Big Buddha Cheese Part Deux

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    you could take one solo cup and shake (not to aggressive) some of the soil off and plant into the 2 gal. I think what is going to happen over time, the soil will wash out mostly and it will do fine in the coco. Just my GUESS. Might be worth a try to see what happens.

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    Day 45 - 47

    20190320_210209 (2).jpg 20190320_210110 (3).jpg 20190320_210046 (2).jpg 20190319_090727 (2).jpg 20190319_090649 (2).jpg 20190318_205953 (2).jpg 20190318_205858 (2).jpg 20190318_090114 (2).jpg

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    Day 51
    All is fine, waiting to harvest. May harvest all the main cola's first, then give the rest a few more day's with a lowered light. Want this grow to run a bit longer to bring out the full Indica effect. Will make some good FECO.
    Thursday evening.
    20190321_205922 (3).jpg

    Last night. 20190323_090314 (2).jpg 20190323_205918.jpg

    This morning. Beginning to Foxtail 20190324_075837 (3).jpg 20190324_075842 (2).jpg
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    Looking great buddy
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    Mellow old School

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    Do you plan on harvesting at day 60 mate, or letting them run longer?

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    The breeder says 63 days, the reviewers say anywhere from 50 to 71 days.
    I am at 52 days today. So I will have to go by the Trichs, as I said the plan is to harvest the main cola's first and give the undergrowth a bit more time. This Friday will be 56 days so we will play it by ear after that.

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    Very nice and well documented report!

    gr865 Well-Known Member


    The one plant of the three Pheno's that is Foxtailing, is the Pheno that is the Cal/Mag hog, the one that showed deficiency.
    I have nine of those ladies, they all showed signs of deficiency.
    The other two Pheno's are showing no signs at all, just some leaf tip burn, due to increased N during the forth week, just after 21st day pruning. Should have lowered the N a bit but I increased it. Not enough leaf surface to handle what all those roots were supplying.

    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Day 56

    Last night after checking the trichs, 50 plus % cloudy, I began the flush.
    Added 6 gallons to the rez that had about 3 gallons in it. Starting ppm was 600, finish was 444, then pH'ed. I checked the rinsate of the first heavy run @ 9 PM last night and it was 755 ppm and 6.15 pH, so I added an extra minute on all 4 watering cycles. After the other three cycles last night I check it again this morning after the last cycle @ 8 AM and it was 710 ppm and 5.99 pH. About 6 gallons used. Was surprised at the ppm last night, have not been checking runoff but have been doing the every four day mini flush when emptying the rez. Glad I have begun the flush.

    Well be out late tonight so will not be able to check stuff till after tomorrow mornings final cycle. Added another 6 gallons plus Cannazym, Boost but no nutes. Increased Drip Clean from 0.6 ml to 1 ml. PPM of rez = 313.

    Shutting off the pump in the morning prior to the last cycle and water by hand, unsure how much I will be giving the ladies but would like to get the rinsate ppm below 525 and continue to flush till harvest. I will continue adding Cannazym, Boost and Drip Clean and some CaliMagic or tap water just to maintain the rez ppm's over 100 for pH'ing.

    Couple of pics from last night.
    Can see Pheno #2 with the Foxtailing in the background of this pic. No Foxtailing on the main focus plant Pheno #3.
    20190328_205903.jpg 20190328_211656 (2).jpg

    This is one of the side buds off one of the #2's, just love the color.
    20190328_211631 (2).jpg

    Not too many days till harvest. Main Cola's first then lower the lamps and give the bottom portions another few days to a week.

    Peace out, beads, bells, incense and love.

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    Don't know why I'm not getting notifications on this thread. Looking solid in there brother! :hump:
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    Day 59 thur 61

    Finely finished harvesting the mains. Only did the mains because the trichs weren't where I really wanted them, they were mostly clear 60% or smokey 40%. Will be great to smoke but not for making FECO. So going to wait and let these get get mostly cloudy with some amber to make my "Sleepy Time" FECO.
    After 20190403_083201.jpg

    Fully trimmed and hanging.
    20190402_101851.jpg After fan removal and before final trim.

