a way to lower humidity when drying bud

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by shanebmoore, Jul 11, 2018.


    shanebmoore Member

    just thought i would share my experience with using rice to lower humidity. Works to a certain degree. humidity went from 67% before adding rice down to 57% after an hour of the rice sitting in there. after 24 hours it is now at 56% humidity. set up is a large cardboard box with two computer fans to gently extract/introduce fresh air into the box as well. I used a two pound bag of rice poured it into shallow container so the bud is sitting above it. any cons to this in your opinion? i was thinking maybe aroma might be compromised not sure if the rice would absorb smells. also wondering if the rice will still be edible after this? i dont like to waste food

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