2 weeks from harvest Pics, am I on schedule?

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Do you defoliate the last two weeks before harvest?

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    Mariosehr Active Member

    Strain 1024 and Amnessia
    Veg 8 weeks, Flower end of 6 and Flushing next two until harvest. defoliation performed, bottom fan leaves left. Lst Tech.

    Am I on schedule to harvest in the next two weeks? Red Hairs noticeable on 1024 with heavy frost. Amnesia has more white hairs and medium frost( sativa).

    Pics included, thoughts and advice thanks in advance.

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    OUTDOOR FARMER Well-Known Member

    A lot more than 2 weeks,,, nice plants

    Mariosehr Active Member

    Thanks. I started flush yesterday should countinue to feed? In half strength?
    So only water last two days.

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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Lighter feed especially nitro ( too dark ) .... excessive nitrogen will make buds smaller.

    Plant needs to start exhausting reserves. Leaves will fade out.
    Should be on a good bloom ONLY by now ...

    A water “ diet “ will help burn thru some of that green.
    Keep ph at 6.5 and let plant wind down.
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    Mariosehr Active Member

    Good Bloom? Still give bloom nutrients?

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Bloom stage Nutes ( with low nitrogen ) .... leaves have stored plenty ( dark green ) and will stop needing a majority of it around week six ....

    My 2¢ ....
    If this was my issue ..... you can do what you like ...

    If I had this plant I would put on a water diet ( water only ) no feed for at least 2 weeks .
    The plant will what it needs from its reserves stored and medium. YOU ARE NOT FLUSHING ...
    Only watering as needed ( dry pot ) . Plant will be fine.

    Once she begins to lighten .... you can begin the bloom Nutes at 1/2 to start. Mid flower is when a boost to PK would help get the bulk up. Then as late flower comes close to harvest ( checking triches ) either drop feed by half or water diet again ... you are weening her off of feed.

    She will fade , leaves yellow and drop , daily .... as she finishes.

    You can also MANIPULATE the light cycle down as it gets to end.
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    Mariosehr Active Member

    Hey Thanks a lot for the advice. Yes, got thrown off track with “bloom”. Yes, I plan to only give water, I’m assuming I they will need a bit more water in this stage, since no nutes?

    Begins to lighten?

    Well I feed(flowering) in recommended dosage: Feed, Water, Light Feed, Rest, Feed, Water...now only water, but not sure if I should give rest in between( growing In pro mix/ ocean forest mix)

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    As it consumes its reserves ( in leaf ) leaves will pale as it is used. Then fall. Yellowing will happen at different places and fall ... vegging will stop and concentration solely on the flowers.

    I mention water only diet to pull the excess that was over fed. It will be fine plant will not “ starve to death “ just purging a little. Just WATER only when dry .
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    Mariosehr Active Member

    Thank you! Will update as I go.

    Abruski Member

    These are 2 weeks out !!

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    Mariosehr Active Member

    Woah! Looking good bud.
    Definitely gunna upgrade my lights next grow
    What are you using?
    I’m using viperspectra 900w, beginner here

    Abruski Member

    I'm using 3- cobb led's -- 2- 1200 w and 1- 1800 watt

    mistermagoo Well-Known Member

    In how big of an area?

    TheHarvester Active Member

    Sativa dominant 4-5 Weeks minimum.

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