8x HLG QB120 DIY

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    Can someone help me pick out the right driver to do the following.
    -run 8 x qb 120s
    -ability to top out at 70w per board

    I am a doofus when it comes to this, so thank you in advance!!!

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    Thanks for your help.

    Nishiki Member

    Does anyone want to help me find a driver or explain it to me? I looked but there are so many opinions on drivers for all kinds of hlg models and the threads usually devolve into chaos before there is a clear answer.

    Thanks in advance!
    Olive Drab Green

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    @CobKits @Stephenj37826 @robincnn

    If I missed a vendor, sorry. They can help you most easily.

    NGA Well-Known Member

    480H-C2100- QB 120 with Molex connector is recommended for 1 or more boards in parallel or in series. 300V rated Molex connector allows upto 10 Boards in series. Boards feature connectors on each side for daisy chaining power to next board. for higher power parallel application, wire each board separately without daisy chaining to avoid voltage drop after first board. Recommended drivers
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    "If you give a man a fish..." Had to jump back into instructor mode for a minute.

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    So this, 480H-C2100, will power 8 boards up to max wattage?

    @raratt said "8x70=?"

    Well, 8x70 /= 480H-C2100.

    So I am back at square one right? Because 8x70= 560

    @coreywebster @shawnery @Olive Drab Green

    I have a bit of reading to do.

    @NGA - good copypasta. $144 for a driver sounds high, and according to @raratt it doesnt work for my application. I'll do a little reading I guess.

    I was trying to save time, I might just end up buying a set of blurples for my 8x4 tent. I hate wasting time researching TIME = MONEY. Which is why I am more than happy to answer in full in my area of expertise.

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    @shawnery That looks a lot better. Can you send me direct links to make the purchases?

    This is a veg tent, but if I can flower it I wont complain.

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    I don't have all that info but here is a list

    20 x Samsung F564B 22" double strips 500.00 digikey
    4 x HLG-320H-48B amazon
    4 x junction boxes 10.00 amazon
    1 x Pack of Wagos 51.00 I could sell you some or amazon
    1 x Thermal tape 14.00 amazon
    1 x 18 gauge black copper 7.00 amazon
    1 x 18 gauge red copper 7.00 amazon
    4 x power cords 20.00 amazon
    20 x 2" x 24" heatsink 150.00 www.heatsinkuse.com
    L-channel for frame amazon

    Easy? NO! But worth the effort.

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    You are a GD monster! Thanks so much for all of the help. I owe you one!

    I was just doing the reading myself and picked out a few things, then BOOM "Rollitup - New reply to watched thread" with all the answers!

    Do you work for an affiliate?

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    Just a noob trying to help where I can.

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    Out of curiosity why do these need heat sinks and the QBs don't?

    I can get 16 QB120 boards - $479.99 1120 real wattage and 4x HLG-320H-48B - and be done.

    vs the aforementioned, which adds an additional $150 in heatsinks.

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    Ok, so 70w/QB, multiplied by [8] QB's is 560w total (@max). So you need a driver capable of supplying 560w.

    This QB120 has a forward voltage of 24v...
    Screenshot_2018-12-13-08-24-33~2.png received_524910511339545.jpeg

    So you are going to need a driver capable of supplying 560w, and also now at least 24v (it won't light up under 24v).

    If you wire them in parallel like I'd recommend, then you'd want a HLG 600h-24a driver (has a built in dimmer), or a HLG 600h-24b driver (has wires hanging out of driver to wire your own dimmer that you buy seperately).

    I'd recommend the 600h-24a driver if you don't want to fuss with wiring in your own dimmer, wire all 8 QB120's in parallel, 2 wires connecting each light, positive to positive, negative to negative. Then dim it one setting, or to about 75-80% total amperage to achieve the 560 target wattage. 600h means its 600w (although can max out a lil more), so you'll want to dim it to remain in specs for your QB120's.

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    I'm only running the max 70% with my drivers and I'm running heat sinks because I want to extend the life of them. I've seen people build them with nothing but L Channel to support them and they do fine. I like to build something to last and that goes beyind what I need.
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    You should run your lights under their max rating if you want to extend their lifespan. It might cost more up front but it will cost less on the backside.
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