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    Seems like everyone has a different opinion on the safest and right way to do this but to anyone who’s successfully done it or shops online what’s your opinion? Hypothetically if someone wanted to mail a p across the country:

    1) would it be better to use usps or a private company like fedex? I’ve heard usps is the only way to go since they need a warrant but I’ve also heard fedex because they don’t care, they’re a private company who just wants their money and usps looks for things closer since they need a warrant.

    2) is it better to overnight it or use 3 day shipping? I’ve heard overnight because they won’t have time to check it but I’ve also heard 3 day because if you overnight it that means it’s getting on a plane which means they check it closer.

    I know it’s a bad idea in the first place that’s why I would never do it I’m just curious since I’ve heard so many conflicting statements. All this is so convoluted and unnecessary. I wish these fuckers would just let people responsibly use their plants and leave them the hell alone.
    Observe & Report

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    If a dog alerts on it they are going to investigate further and probably get a warrant if needed. Also, make sure it's totally normal looking on the outside, no excess tape or postage or whatever.

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    Yeah that’s why I think the usps thing wouldn’t matter because if they want a warrant they can get one but I heard unless it completely reeks and a dog hits on it or is spilling bud out they won’t go through the trouble of getting one and I’m not to worried about the details like addresses and packaging n what not because I’m not planning on actually doing it I’m just curious on the basics.

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Even though it's legal in some states it's still a Schedule 1 drug under federal law and you're committing a felony sending it across state lines regardless of method used to ship. I had a friend that moved to the midwest. He wanted to send me money to buy pot and ship it back to him. I told him to take a hike. Growing a few plants for personal consumption is one thing. I would never ship anything to anyone anywhere. I don't want to wake up at 3:00 am with the FBI kicking in my door. And the private shippers like FedEx fully cooperate with law enforcement.
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    Me either. Did you read the last paragraph? I’m not asking if it’s a good idea or not. I already know the answer to that and wouldn’t do it. Regardless I know it happens very often and I know people who exclusively get their meds online with no trouble. Again I’m not doing it just curious.

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    I have a mage portal set up in my house. I'll send you my extra one and then you can send it all to me. Then I will make more mage portals that only work with my mage portal so I can secretly send your stuff out to customers who own my "special" mage portal.

    Hypothetically, I believe we can start right away :blsmoke:
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    My buddy just got busted mailing some shit. He got 7 years.

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Yes I read the last paragraph. I took it to be like the disclaimer some seed banks have where they state the seeds are only for souvenir purposes. Whenever someone asks questions about how to do something and then follows up by saying they would never do it most of the time they are asking questions because they do indeed plan on doing it and want to know the best way. That may not be the case with you but I've found it to be the case more often than not. I would think that regular ground shipping by USPS would be the best way. That would be if you were actually doing it but you're not.
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    Would the person your shipping to take this kind of risk for you???

    nathan16 New Member

    Lol you’re slow bro

    nathan16 New Member

    Yeah definitely not worth it. It’s easy enough to score in whatever city. But like I said I’m still curious.

    nathan16 New Member

    Yeah I get you but I’m genuinely just curious because I’ve heard totally opposite opinions mainly on those two things.

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    People can want to learn more about somthing that happens often without wanting to take part in it.
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    You might wanna check laws for usps, warrants aren't needed in all cases.
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    nathan16 New Member

    Yeah I know but the warrant thing is why most people say they go with usps

    p0opstlnksal0t Well-Known Member

    I've heard from friends that they get 100s of pounds shipped from out west. A buddy sent me a pic of a box of 15k worth of distillate carts that was ripped open showing what was inside and usps still delivered it lol

    SB85 Well-Known Member

    Just make sure the package is smell proof/doesn't look out of ordinary

    nathan16 New Member

    Yeah I read this one post from a dude who works at ups and he said it happens so often the mail room always smells like marijuana and most of the employees smoke theirselfs so they don’t care. Still doesn’t seem worth the risk though.

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