Any recommendations for Las Vegas Dispensaries

Discussion in 'Nevada Patients' started by lostkeys, Sep 5, 2014.


    lostkeys Member

    Well in case I can't find any meds up in my area Reno/Carson/Tahoe does someone from Vegas know who the good dispensaries are?

    Looking for a good indica strain for helping with cancer symptoms bone pain, insomnia, always anxious.

    Just want something clean no mold as my immune system is weak don't need mold in my lungs.
    I am going to vape as that sounds the best for meds other then edibles.

    Any help is appreciated sorry for bombarding the board so much with threads just trying to figure all this stuff out.

    Like my avatar thought the chemo bags looked kind of cool got a drawer full of them lol.

    lostkeys Member

    Well still waiting for my card I am hoping in the next 2 weeks that will be 8weeks then since I turned it in.
    Anyone got any good mobile dispensaries they have used in vegas that they could recommend?
    Still looking for possible donations coming out of reno/carson area when I get my card to so if anyone has extra meds that grows maybe something there?
    Just looking trying to figure it out so when my card comes I got somewhere to go.
    Kind of weird carson is supposed to give you a 30 day letter while they process your application but because they are so behind there just not doing it seems odd when that's how the law is written I think.
    But maybe it does save time and gets us our cards quicker no idea just hope I get mine soon.
    Anyone else waiting to get there card also?

    RobertAS Member

    It took me about 9 weeks to get mine and I live in northwestern Las Vegas. I've only ordered from them twice but, Nevada Connect North had fast service and has great quality meds.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    I've tried a half dozen deliveries over the last year and haven't had any luck getting quality.

    OrgyOfMadness New Member

    wellness 702 southeast. wellness 702 has always handled my business professionally. when i order from a dispensary it is the only place i go to. i have sampled a lot of what they have. flower is always good and they have a ridiculous selection of strains. wax is always good and they have a pretty good selection of strains as well. hash is always good with a few different kinds and strains typically available. pre rolls are decent but expensive. i was getting caviar gold and moon rocks from them for a while but i stopped asking for it. i got some canna peanut butter to take with me when i went to Minnesota and it was great.

    there is a north west location and a northwest walk in as well. the delivery drivers do pretty well and they do a good job of getting it to me in under an hour or there abouts. i give them a couple hours to get to me and always tip well.

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