having problems with the cold temprature lately. I can tell you, what is working for me (mine is not that old, like the one in the example pic):


    I am cooking with it, I get my warm water from it, and my heaters in the whole house are connected with it. Normally it‘s too warm for me, but to open a window is easy... temps outside will drop below -18C/0F soon, but inside I can obtain 22-24C/70-75F easily!
    Wanna talk about electrical savings?! :bigjoint:

    Vehlor Member

    I think the hlg-185h-20a is only 185 watts. Can you really push this one to 200 watts like the CC version?
    Can slmeone tell me what color temperature work better with this gen 2 strips? 5000k +3000k? If so, what ratio?

    Serva Well-Known Member

    They are only avaible as 3500 + 5000. And every ratio ist working... what you wanna do? Are you height restricted? I have 1:1. But it‘s me. You can also go all 3500 and it will work.

    And no, hlg-185h isn‘t able to push out way more. If you buy the A version it might work to get 195w, but definitely not more! I just told you the options you have.
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    HLG-150 with 3500 and HLG-60 with 5000 maybe?

    DankBudzzz Well-Known Member

    Can I run 6 x 2 foot 3500k eb gen2 strips and 4 x 2 foot 5000k eb gen 2 strips together on an HLG-240C1400B, the volts thing required confuses me. Thanks in advane

    Buck5050 Member

    That driver has a 179v max on its range and I think 19.5v min per strip is required so that's 195v total with 10 strips.

    Vehlor Member

    You can use that driver but you are going to have to combine series and parallel wiring. You can have up to 18 strips on that driver if you combine in parallel 2 groups of 9 strips in serie. You have to do 2 groups in parallel of 5 strips in serie to wire your 10 strips. Voltage will be 97.5v and each strip will get 700ma for a total of 136.5w.

    Dave455 Well-Known Member

    Has it not been demonstrated that mixing strips will not improve spectrum ?

    BuddyColas Well-Known Member

    Shhhhhhh. It makes many builders happy to mix their own zoomy spectrum. :mrgreen:
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    DankBudzzz Well-Known Member

    FYI I have 700 watts of 3000 and 3500 k already so I was looking to change it up a bit
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    DankBudzzz Well-Known Member

    What would be a more appropriate driver to run 10 at 1000 ish mA

    Serva Well-Known Member

    HLG-185H-20A, with parallel wiring
    HLG-185H-C1050A could also work with 10 strips in series, but only with the A version. The strips need 200V, and the driver is rated as 190V. But 190 + 10% = 209V, so I can see it working. Would prefer the other one though.

    Vehlor Member

    I would also use a constant voltage driver and wire in parallel. 185H-20A, 240H-20A, 320H-20A, 600H-20A. Bigger drivers are more expensive but allows you to add more lights later. Note that the bigger driver, the less you can dim your lights.
    Ginger Viking

    Ginger Viking Well-Known Member

    It's also suggested not to mix spectrum when wiring in parallel...

    DankBudzzz Well-Known Member

    So if I go for the 240 driver and wire 10 in parallel , what would they run at, seems way confusing as I barely got my timber kit together, may be worth the extra to just buy a QB. Thanks for everyone’s help this far!

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    Do newbs not get a "like" button on this forum? I'd have smashed that thing a dozen times in this thread alone... Thanks for all the info, guys. It's fascinating to me to see people working out these kinds of DIY projects in real time
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Look at the rated current (12A) and divide it by the amount (10) of strips.

    12000ma : 10 = 1200ma (would be maximum)

    But the A version will have more power, atleast 10%, so >1350ma on full blast.
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Yeah, no like button for newbs :D but if you got your first likes (or something like that) you will get it! :peace:
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