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Discussion in 'The Glass House' started by jim rucker, Oct 10, 2017.

    jim rucker

    jim rucker New Member

    If you were to put a tape measure around the tube/neck of the average sized straight bongs, what would it be? For example, I am interested in this because it appears to me that there are two average sizes of the tube for regular straight ice catching bongs. 6" and 7" using a tape measure. It makes sense because people's mouth's only get so big or small. This has been my experience with bongs 10" through 36." I am just interested to see if anyone gets different numbers than me.

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    jim rucker

    jim rucker New Member

    I did not specify enough. If you wrap a tape measure around the tube of the bong what size do you generally see? I have noticed 6" and 7" are the most standard circumference for bongs 10" through 36" tall.

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    I pulled a Taylor's tape out and measured the body of a Helix bong. It's 5" around with about a 1 3/8" diameter. 10" high from base to the top rim.
    jim rucker

    jim rucker New Member

    Helix! Nice! The 10" bongs does not surprise me they get down to 5." The smaller bongs tend to have that smaller mouth.

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    That 5" was the chamber the bowl attaches to. The upper chamber has a shape like an kerosene lantern but it's not much bigger in circumference.

    On average, it's 5". It doesn't hold much water. I'd guess about half a cup. It's definitely small. I'd prefer a bigger chamber for the water but don't want to use the old school 'Heavy' bong. The thick colored jobs without a standardized bowl. I have one and it sits on a shelf.
    jim rucker

    jim rucker New Member

    Gotcha! I may be getting a helix similar in size to yours for a good personal bong. I am really trying to find as much as can about the circumference of bongs, so your help is appreciated.

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    ANC Well-Known Member

    I have never owned a bong! I have a giant hooka from Egypt though.
    I'm a long time smoker, my lung capacity doesn't justify a bong.

    I did use to enjoy sharing a bottleneck pipe with friends. But that is too much weed for one guy.

    The beauty of it was as long as we had an empty beer or cooldrink bottle in the car we had an instant disposable pipe that could just be shattered on the ground when you are done... yeah kids are arseholes.
    Lucky Luke

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    I like wide mouth bong. I like to have my mouth in the stem not on top or around the outside.

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