    On the hanger.

    Peace out,

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    Smokey57 Well-Known Member

    GR looks like a great harvest.

    Just finished harvesting mine.
    Triple Purple Rhino

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    Mellow old School

    Mellow old School Well-Known Member

    So couple of days more mate and you have some trim work to do...
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Yes, somewhere between 5 and 8 days is my guess. I believe there is more weight remaining on the plants than I have harvested so far.
    Just going to keep checking the trichs till I get them where I want them.

    gr865 Well-Known Member

    After 5 days hanging I put the cola's in a plastic bag for 24 hours, to let them re-hydrate. Worked just fine. Now a few days hanging, then jar and cure.
    Here are three of the 7 hangers, a length shot and some buds that are still in the tent.
    20190407_092107 (2).jpg 20190407_091731 (2).jpg 20190407_091333 (2).jpg 20190407_090208 (2).jpg 20190407_090232 (2).jpg 20190407_090118 (2).jpg

    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Well only half done. I back fucking hurts, but sometime this week I will harvest the rest. Got drying room open now, and the lower ladies are getting close.
    Looking at what I have left, I am sure I will get my g/w target and I am very happy. I may be real happy if these side buds have the heaviness of the mains, if so, I should go beyond my target. [​IMG]

    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Done, finished last yesterday, did 12 pots of the side buds on Tues. and the last 12 yesterday.
    Thinking these side buds will be heavier than the mains.
    20190410_165629 (2).jpg

    "And in the end, the love we take, is equal to the love we make!"

    20190410_170541 (2).jpg
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    Everything is dried and in jars starting the cure.
    27.6 zips smokable buds, 2.3 zips untrimmed buds (going straight into FECO), and 4.6 trim (will also go into the FECO).
    Best grow weight to date and best G/W (1.23) smokable buds, 1.53 g/w total grow, the smokable buds and the untrimmed going into the FECO.
    I did over dry this last batch a bit, should have bagged them and let them re-hydrate Friday instead of Saturday.
    But overall, one happy camper here.
    This is just the jarred smokable buds.
    20190415_141841 (2).jpg

    Here is the trim and the stripped untrimmed buds, from the vertical BBC grow and the 24 plant SOG. All FECO bound!
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    Smokey57 Well-Known Member

    Looks fantastic. You consistently have great grows. I enjoy following and learning. I have 5 plants left from my perpetual run this winter. Should be finished these in two weeks, then gone fishing.

    I find the boveda packs fit in the lid and when you tighten the screw part down, it holds it there, and doesn't fall down and touch the buds.(not that i think it matters). Keeps it out of the way

    Great job, looking forward to your next grow. What do you have planned for the next adventure?


    gr865 Well-Known Member

    This is an edit, I counted the 1/2 gallon jar twice.

    Everything is dried and in jars starting the cure.
    23.6 zips smokable buds, 2.3 zips untrimmed buds (going straight into FECO), and 4.6 trim (will also go into the FECO).
    G/W (1.04 smokable buds, and 1.15 g/w total grow, that's smokable buds and the untrimmed buds.
    I did over dry this last batch a bit, should have bagged them and let them re-hydrate Friday instead of Saturday.
    But overall, one happy camper here.

    Today, prepping for making a batch of FECO I check the weights of all the jarred smokable buds. I have three different strains of which two of the strains have 5 Pheno's each, the other is one Pheno.

    Winter 17 G13 Haze - 2.0 zips
    Fall/Winter/Summer 17/18 Barneys Farm LSD - 9.4 zips
    Fall/Winter 18/19 Big Buddha Cheese Vertical grow - 6.8 zips
    Spring 18 Big Buddha Cheese SOG grow - 23.6 zips

    That's 41.8 zips/2.6# jarred buds.
    Will keep around 12 to 16 zips for smoking and the rest I will be making into FECO. Wish I had access to a rosin press!

    Now it is time for a break until later in the fall.
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