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    Oh wow. That was shitty on the cops part.
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    (Newser) – Apparently Philippe Jernnard thought that donning an Air France shirt and a leather jacket with epaulets on its shoulders would be enough to let him pass as a pilot. Alas, it was not, but it did get him all the way to the cockpit of a US Airways flight before he was arrested last night. Seems the 61-year-old French man had a ticket on the flight from Philadelphia to West Palm Beach, but got upset after spoke with the boarding attendant and was denied a seat in business class, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.
    Fox 29 Philadelphia reports that Jernnard boarded then strolled right up to the cockpit and ended up sitting in the jumpseat behind the captain, telling the flight crew he was an Air France pilot. He was also carrying an Air France bag and "some identification that looked like he was a crew member from Air France," a Philadelphia police captain says. But when he couldn't provide the proper credentials—and the original boarding attendant spotted him in the cockpit—he was made to take his seat in the cabin and then later arrested. He's been charged with several crimes including impersonating a pilot, and the FBI is investigating. It's not clear what his intentions were.

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    Punxsutawney Phil sued over early spring forecast, seeking death penalty

    [h=3]By Associated Press, Updated: Friday, March 22, 7:27 AM[/h]
    CINCINNATI — Famed groundhog Punxsutawney (puhnk-suh-TAW’-nee) Phil might want to go back into hibernation.
    Authorities in still-frigid Ohio have issued an “indictment” of the furry rodent, who predicted an early spring when he didn’t see his shadow after emerging from his western Pennsylvania lair on Feb. 2.

    Mike Gmoser (MOH’-zuhr), the prosecutor in southwestern Ohio’s Butler County, says Punxsutawney Phil “did purposely, and with prior calculation and design, cause the people to believe that spring would come early.”
    The penalty? Gmoser says — tongue firmly in cheek — is death.

    Winter has been dragging on in the Buckeye State and surrounding areas, with daily high temperatures this week hovering in the mid-30s.
    A storm moving into the region Sunday could bring between 4 and 8 inches of snow.

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    First things first, the RIU search function sucks BALLS! I type in the exact name of the thread and nothing comes up for pages and pages.. Type it in Google, pops right up. Rolli, get on that shit, son!

    Check this out;


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    Why did you have to post this shit right before I go to bed?

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    I agree Padawan. And THAT is creepy...

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    Lmao sweet dreams!
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    Now that is bizarre, strange and different.
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    GALVESTON, Texas (AP) - Officials say a vial containing a virus that can cause hemorrhagic fever has gone missing from a research facility in Galveston, but say there's no reason to believe there's a threat to the public.
    The University of Texas Medical Branch said Saturday that there was no breach in the security its Galveston National Laboratory and no indication of wrongdoing. Officials suspect the missing vial containing the Guanarito virus was destroyed during the lab's cleaning process but the investigation continues.
    The medical branch says the virus, native to Venezuela, is transmitted only through contact with Venezuelan rats. It is not believed to be able to survive in U.S. rodents or to be transmitted person-to-person.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was immediately notified after the vial was discovered missing Wednesday.
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    A knife-wielding Pakistani bus driver is accused of attempting to rape a off-duty female U.S. Navy sailor in Dubai. However, he never got the chance to commit the act of rape because the 28-year-old woman wrestled the driver to the ground and put him in a stranglehold using her thighs.
    “Prosecutors said that she knocked the knife from his hand, broke it in two, bit him in the hand, forced him to the ground and locked him between her thighs,” the Daily Mail reports.

    The woman was reportedly on 24-hour shore leave in Dubai and was returning to the port where she is based when she was attacked by the bus driver.
    After failing to hail a taxi, the woman hopped on a bus that pulled up next to her. She immediately became suspicious when the driver went off-course and started taking backroads. When she asked him why he wasn’t taking the main roads, he told her not to worry about it.

    After about 10 more minutes of driving, the bus stopped in an area filled with other parked buses. He then reportedly tried to kiss the off-duty U.S. Navy sailor. When she rejected his advances, he pulled a knife and threatened to rape her. It turned out to be a big mistake on the part of the driver.
    The woman subdued her would-be rapist and then left the bus and reported it to her commander at Port Khalid, the Daily Mail notes. The alleged attack occurred on January 19.

    The driver has only been identified as “K S” from Pakistan. He was arrested the next day at his home and the arresting police officer reported that he was drunk.

    The man, 21, has been charged with attempted rape, threatening to kill, assault and consuming alcohol illegally. While he confessed to being drunk during the incident, he also claims he was too drunk to remember trying to rape a woman.
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    Ewwwwwwe and yuck.

    CLACKAMAS, Ore. (CBS Seattle) — A man has died at an Oregon packaging plant after falling into a meat grinder.
    Clackamas County authorities say 41-year-old Hugo Avalos-Chanon, a contract employee for DCS Sanitation Management, fell into a meat blender at Interstate Meat Distributors while cleaning, KOIN-TV reports.

    An employee pressed the emergency switch in an effort to stop the blender, but it was too late. Dr. Cliff Young, deputy state medical examiner, tells The Oregonian that Avalos-Chanon died from “blunt-force injuries and chopping wounds.”

    Darrin Hoy, president of Interstate Meat Distributors, called it an “extremely unfortunate incident.”
    “We’re not looking forward to reliving through any of it again,” Hoy told The Oregonian.

    This was not the first accident at the meat packaging company. KATU-TV reports a cleaning crew employee lost a finger in 2005 in a ribbon blender.
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the death.

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    Man Loses Life Savings at Carnival

    A New Hampshire man is calling foul after he blew $2,600—reportedly his life savings—on a carnival game. Determined to win an Xbox Kinect for his kids, Henry Gribbohm, 30, got carried away playing “Tubs of Fun” at a Hampshire-based fair, where he emptied his bank account and walked away with nothing but a giant stuffed banana with dreadlocks. “They explained to me I was going to get all my money back,” Gribbohm told local reporters. “I was going to get an Xbox Kinect…They lied to me.” Gribbohm has since filed a police report for fraud. “For once in my life I happened to become that sucker,” he said. Apparently he didn’t get the memo that carnie games were created for suckers like him.



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    What an idiot lol
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    an xbox connect that costs 150.00... Well atleast he got a rasta banana out of it.

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    That's where I get xbox Kinect? Really? I mean...they're what? $100 brand new?
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    (Newser) – With the Kentucky Derby running this weekend, everybody's rolling out the feature stories in advance. It will be seriously hard to top this one in the New York Times: It's the story of Conor Murphy, 29, who was shoveling manure last year as a stablehand in England until he placed a $75 "accumulator" bet on five horses he liked. All five won—defying odds of more than 160,000/1—and the bet paid off at $1.5 million for Murphy.

    The native of Ireland immediately moved to Kentucky (he had previously worked there) and bought a stable of his own. Now one of the horses he is training, named Lines of Battle, will run in the derby on Saturday. If you're looking to cash in on Murphy's luck, be warned that Lines of Battle is a long shot at 33/1, and long shots never pay off, right?

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