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    So if you live in a dry state like Colorado, you're fighting rapid/over-drying after harvest. So you've invested in environment control to really slow that dry down. You get a stem that cracks and it's ready to be jarred up! You slap a hygrometer in the jar to make sure you're not in that 70% Mold danger zone!

    Maybe you got curious and searched how/when to burp your jars and found 5min/30min 12HOURS?!?!
    Well what is it?...

    If you're in a humid area and your house sits at 50-70% the burping will be more like gently laying it out on the table where Colorado with my house at 30% or lower, doing that will dry my buds to a crisp in 30 mins.

    I'm suprised with all the advancements in the dry/cure none have mentioned the environment you're introducing when burping?

    I'll kill the infomercial now and tell you that in Texas at 70% rh my buds could literally cure on my table with fresh moving air. Here in Colorado I open my jar, take a couple large huffs of the jar after gently spinning the jar to "break apart" the buds from each other and close it up. After about 6 days at 55% under 70° My buds don't raise the jar humidity drastically after my 12 hour shifts. Maybe from 62 to 68% humidity but after my huff and roll the hygrometer reads 55+ and returns to 60 in minutes.

    My burping takes at least 3 weeks and is considered done when jar humidity takes 24+ hrs to raise insignificantly. At that point a thorough burp brings my jar to a 55% where it will never raise above 65% and no more water is passing through the stomata and co2 generation ceases (often called gasses)

    I just wanted to share my experience/study so others can skip the part where you go through a bunch of harvests because other growers said "It's something you have to get a feel for"

    Thank you for your time! If possible, try curing at 50-60°
    Remember, if you can smell it than it is volatile! Keep those terpenes where they belong!!
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    So if my humidity level is at 53-54% that's a good temp

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    I live in the midwest where humidity ranges from 10%-100% depending on the weather and season.

    Ive had some not so good harvest cures because of following the "standard" instructions you also mentioned.

    Mini hygrometers to put in your jars is something no one else mentions either. But I find them helpful.
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    it doesn't have anything to do with length of time...and you don't need hygrometers, although i do use them now, i didn't for years and got good results.
    you open the jar and feel the buds, if they're moist, you leave the jar open till they start to feel dry, then close it up again for a while. i usually check every four hours or so the first couple of days, then twice a day for a few days, then every couple of day. i might do it more often if the humidity is high, or the buds seem extra dense. once i get them where i want them, around 60%, i don't open the jars any more till i want something out of it
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