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    Humidity in drying room is reading 57%. I think it is off 4% lower than what it really is.

    I tested it by looking up the google weather forecast and putting my hygrometer outside. It stayed the same, and didnt go over. I only live 2 miles from the small airport in this 5,000 pop town.

    Anyways my hygrometer in the dry room is reading 57%. If it is lower than its really 62% and my dry room has not gone lower and remained 62% mostly sometimes higher, but I've had the a.c. on most the time.

    I chopped at 3 a.m. on the 3rd. Before I went to bed.

    Trimmed leaves at 12pm on 5th

    Cut buds off stem at 12pm on the 6th.

    Last night at 3 am I let them sit in the jar until 11 when I woke up. Where the hygrometer read 67. If its 4% off than its really 71% after being in the jar for 8 hours and room humidity was 57 all night. They are out and drying right now.

    The stems on the bud are still flexible and don't snap/break. The two smallest buds at the very end I could snap the stem. Just the very end.

    Anyways my question is.....

    If my dry room is 57% and I jar it say it goes up to 67%.

    Well what if my dry room was at 60% and I jar it then it goes up to 70%.

    Same thing again Same bud same dryness, but rh in dry room is now 67%. Well it just seems like now I cant jar even if the bud is dry enough to jar the rh in the room is to high to jar because the bud is going to cause the rh to rise.

    I know to some extent I'm overthinking it, and most will say just wait until the stems snap then jar....

    Also after last nights 8 hours of being in the jar they felt the same. Crispy, but not brittle. They had went to the hay smell a few days ago, but its went away.

    My last question is my curing jar is like nearly fishbowl size. My buds only cover the bottom and the rest is extra space.

    Just wondering how extra space affects the cure. Say my buds only take up 1 tenth of the jar. The rest is extra space. Im guessing it doesnt change anything?

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    I only dry for three days because the rh where I live is like 20-30%. I'm constantly pulling buds out and letting them dry some and back in the jar. It takes a little more attention, but my buds always turn out delicious.
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    raggyb Well-Known Member

    would a boveda pack in an empty jar help him double check how far off his hygrometer is?
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    macsnax Well-Known Member

    It sure would. 58 or 62% packs, I would let it sit in the jar for at least half a day for accurate numbers. If the hygrometer says different than the number on the pack, then the hygrometer is off.
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    TintEastwood Well-Known Member

    In stages can help control the dry/cure process....

    Hanging. (drying)
    Brown paper grocery sacks. (drying)
    Turkey bags w/hygrometers. (curing)
    Jars w/hygrometers. (curing)

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    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    You need smaller jars and a better hygrometer for best results, under 20 bucks for both
    -good luck!
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    Psuedo Well-Known Member

    Well its reading 63% right now in the jar with the buds. I'm sure its only off by 4. If its off anymore its only by 6 at most. So it is either 67, or 69. If it is truely off.

    Anyways I didnt have mold problems growing, or flowering. Most the buds are airy. I'm going to keep them in the jars from here on. As I said the very end of the stem on two buds cracked. The buds are small, and not dense except the cola that was at the top. The most dense bud feels the dryest.

    I knew it was only a few hours drying times maybe a few cycles in and out the jars.

    Also I was wondering right now my a.c. is still running humidity in room is still 62 or so. Temperature is 70 in jar probably 72 in the room. Does it affect the curing process only by making the temperature in the jar rise thus making it perspire faster having to open it sooner.

    Curing is just drying without the chance of mold, and slowed down to a crawl instead of a steady pace out in the open.

    Lastly I was wondering would the humidity go down after the moisture has redistributed back into the buds after being jarred.

    Told you I overthink.

    Psuedo Well-Known Member

    I got a small jar for my buds I buy. I planned on sticking them in there once it would be safe. Also I looked at Jars. 5000 population town. Wal-Mart isnt a big one. All the jars they had the mouth wasnt big enough to fit the hygrometer. Thanks for the suggestion, but I am not able to.
    Also if I wanted hygrometer and jar suggestions the topic would be about that.

    Psuedo Well-Known Member

    It's in the jar remaining at 63 for the past few hours. Going to burp it when I wake up tomorrow then do it two times a day on a 12 hour basis for 15 minutes.

    Thegermling Well-Known Member

    Try this. If youre IMG_1082.JPG too worried about it I would let the stems snap until you have more experience with it.

    Psuedo Well-Known Member

    I don't want to make another topic, but I really want to know how different jar sizes affect everything. Well I guess I should say how different amount of space affects cure.

    All the tutorials are for fat professionaly grown buds. Well my second grow had great sized buds (look through my posts pics are still there) and I dried it slower than this at higher humidity and higher temperatures. I smoked it before it cured to much. That grow I used a plastic creamer container for the jar.

    I have my jar I put my bought nugs in. Thats small and will be filled 2/3rd's. I will move this batch to that smaller jar once it stays in the 62 zone. See will the RH be higher because there will be less space, and it fill up, and build up faster? I pulled the buds out a few minutes ago for there 2nd a day burp. I think I want to move it to one a day. I can notice the stems getting drier, some more ends are wanting to be dry enpugh to break on other buds.

    I've been taking a sample smoke to gauge the dryness better from different specific buds. Yesterday they were still a bit wet I had to keep re lighting the bowl. Today (just now) they burn up like bud should, but squeezimg the buds I can tell they re-hydrated in the wetness. They still feel dry just barely not as dry as yesterday.

    The last thing im left to worried about is my hygrometer. If it is off.... The highest it built up to today is 65. If my hygrometer is off it would really be 69. I I dont think its off honestly. Also when it had built up to 65 I turned the a.c. off and the temperature went up in the room thus raising the temperature raised in the jar I'm assuming making it expel its moisture faster? It was at 70 temp and then 75temp after I got back to turn the a.c. on.

    These are the things the tutorials don't tell you. They just say it makes it dry out faster/slower in your dry room.

    Also I'm really tired of every damn google search I do about drying/curing always has people saying boveda packs boveda packs.

    -boveda google.
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