Anyone's Pets Have a Taste For Your Plants?

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    ImDankest Member

    I remember when i was a little kid i was really into gardening, and i used to help my dad with his grows. He told me they were tobacco plants, i had no idea what weed was at the time. We made a good little team haha. But anyway, we grew in the garden and we had a pet dog, who spent a lot of time in the garden. (Can you see where this is going?) I remember going out and seeing nearly half of one of the plants missing and there was my dog, laying there stoned as a fart. She seemed to go crazy for the taste of weed, she used to try so hard to get to the plants. We had to get a little greenhouse for them so my dog didn't eat the whole lot. Anyone have any pets that love the taste of their plants?
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    fr3d12 Well-Known Member

    I never had a pet that had a taste for it but my cat now tries to get into my tent at every opportunity,I don't know if it's for the heat,the seclusion or whether she wants tp bury a poop in one of the pots.

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    At least some of this can be traced to a deficiency of soil-based probiotics. >80% of the immune system is in the GI tract. SBOs keep the balance. Supplement your pets with them, as they are much needed. I take Pet Flora every day. Decided to make it as my UN

    bizarrojohnson Well-Known Member

    No, if so my foot would have a taste for her ass. My dog ate an 8th of my weed once, she won't make that mistake again.

    ImDankest Member

    Probably for the heat. I have a lizards vivarium and my cat it always on top of it where the bulb is haha

    aknight3 Moderator

    haha yea one time my dog at almost a whole quarter, i literally bought a qtr for me and my girlfriend,at the time i didnt smoke much so ij ust handed her the qtr, she put it on my bed and my dog got up there and ate most of it, there MAYBE was a gram or a half a gram left lol i was pissed to say the least, he puked it all upabout an hour later to, and i could see the weed lol i was not happy but oh well, it was back in the day to, i paid like 60 or 70 for the qtr and it ws dank ass bud so i know my dog caught fucked up FOR SURE lolol

    bizarrojohnson Well-Known Member

    I was pisssed, i spent my last $60 on that 8th and wasn't getting paid for another 2 weeks.

    bigseandd Well-Known Member

    My very first rooted clone was eaten by my cat not 30 seconds after I placed her back under the light. Cats like to eat plants

    CountryCowFreakJr Member

    My dog barks at it....whether its the bowl...or the

    Extr New Member

    I had a tiny grow operation back when I lived with my parents. My corgi, Toby, always loved to go up and sniff around. One time he threw up a leaf and I felt pretty bad for leaving it out...
    He also once almost knocked over my favorite bowl. Clumsy little guy haha

    sold777 Well-Known Member

    I give my dog the sugar leaves for his hip dysplacia only like 2g in his food, works well for him, he is a 80kg mastiff. He's off his rimadyl cause his stomach cant take it. Give him thc bomb. Sounds ridiculous but works well.

    justugh Well-Known Member

    dude it is weed .....once they try it anyone would love it ................i swear if u got some of the big anti smoker ppl that has never had any..................feed them a brownie wait 2 hours and then tell them why they are so calm and relaxed and shit seems so funny

    use the pepper spray of death(kills incests repel mammauls) on the plants the dog/cat/mouse/rat/bunny/deer/and any other plant munching thing will never go near that plant again ........milk is the only way to stop it so if they do eat it bowl of milk not water for them to calm down

    beuffer420 Well-Known Member

    When I harvest my dogs go crazy, they love to chew the stems after I'm done. what sucks is they take them to my bed and that shit gets all over the place. I have an indoor cat that also will eat any bottom leaves she can get at. Bad enough having to worry about mites and what not let alone which animal is about to destroy your garden.

    i fixed the cat though by growing cat nip in another room for her to have to herself!

    Kingesh Member

    That's awesome lol my cat absolutely loves weed. Doesn't bother my plants though, just sticks it head in the bong when it wants a hit lol

    Jimmyjonestoo Well-Known Member

    My dog has eaten a plate of hash cookies twice now. And i throw un needed trimmings to my pot belly pig. She loves em.

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    when i had a small grow, my dogs would sit there and i would cut off leaves and they would eat them. i called them my evidence disposal team

    karousing Active Member

    my cat just likes to lick the plastic..... and not just the grow tent... all plastic.
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    Amerikaner New Member

    I just lost my bad ass persian male cat a few weeks ago. He ate a few leaves off my afghani now i feel bad for getting mad at him . He loved fan leaves. RIP mittenz

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    That's how I lost my last seedling. My dog ate it. Which is why I'm switching to indoor grows.

    DarkWizard021 Well-Known Member

    I had a stray orange tabby come up many moons ago. Some of my buddies and me were grilling out and burning down. We were high as he'll, and I got the idea to put the cat in a igloo cooler with the fold down lid and blow him a few shotguns. We ate all the food I cooked and then I realized the cat was in the cooler still after about 2 hours. The lid was slightly cracked so I opened it, smoke rolled out, the cat looked up at me, meowed once, and commenced to chase his shadow for the next 3 hours while we watched and laughed our asses off.

    That cat stayed around for 6 years, anytime friends came over I knew instantly if they had weed, the cat would go nuts and jump all over them.

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