*ATTENTION* ONLY 2X4 GROWERS I could use you guys help big time!!!(measurements)

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    Sir420 here bongsmilie:blsmoke::bigjoint:.. I see plenty of post seeing ppl hit 14-16 oz in 2x4 space. But how tall are their canopies??? 8ft lol or 3ft??? If I can figure out how tall of a canopy they had , then I'll know exactly how much wattage to put in a given area to match that 2x4x? ..but stacked vertically I can put the exact amount of led & wattage in a given area & then stack em by having a DiY tube in the center of every vertical canopy ..

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    look in my diary
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    @zypheruk do you have a link?? I'm still ben& not sure how to fully navigate yet lol

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    Use the SCROG method or an LST method to spread the branches outwards towards the sides and fill in as much of the grow area as possible. Grow them more outwards than upwards.

    You don't want tall girls in a 2 x 4.

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    A scrog is probably a better option. But there's many ways to train plants that would work. I just put a cookie n chem her daughter an f2 in flower in a 2 x 4. They were about 45" tall, so I pretty much cut them in half down to 26" let them recover and flipped a few days ago. I may have to supercrop but hoping they stop stretching at around 50". I set a goal of 10 Oz when I decided to flower them like this, but I honestly think that's conservative. Here they are last night at day 3 from flip. I have a smaller dosidos in there, and if there's room for her she will flower too, if not I'll pull her. 20190316_230845.jpg
    You can see some of the growth looks a little funky, that's because the now exposed tops were deep in the canopy where light didn't reach as well.
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